04 Dec

The concept of poker of the day. Protect your bankroll!

There is a game in which you are sure that you are better all the rivals. You can not lose. You have been watching the table and everyone is playing very badly. It seems that they are willing to give their chips to the first player with some knowledge that is felt at the table. There is only one small problem: the table is totally off your bench. If things went badly you could lose all your bankroll, but the possibility is so tiny that you decide to go forcing yourself. You will have a raise in your bank that will make you take an important leap in your career.

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You just got up after a long night of poker. Even in bed you open your eyes and remember what happened last night. What a departure! It was amazing how bad the rivals were. You had them in your hands, they did what you wanted, but why do you have that bitter feeling? You look at the cashier of 888poker.es and you see that it is zero. In the end, after playing the best poker of your life, you lost. You got up without a single file. All the rivers went upside down. In all the coolers you had to lose. If you could play another day, surely you recovered what was lost, but you had put all your banking in play. And you lost it. And there is no more poker for you. You did not take into account the concept.


Protect your bankroll at all times.

I know many players who are not among the best in the world technically, who make you doubt that they can live from poker, but in reality they have been playing and winning for a long time, and they also live very well.

Their main quality and what they base their game on is a correct control of the bank. They will never lose the money they have available to play. They will change their level, depending on their bank and the difficulty of the rivals, but they will never take risks that endanger their banking.

They will never put their banking in play. No matter how attractive the game is. It does not matter what money they can earn. If the cost is risking the bankroll, they will not take it. They are very clear that banking is life. They are professionals who take poker as a company. If the company runs out of money disappears. If the poker player loses his bench, he disappears as a professional.

On the other hand, I have seen many talented players not being able to develop a race because they have no control over their bankroll. They entered games too high for their bench and a stroke of bad luck made them lose and have to start again from very low, wasting time and money. In the end, it did not motivate them to have to rebuild their bench and ended up quitting playing. A promising race finished for not having controlled the bank.

And there are many more of the second than of the first.

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And the amateurs

If you do not dedicate yourself professionally to poker, you would also have to maintain a separate bank to play and stick to it. You can have a little more flexibility, since every month you have the salary of your work with which you live, and in case you lose part of the bank you can fill it with your private money, although it is not advisable to get used to that.

If you decide to recharge your bank with private money, do not make it a habit. Actually, from now on you should never do it. The bank must be independent of the money used to live, and never mix it with the latter.

If your illusion, like that of all players is to participate in the most important tournaments, it is necessary that you keep a bank that grows.

The magic of banking is that it grows with your knowledge of the game. As you master a level, you will gain more and your bankroll will increase. When you raise to a higher level, your bank, in proportion is smaller, your game is not so superior to the rivals. As you continue to improve, your bank will increase.

Do not play outside the banking or knowledge level. Just as you do not sit in a game in which you do not have the level of knowledge and you look inferior to the rivals, do not do it in a table for which you do not have sufficient banking.

The concept

Definitely. Your bank is your life. Without a bank, you will not be able to play poker. Protect it first. And remember that whatever the level of your bank, at 888poker.es you will find tables or tournaments suitable so you do not miss your rules.