04 Dec

Sit and Go. Your first step in poker

You have already been warned about the cash. Be careful. The pasta that you put on the table is what you play, and in one hand you can lose everything you have put. So you do not feel like sitting on those tables until you have mastered both the game and the application.

The tournaments are what most people play. Pure competition. It is what you most want to play, but you have a problem, you can not spend a lot of time playing. You know that if things go well, it will be two hours of play but they can go up to seven. So you discard it until the weekend, in which you can spend the necessary time.

For what if there is time in a little while in the afternoon is to take a sit and go. The tournaments of six people that, in their superturbo version, last about twenty minutes maximum.

Sit and go. Your first step in poker.

You do not have much time. So you start by signing up for a super-turbo sit and go. You know that it lasts twenty minutes, this means that they are not going to hand out many hands, so each of them is very important. An error in one hand and out, you are eliminated.

They sit you at the table and you see in front of you the 500 points you receive in exchange for your registration. Opposite, you watch your five rivals. You know you have to be between the first two to enter prizes. The first clear objective, enter the prize area, be between the last two of the table. Once there, it’s when you have to think about winning the sit and go and take the first prize. But you can not forget that the important thing is to be among the players who charge.

Blinds start at 15-30, and they increase every two minutes. As you can imagine, you can not leave many hands without playing because the blinds will soon be big. But this does not mean you should play all kinds of hands, because losing a hand is almost equal to being eliminated.

What hands play in the first levels?

In the first levels, you have to limit yourself to playing the best poker hands . The goal is not to get into trouble. The blinds are very small and not worth attacking, the prize is very small compared to the risk.

In this type of sit and go you will not have many blinds, so you have to keep in mind that it is much more important to save chips than to win them.

These first levels pass quickly, but they are very important. You can shoot two, three or more laps without seeing anything playable. Keep calm.

You always have to take advantage of the mistakes of the rivals, and the one that repeats the most is “limpear”, equaling the blind. Each round you will be once in the big blind and many of them, the rivals will not raise and give you the opportunity to see the flop for free. When you are lucky and the flop is with you, you will take a considerable amount of chips.

That is your plan for the first levels. Wait for the good and take advantage of the times you are in the big blind and the rivals equal. Your goal is to lose the minimum amount so that in the middle phase you can:

  • Get an acceptable amount of chips when you double.
  • Have strength when you need to steal the blinds.

Keep in mind that the middle phase arrives fast, and any raise commits all your chips. You can not make a raise and then throw yourself. We give an example for you to see:

Imagine that the blinds are at 30-60 and you have been able to go up to 600 points. You make your raise to 180 and the opponent, who has more points than you, decides to go all-in.

Let’s calculate:

  • Small blind: 30
  • Big blind: 60
  • Your bet: 180
  • The amount that puts the opponent to equal: 180
  • Boat: 450 points

You have to put the rest of your chips, which are (600 – 180) 420 points to win the 450 points of the pot plus the 420 that you would take from the opponent, a total of 870 points. This gives you odds of 1 to 2.1. You would have to win a third of the time to make it profitable to pay. And going all-in preflop, unless you have come up with a totally disastrous hand of type 7❤2 ♣ or similar, you will make an unforgivable mistake by throwing yourself.

So you know, from the middle of the tournament , if you do not want to play all the chips, do not upload. Or what is the same, if you go up you have to be willing to pay the all-in of any rival.

This has two exceptions, when you have few chips and your only move is all-in, or when you’re the outstanding leader in chips and you can afford to lose some chips without you practically noticing.

In the first case, when you do not have almost chips you have to:

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Steal the blinds or fold

If you can not play any hand, and you see that you are losing the blinds, it is time to put the chips in the center and take the blinds or fold.

To take the blinds, you only need to put the chips in the center. If you throw the rivals at the poker table, you take the blinds, if they do not throw you do not take them. So it does not matter much what hand you have, you only need that the rivals do not dare to pay you.

But on some occasion the rivals will decide to pay you. In this case, the better your hand is, the more chances you will have to fold.

When it comes to stealing the blinds, you have to keep in mind what will happen when they pay you, so the risk of being eliminated has to be compensated with the benefit of taking the blinds. The higher the blinds are relative to your stack, the more risk you can take. If the blinds are high, you can steal with a worse hand than if the blinds are low.

Bearing this in mind, as you run out of chips, you increase the range of hands with which you will go all-in to steal the blinds. In sit and go superturbo, when you stay with five big blinds you have an ace, or a king if you are on the button, to put all your chips. It does not matter the other letter. If you are in the small blind and what you have seen of the big blind player, do not think it is very pay, you can put all your chips with any pair of cards to take the big blind and recover your small blind.

Keep in mind that you can not get to stay with two blinds, because you would lose the strength of your bets. Before getting to this bad situation, you have to go all-in to steal the blinds, with the risk of being eliminated. It will always be better than staying with so few blinds that they pay you any bet.

To avoid running out of strength, you have to increase your hands with which you will play all the chips as you run out of points.

With more chips than the rivals

In the case that you have many more chips than your rivals, you have to make life impossible for them. As usual there are three players left, you have to take advantage of the fact that the rivals are waiting for the other one to be eliminated. They will not risk waiting for the opponent to be eliminated and enter prizes.

You, who are not afraid of being eliminated, have to take as many chips as possible to have an almost insurmountable advantage in the final hand. You get this by raising all hands. Putting the rivals all-in. Each hand you take the blinds, unless one of the rivals has a very strong hand, but this almost never happens.

In the event that one of the rivals pays and wins the hand, if you still have the same advantage, you keep pressing. If, however, you stay more or less tied to chips to one of the rivals, change your strategy and play as in the middle phase of the tournament, reducing your range of hands and avoiding the opponent who has the same points as you.