02 Oct

Poker tips for beginners at 888poker.es

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The best tips from our experts for new Poker Online players, gain confidence and experience while you win by following the advice of professionals.


If you are new to the world of online poker

, do not worry, we help you to take the first steps safely with some tips of maximum utility:

one . Do not be in a hurry: hurry is a bad adviser, start playing little by little and on a single table. When you are familiar with the game you can increase the time you spend and the number of tables or tournaments you can play.

two . Come first for our free Play in Practice tables and enjoy poker without the pressure of investing money. It is the best option until you become familiar with the software and the dynamics of the game.

3 . The next step is to play at low-priced tables and tournaments:

  • If you like tournaments, in the FREEROLLS TOURNAMENTS tab you will find many free tournaments where the prizes are in real money. So better impossible.
  • Try the Sit & Go modality in games of 1 to 2 euros … This modality is the best training ground for the biggest tournaments
  • If you like cash games, first try the tables where blind bets are shown in cents (from 1c / 2c), NEVER go to the most expensive tables until you’re a regular winner at low-level tables.

Four . Validate your hands correctly: it is a common mistake for beginners to think that because they know the value of poker hands, they know how to play them at any time. A pair of hand Aces is the best possible move, but sometimes the common cards on the table are a very big threat for hands like that. For example, a flop 6-7-8 all of hearts does not invite optimism if we have AA in hand (of spades and diamonds for example).

5 . Do not play many hands: the good players are crouched most of the time and only go to 70% -80% of the hands that are dealt. As you progress in the game knowledge you can start to increase the range of hands and the complexity of the moves you put into practice.