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Martí Roca – ambassador profile

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Martí Roca is, together with Fernando Pons , the representative of Spain in the international team of ambassadors of 888 . The team of ambassadors is formed by a cast of professional players recognized worldwide and includes well-known names such as Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche and Martin Jacobson, or media stars such as the famous actor and presenter Carlos Sobera .

The main task of each ambassador is to promote face-to-face and online poker locally through their participation in activities related to 888poker, as well as in the different live poker tournaments organized or promoted by the room.

Therefore, it is common to find Marti in the stages of the National Poker Circuit that take place in casinos distributed throughout the Spanish geography, as well as in the World Series of Poker ( WSOP ) in Las Vegas and the 888Poker Live events in Europe.

It all started between friends

Like many other players already established today, Martí Roca de Torres started in the poker world playing low buy-in amateur tournaments at weekends at his friends’ house.

In 2011 and moved by curiosity, he began to combine the intensive study of strategy with online gaming sessions at 888poker among other venues.

Since then, and under his nickname Iquinze , he has become a regular in the offer of weekly tournaments such as the Great Sunday, the Daily Fat, the DeepStack and SuperSeries events.


A meteoric bankroll based on cash and tournaments

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Of those amateur games, Marti collected some 200 € benefits that he dedicated to enter online poker rooms.

Little by little and playing at the cash tables of Texas Hold’em No Limit 10 managed to increase his bank to € 2,000, which allowed him to level up and start testing the multi-table tournaments.


At that time Martí combined online sessions with his part-time job as a professor of economics at an institute. He had been drawing a plan to make the jump to professional player and in a few months the moment he was waiting for arrived. After a prize of € 40,000 in a multi-table tournament he decided that his full-time professional occupation would be poker.

After his first year in earnest with poker and tournaments mtts, his bank was already at € 50,000, a new qualitative jump in the buy-ins and the possibility of becoming a regular in the weekly tournaments with higher prizes.


Then, after 4 years of hard work to combine poker and teaching staff, about 2015 Martí devoted himself 100% to professional poker, but his banking already amounted to approximately € 120,000.

He currently combines 50% cash tables with online tournaments and can be seen regularly at both the 888poker.es weekly tournaments and at the Texas Hold’em NL100-NL500 tables.

Martí Roca jumps to international fame

Martí Roca jumps to international fame

In 2015 Martí would give the leap he had been preparing for three years after, coinciding with the end of his employment contract, decide to dedicate himself full-time to professionally playing poker.

But undoubtedly 2017 is the year that marks the before and after in his career. After qualifying in an online satellite of 888poker.es for only € 250 to the Main Event of the World Series of Poker Europe in Rozvadov, Martí would get the first place of the tournament, the champion bracelet, a cash prize of € 1,115,207 and international recognition before professional players.

The future plans of Martí Roca

His personal day-to-day and the newly acquired commitments as an ambassador are leaving little time for Marti. His recent second paternity and live tournament tournaments have caused him to temporarily move away from online activity, focusing on single hours of cash NL100-NL400.

Their tournament calendar for the remainder of the year includes the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas with Fernando Pons [YG1] and the 888poker online qualifier, The European Poker Tour of Barcelona, ​​Rozvadov’s World Series of Poker Europe and all the stops of this season of the National Poker Circuit.


Martí Roca’s achievements in live tournaments

Market Stall




Main Event World Series Of Europe Rozvadov

November 2017


Spanish Poker Championship Perelada

December 2016


Marti Roca achievements in 888poker.es online tournaments

Market Stall




WSOPE Qualifier

August 2017


Main Event LOW SuperSeries

January 2017


€ 20,000 The Great Sunday

March 2016


€ 20,000 The Great Sunday

April 2016


€ 3000 The Great Daily DeepStack

Several times


€ 2,000 The Daily Fat

Several times

Interview with Marti Roca – LAS 8 QUESTIONS FROM 888POKER.ES

Interview with Marti Roca - LAS 8 QUESTIONS FROM 888POKER.ES

“Luck will never be as decisive as ability or other factors such as mentality and emotion management”
He started playing at home with friends eight years ago

It has been four years since this economics professor decided to permanently park his classes to dedicate himself to playing poker professionally. His game was improving as well as his winnings and he won the Main Event of the WSOPE 2017, one of the biggest tournaments in the world, just behind the main event of the WSOP in Las Vegas. Today, Martí Roca is one of the great characters of Spanish poker. Along with Fernando Pons and other world-renowned professionals such as Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche and Martin Jacobson are part of the cast of players who are ambassadors of 888. Today Martí answers our questions.

When did you start playing poker?

Now about 8 years ago, in the summer of 2010, playing homemade cash games with friends of 5 or 10 euros.

Did it cost you to start in online poker?

The truth is that not much since I started at 888 playing cash chips with the money they gave at the school of “pokerstategy .com” (€ 50) using the short-stack strategy that was perhaps the simplest and that generated the most short results. term, I never needed to deposit. When I saw that it was a winner, I entered money to get the bonds and increase the bank more quickly. Then it cost me more to move to play with stacks plus deeps and other modalities.

What does poker have that other games do not offer you?

Poker has everything! I always loved strategy games but they all lacked some aspect, but poker I think that perfectly combines emotion, strategy, psychology, economic management, mentality, etc.

For you poker, do you have more chance or skill?

Poker is a game clearly of skill but with a certain chance factor that becomes more visible in the short term. I believe that luck in a player’s life will never be as decisive as ability or other factors such as mentality and emotion management.

What requirement / skill do you consider the most important to be a good poker player?

Humility, reduce your ego to the minimum expression, work and discipline.

Do you think poker has a worse image than other card games? Why?

Maybe, but in turn, it is the one that most appeals to young people, because of this, this vision is changing rapidly. Possibly this bad image comes associated with the risk that every game with money can have. Obviously you have your monetary risks if you do not control the expense of your items. I think it’s good for all of us to understand poker as a “mental sport” that is played with money whose management is one more skill.

What do you like most about the face-to-face tournaments?

The tension that is felt in the environment, especially in the advanced stages where we play most of the prizes. Also the great atmosphere between players and the sportsmanship that usually reigns in the rugs.

Tell us any anecdote that has happened to you playing poker.

When I started, with my bench of 600 euros won playing cash, I qualified to play my first two multi-table tournaments one of $ 20 and another of $ 50, I prepared everything for that magical night, at 10 minutes I was bust in both xD. I hated the multimesa for a long time.

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Cesar García: winner of Event # 23

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A player of the Spanish Navy has stood out from the rest in this edition of the World Series of Poker. This is the Canarian César García, who has ended up imposing in Event # 23, a tournament of $ 2000 entry and played under the modality No-Limit Hold’em.

Even though Event # 23 was scheduled for 3 days, it had to be extended to a quarter since after almost 16 hours of play on that last day (3) there were still two players in competition: a Bulgarian and a Spanish, our favorite: César García.

So after three intense days of competition, the tournament resumed on the fourth day with the following chips: 5,480,000 for César and 8,715,000 for his rival, the Bulgarian Viliyan Petleshkov.

It did not take him too many hands (barely 20) to turn the tables and end up proclaiming champion of the tournament and holder of almost half a million dollars and a bracelet of gold and diamonds, the precious trophy that the winners of the events take. World Series of Poker.

So, the Canary went up heads-up against Viliyan Petleshkov and took the first Spanish bracelet in Las Vegas since Carlos Mortensen in 2003. The last hand was to “call” (pay) an allin of the Bulgarian wearing KJ , by the A8 of our representative.

Remember that the World Series of Poker is being held from the last week of May to the second of July. Although the grand finale of the party will be the Main Event ($ 10,000 registration fee) the Spanish players who have been encouraged to visit Las Vegas before that great date are already having good results. In addition to César, 29 national players have already gone through charging positions in one of the 30 events played to date.


We should point out that 888poker.es has been the only online poker room in Spain that has offered qualifiers to attend WSOP events since it is the official sponsoring room of the World Series of Poker.
Pulling the hemeroteca we see that César García had his first outstanding triumph in the panorama of the national poker 8 years ago when 888poker sponsored the University Championship of Poker. In the event held at the Casino Gran Madrid in Torrelodones, César was imposed on a field of XXX players and became news for the first time among the national poker community.


From 888poker we are very happy about this success for Spanish poker and we wish César a race full of successes.
This is how the prizes were distributed by the finalists of this Event # 23: $ 2,000 NL Hold’em, which served for César to take a historic bracelet in Las Vegas and that did not get a compatriot since 2003 when Carlos Mortensen was proclaimed winner of a Pot Limit Omaha event after also winning the Main Event in 2001.

  1. César García $ 447,739
  2. Viliyan Petleshkov $ 276,660
  3. Yuriiy Boyko $ 198,185
  4. Adrian Buckley $ 143,598
  5. Kamel Mokhammad 105.253 $
  6. Craig McCorkell $ 78,053
  7. Craig Varnell $ 58,569
  8. Thiago Nishijima $ 44,478
  9. Anthony Spinella $ 34,188

Recall that 3 years ago, the Madrid Adrián Mateos, managed to prevail in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker Europe. At that time playing as a sponsored player in that event for 888poker.es .

So as always, the presence of 888poker.es in these first-class events is assured. We hope that many more Spaniards will continue to enjoy this experience and that -as this year 20 players have already done- some of them get that ticket through one of the qualifiers or satellites offered by 888. And we also understand that Face-to-face poker is a priority for any online poker fan.

30 Aug

888poker and its presence in social networks

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In today’s article on our poker blog , we are going to discuss a very curious topic and sometimes we do not give it the importance it has. We talk about the presence of 888poker in social networks. For this, we will focus on the work carried out by 888.es in social networks exclusively for the Spanish market, mainly Facebook and Twitter; but we will also show some of the most relevant examples of social media content published by 888 worldwide in their YouTube channels or in their Instagram profile, which are one of the most popular trends in online poker rooms on the internet. global level. And we must be clear, that the presence of 888 in social networks favors that users of the poker room 888poker.es can have access to relevant information on promotions, new products and also participate in competitions while forming about basic aspects of the poker strategy or get information about live poker tournaments organized by 888 poker.

A world connected through social networks


The world we know now is connected in a way we never would have thought. Social networks as a concept is very important because it serves to explain the behavior of individuals and how they relate to other people or companies.  We are used to the fact that the power of social networks is one of the recurring arguments in the news of the press. Public figures such as artists or politicians compete in relevance and fame on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with users of these social networks that have achieved notoriety only and exclusively for the use they make of their profiles in them. These prominent users are called influencers.

The power of social networks in online poker

The power of social networks in online poker


For the world of online gaming, and especially for poker, presence in social networks is key to achieving transparent and complete communication of the innumerable activities that online poker operators usually offer to poker fans: poker school, section of promotions, contests, current information on players and world-famous tournaments, live monitoring of live poker tournaments, calendar and changes in the offer of tournaments in the lobby of the poker room, practical advice on banking management, information in detail about the launch of products offered by the poker room such as SNAP Poker, or prizes obtained by players enjoying modalities such as BLAST poker.

888poker social networks

888poker social networks


But enough to talk about theory about social networks and about the content that we should find in a social network of online poker. Let’s now know in detail the bet 888poker makes with social networks to maintain an immediate communication channel with its Spanish poker players. The first thing we must do is to insist that on the internet social networks have the same properties as social networks that are created in real life. In this case, the online poker room connects with its players through these communication channels that have revolutionized the world in recent years. We will look in detail at the key aspects of the use of social networks by 888poker and how it interacts with its online poker players.

Spread information

One of the basic functions of social poker networks is to disseminate information quickly. And this is done naturally, without players having created profiles on social networks to obtain this information. So for example in the 888poker Facebook we can find out about tournaments, satellite schedules, good results from players that we can match at the tables or with first level players in the world, promotions from our favorite poker portal or doubts and questions from our friends. If we like poker we will have many friends who share our hobby, online poker, so the information on social networks will make us much more enjoyable. A practical example of how important social networks are to inform us: in Instagram of 888poker (the world channel) we learned exclusively about the players that were going to be part of Team 888 for the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in its edition 2018 in Las Vegas this summer.

Coverage of live poker tournaments

Coverage of live poker tournaments

Another function of social poker networks is to cover live events, which in the slang is called “tracking poker tournaments.” The follow-ups of live poker tournaments are one of the activities most followed by the fans since they serve so that any poker player can find out what is happening in real time of the results and the characteristics of the live tournaments. At 888poker.es we find live follow-ups that include photos, written comments, videos and live streaming of events such as the WSOP, the 888 LIVE and the National Poker Championship (CNP).

School of poker

School of poker

Didactic work is also important in social networks. If we analyze carefully the content published on the 888poker Facebook in Spain or on the Twitter of 888poker Spain , we will see how both social networks exercise the function of poker school. We can learn basic strategy, vocabulary and receive advice from more experienced players. Approximately 20% of the content published by the 888poker twitter is related to learning.

Interact with the poker room

When we talk about being in contact with the poker room, we also refer to the possibility that social networks such as Twitter and Facebook give to interact with the poker room and that it can respond and be in much closer contact with poker players. . On twitter and Facebook, you can contact privately and representatives of 888poker on social networks, who will try to respond as soon as possible to interact with any questions from their players.

Take advantage of general and exclusive promotions

The dissemination of information is key in social networks, but it is more advantageous if it is possible when this information is related to offers that the poker room lets us know and that otherwise we might not know. 888poker social networks offer exclusive promotions in the form of a contest for users of the room who also participate in social networks. To this is added that in social networks also detailed information of all regular bonuses and promotions of 888poker is reported.

30 Aug

888poker partners with the WSOP for the 2017 series

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888 poker has never been afraid to ally with the biggest, and in the world of poker greater than the WSOP there is no one. Therefore, we will again be the exclusive online sponsor of the WSOP 2017, which makes us the only online room authorized to make satellites and promotions for the World Poker Championship.

But can I go to the World Poker Championship?

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Any player can participate in the main event of the WSOP, simply have to pay the buy-in: $ 10,000.

Of course this is an exorbitant amount and within the reach of very few, and that is what makes the association between 888poker and the WSOP interesting for the players. Because 888poker is once again the authorized room to offer qualifying satellites for the World Poker Championship.

These satellites are what can make the history of Fernando Pons repeat.

It is rare that you do not know who Fernando Pons is, the Spaniard who last year qualified on an 888poker.es satellite at the WSOP and reached the final table, taking home a $ 1 million prize. In the blog of 888poker we have told you the story of Fernando Pons , as well as the repercussion that the media has had on a Spanish being among the nine best in the world .

And Fernando, who worked in his office with his salary at the end of the month and thinking it was impossible for him to play the Poker World Championship one day, using his free time to play poker, managed to qualify at 888poker.es for the WSOP. He went to Las Vegas to play it and managed to reach the final table of the most important tournament in the world. From there, his life has changed.

The satellites will soon appear in the lobby of 888poker.es and we will try to get someone to repeat Fernando’s feat, and you will see how the offer so that you can qualify for Las Vegas will be the best ever.

But I’ll tell you something more about the relationship of 888poker and the WSOP.

888poker at the WSOP

2015 was the first year in which we joined forces at the WSOP, and the good results of these two years have strengthened our alliance and extended it to 2017/18 with the possibility of extending it for two more years. The WSOP is the best known brand in the world of poker and for a first level online room it does not make sense to ally with anyone who is not the best.

The WSOP and 888poker have an unwritten commitment to their clients to offer them the best possible experience at a poker table. This includes a wide variety of cash games and tournaments, good structures and playing against the pros. In addition, we both have clients from all over the world and from different levels of play. There are few sites where players can enjoy the best way of their passion and 888poker and the WSOP are two of them.

And how do we benefit the players?

In 2015, 888poker sent 128 players to the main event of the WSOP, which was finally won by a player sponsored by 888poker, Joe McKeehen. Tommy Yates won his place in a 1 cent satellite and finished the 486th of the 6,420 participants taking a prize of $ 19,500. If to this we add the flight and the hotel paid, there is a spectacular performance.

Last year we sent 250 players to the main event, among them Fernando Pons who finished ninth and Griffin Benger who came out in seventh position. They were classified in satellites of € 30 and € 160, respectively, and both took more than a million dollars. It also seems to me a profitable investment.

In 2017, if you follow the progression, there will be about 500 who go to Las Vegas, and 888poker is not going to be because players will still have the opportunity to qualify for the best tournament in the world in satellites from just one cent.

Crazy Eights

In 2016, a special 888poker tournament was held for the first time. With an entry of only $ 888 and a guaranteed first prize of $ 888,888, his attraction was such that he had more participation than the Main Event, 24 more players.

This has made the tournament come back in 2017 and will also remain just before the main event. It will continue to have $ 888 entry, $ 888,888 for the winner, 8-player tables and unlimited re-entries, so the participation is expected to be spectacular again.

No excuses not to try

Anyway, I think you can make excuses for everything, but it is going to be complicated that with all the facilities that 888poker.es is going to put to go to play the World Poker Championship, you can explain why you have not played any satellite. There will be from a penny, so do not leave it for the last minute and go preparing to be one of the more than seven thousand players expected in the main event of the WSOP.

11 Aug

How age influences the WSOP Main Event

p> Neil Blumenfield – finished third in the 2015 WSOP with 61 years. For the first time since 2008, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) will crown the champion of its Main Event in the summer. Players will have to endure for ten days of intense action with only a few small breaks until the final day on July 22. In previous years, the November Nine concept allowed players to recover after a long effort. You may think that this is good for older players, but anatomically, young people are stronger mentally and physically than their more experienced peers. Is this the case? Let’s find out.

The emergence of young people

Image result for young people pokerDuring the first eleven years, the average age of the final table of the WSOP Main Event was 47 years. In the last eleven years, the average has dropped to 32. In the first seven years the only player who competed in the WSOP Main Event with less than 40 years was Crandell Addington. They had to spend seven more years to have one under thirty when Gary Berland lost to Doyle Brunson in the final heads-up of the Main Event in 1977 at the age of 27. In the seventies, the average number of players in the Main Event of the WSOP was 15 players, so the event ended in one day. Things changed in 2004, the year after Chris Moneymaker’s victory in the Main Event, with 2,576 players looking for luck. And it is not an exaggeration, Moneymaker had turned fantasy into reality. From that moment, the Main Event of the WSOP would not be the same again. Each year the organizers were faced with new problems when receiving thousands of players looking for a game, reaching in 2006 the record with the champion, Jamie Gold, taking twelve million dollars to overcome 8,773 players. The year that Gold won the Main Event, the average age at the final table was 33, but it was less in 2008 when the format was changed and the November Nine was created. After this point, the average age of the winner has been only 23 years. What has changed? Infographic-888-poker-age-players

November Nine is created

In 2008, the WSOP decided to stop the Main Event once it reached the final table of nine players and continue playing in November. The new format was called WSOP November Nine. As soon as the WSOP presented the new format, 22-year-old Peter Eastgate became the youngest champion of the WSOP Main Event, a record that Phil Hellmuth had for almost two decades. The following year, Joe Cada of 21 years broke the record. The next six champions were also in their twenties, with Martin Jacobsen, 27, the only one older than 24. Were the young people winning because they had more time to prepare? It may be credible for a young man in his twenties to gather the best poker minds by the end of the summer by analyzing the game to develop a winning strategy. infographic 888 poker age players

The winners of the November Nine have something to say

Greg Merson took the Main Event in 2012. He was 24 years old. At this time, Merson’s live tournament earnings amount to $ 11.3 million, and he has two WSOP bracelets. “I was lucky to have exchanged participations with great tournament players, so I did not have to hire a coach, and it was nice to have them with me at the final table,” Merson said. “I did not want to study much, beyond reviewing the television recordings because I did not want to change what had got me there, I was on such a good run that I did not want many ideas from other players in my head. ” “Looking back, I regret not having worked for the ICM, that being said, I do not think the ICM takes certain things into account in this situation, like the additional equity to win, so I’m happy to have gone to win and not to go up in the scale of payments “. “I think that delaying the final table gives a huge advantage to the professionals who will do the right thing to study, and not to the fans who will not know where to start. Things have changed a lot in these five years and I’m sure I would have studied more in the current environment than I did in 2012. ” Only two players have won more than ten million in the WSOP Main Event: Jamie Gold in 2006 took 12 and Martin Jacobson in 2014 with 10. Jacobson was 27 when he won and was, at that time, one of the best players of live tournaments of the world. Jacobson starred in a documentary called “10 for 10” where it is clear that the Swede benefited from advanced planning during the recess. “I like the idea of ​​live broadcasting instead of putting it months later, but it makes me sad that the concept of November Nine disappears,” Jacobson said. “One of the things that I liked most at the final table was anticipation and planning. It also allowed family and friends to plan the trip to Las Vegas and be part of the competition, something that has no value. ” One of those who does not agree with my theory that young people can have an advantage with the recess is the youngest champion of the Main Event of the WSOP, Joe Cada . “I do not think November Nine has to do with young people reaching the final table,” said Cada. “I blame it on the explosion of online poker after Chris Moneymaker won.” “I think the transition from young people to virtual mats has been generational, I always played videogames and traveled to youth tournaments, once the poker boom appeared, it was just another game, but the way to score was the dollars” . ” The online rooms made countless satellites so players could go to the WSOP Main Event, allowing people to build their banks much more easily than playing in a casino.” Most of the poker boom players were young and not adults of the old school”. “With online poker disappearing in the United States because of the legislation, I think this number will go down more and more, there are many players of that generation but now they are in their thirties.” “Do not get me wrong, poker will always be in fashion for young people, but the online book ended long ago, until online poker returns to the United States, I think it’s going to be weird to see 21-year-old players unless be from other countries. ” Twenty-one year old Neil Blumenfield reached the final table in 2015, finishing third with 3.4 million in prize money, and coincides with Cada in which November Nine has nothing to do with the increase in twenty-year-old winners. “They’ve won more in the November Nine era because a lot of them made it to the final table, and anyone, regardless of age, who did not use the three months off to work on their game was making a big mistake,” Blumenfield said. “I am convinced that the Main Event is dominated by young people not because they have more energy than the elderly, but because they are in a part of their lives where they can, if they want, work more, avoid distractions and be more prepared when they sit down to play. “

What professionals say

Dr. Stephen Simpson is a renowned mental trainer author of the book Poker Genius: The Mind Secrets of the Champions, and personal trainer of some of the best players in the world such as 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman. Believe that the key is in the mental state. “At first glance, it is an overwhelming statistic and I am going to give the adults a bad news. However, poker players can understand the statistics and answer this question: Is it just variance, or are the results meaningful? “A detailed analysis needs to answer this question. “I have had similar discussions with several of my clients, and my point of view has always been that the meta-knowledge of having played and checked thousands of hands is the most valuable asset.” That being said, young people learn faster than older players. , the acceleration of his learning is a curve more pronounced than in the older ones, he needs to do it to reach the veteran who is tanning in a thousand battles “. “But the mental state of the player seems more interesting to me. How do they deal with the past? Remember all the hands that have won or are martyred with those that have lost? Do they block themselves worrying about what may or may not happen in the future? Or are they able to focus all their attention at the moment, knowing that it is all they can control?

The magic of the Internet

When Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event in 2003, he outlasted 839 rivals to take 2.5 million from first place. Moneymaker was a dream come true for poker, not only because of his last name, but because he qualified for the event playing an online satellite of $ 86. The following year, inspired by the story of the accountant in Atlanta, Georgia, 2,576 players signed up, with scared players sitting down to play after qualifying on online satellites. The numbers went up to 8,773 in 2006 before the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA) made most of the big online theaters leave the United States. When the UIGEA arrived, the WSOP Main Event had become one of the most iconic sporting events in the world, with people from all over the planet traveling to have the opportunity to be a millionaire. Right now, poker is legal in three states, and even the Main Event of the WSOP exceeds 6,000 players every year. The opinion of Cada is important because the twenty-somethings who appeared with the boom are still playing. But over time the number of players will decrease because without online poker in the US you will not see new youngsters appear. You do not need to be an aeronautical engineer to deduce that socially it is more comfortable for a young man or woman to play online than the maelstrom of gambling in a casino.  

Ryan Giggs has played 672 games with Manchester United scoring 114 goals. Giggs retired at age 41, unheard of for a striker. Gigs was able to extend his career by using his experience to adapt to different roles in the team and conserve his energy. Poker is different. The players not only gain experience as they get older, they do it according to the number of hands they play. The Internet has allowed players to accumulate more hands than Doyle Brunson. While this factor does not negate the other qualities of experience such as emotional intelligence, control or reading social situations, the older you get the more difficult it is to endure 10 days of tournament. Our brain does not begin to age until almost thirty, so from 2008 to 2015, Joe Cada, Peter Eastgate and those of his generation have healthy neurons. Starting at age 30, we began to lose neurons according to myelin, which is responsible for learning and begins to degrade. When we reach 60, our brain starts to shrink. A study published in the British Medical Journal: the ability of analysis in a group of 45 to 49 years down 3.6% for a decade. And besides, when you talk to the older players and give them the opportunity to play in the shoes of a young man or an old man, most choose the old one, like Joe Cada, for example. “The best thing about poker is that there is something to learn every time you play, and every hand is unique,” said Cada. “So, I would choose myself now, before the young man who won the WSOP Main Event eight years ago. You have to adapt as a player because the game is always evolving. ” During the final table of the Main Event of the WSOP of 2015, the average rose to 36 years. It has not been so high since Raymond Rahne shot the 2007 at age 39, when he reached that final table with 62 years. Two are responsible for the rise in the average in 2015. One is Neil Blumenfield who finished third with 61 years, and does not believe that his game is deteriorating with his age. “My game is better because I’m playing more, studying it more because I have more time to do it now that I do not have a job,” Blumenfield said. “I also have a lot of friends who are among the best poker players, so I talk a lot more about the game that also helps. ” The other player is Pierre Neuville, who at 72 is the second septuagenarian to reach the final table of the Main Event of the WSOP as did Johnny Moss in 1980 with 73 years.

patience, patience and more patience

Image result for patienceLike Blumenfield, Neuville also believes that it improves with age, and has results to prove it. In February, Neuville entered the Top 50 of the Global Poker Index (GPI) after playing in 150 tournaments with 25% of prizes. As the WSOP approaches, Neuville has a pace of competing in 175 tournaments, and it would be good to recognize his exploits in the only way a poker player wants to be recognized, with a place in the Poker Hall of Fame. “I am proud to be the oldest player to be November Nine,” Neuville told me during a break at the WSOC event in Brussels: “I have played poker for 62 years and my game is getting better and I enjoy it more” . “There are two secrets to success, the first is to have fun and the second to be patient.” The WSOP Main Event is not a game for young people, it is a tournament for the most patient “. “The fact is that both elders and young people lose patience equally, being retired has nothing to do, I have worked hard to have patience both outside and at the table, devoting at least one hour a day to meditate and perform mental exercises. ” Dr. Stephen Simpson also notes that patience is of paramount importance, while remembering that there are lessons that young people and adults can learn from each other. “Older players, by definition, have shown patience, otherwise they would have left the game long ago, and one outstanding player told me last year that he only had five good hands during all the WSOP, if that does not put patience to the test. I do not know what I would do, young people still have to show this resistance, some will have it but many will not, one advantage young people can have is that they are more unlikely to be influenced by the fear produced by previous failures. “If I were young I would like to think about what I can learn from the older players, I would continue to play using my strengths but I would spend time developing those skills, the older players should do something right.” “If I were an older player, I would respect the enthusiasm and joy that young people bring to the table.” I envy the lack of emotional charge on their shoulders, I would like to download some of those negative things from my life. thirty and play with the passion and mental freedom of a twenty-year-old player. “

Age, wisdom and life

Neil Blumenfield wrote an article about the importance of age in the WSOP Main Event. Blumenfield said he felt tired at the end of Day 5, something Neuville also said, Blumenfeld believes that the key is preparation, and I have to agree with him. Younger players without the need to live a balanced life, can focus 100% on their game, while the elderly will have a house, bills, marriage and children. For that reason I still believe that the November Nine concept allows young people to strengthen themselves. It is not easy to change habits, and if you suddenly have to prepare for a game of poker, and you are not used to it, then I do not think the result is the same as the person I saw preparing in the documentary “10 for 10”. Outside of biology and the undeniable facts of science, I believe that the benefits of wisdom will compensate for the lack of endurance, especially if the older person exercises both body and mind and eats well. Neuville’s point of view about patience is another important point and it reminds me of the proverb of the young bull and the old bull where the young man watching a field full of cows says I’m going to run down to that meadow and have sex with one of the cows . The old man says he’s going to walk down to the meadow and have sex with everyone. I think the average age of the finalists of the WSOP Main Event will increase over the next five or ten years, and not because the November Nine has disappeared. Instead, it seems to me that Joe Cada’s point of view is that there are not many opportunities for young people to enter the game, especially if they live in the US, where most of the WSOP Main Event players are from. And when the United States opens the doors, it may be that young people are no longer interested in poker. Especially with the increase in popularity of eSports. Who knows, the same story and the dream of winning millions in the WSOP playing poker is replaced by winning millions playing the League of Legends?


10 Aug

Adrian Mateos, best poker player of the year 2017

Adrián Mateos has become an effort-based player in the best face-to-face poker player of the moment. His successes in 2017 have led him to lead the two most important rankings on face-to-face poker tournaments that serve to classify players for their performance in the live poker tournament circuit around the world. In this article we will go back to the origins of Adrián Mateos, a player who wearing the colors of 888 Poker got his first big international success in 2013 in an event also sponsored by 888poker, the World Series of Poker Europe. Specifically, it was in the main event of the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, played at the Casino Barriere in France in October 2013, which meant a prize of 1 million euros which was what guaranteed the tournament. At that time, Adrián was 19 years old and it is here that he began to make a name internationally. Four years later, Adrián Mateos is not a promise, it is a reality.

The best poker tournament player in the world

 The best poker tournament player in the world Adrián Mateos has built an enviable track record. As we can see on his Wikipedia page, in 2017 he has managed to become the best player in poker tournaments in the two most recognized indices in face-to-face poker: the GPI (Global Poker Index) and the PoY 2017 (Player of the Year) – Global Poker Index: it is a ranking that is carried out through ten different criteria related to the registration price of the disputed tournaments, the prizes, the positions reached and a complex system of evaluation of results. A ranking that serves to highlight the most recent results and every year find the best player of the year, to the detriment of veteran players who have a very good track record in previous years. – Player Of The Year: in this ranking, the year 2017 is considered only and players who have played high buyin events such as the highroller poker events so popular in recent years are more taken into account. With this double recognition and equating it with for example tennis, we would be talking about that Adrián Mateos is number one in ranking (like Rafa Nadal) and therefore the name to beat in any tournament in which he is present.

More than $ 12 million in profits in face-to-face poker

 More than $ 12 million in profits in face-to-face poker Adrián was born in 1994 and his residence is established in London. The regulation of online poker led Adrián and other Spanish poker players to take up residence in London although he is originally from San Martin de la Vega. From London he has been able to develop more efficiently his career as a tournament player, which since his 21st birthday has been extended to the American continent. Their total accumulated prizes amount to $ 12,249,710. This is a fact that speaks for itself. Obviously with these gains in just 4 years, Adrián is ranked 1 on the list of all-time wins in Spain, surpassing Carlos Mortensen, the great star of Spanish and world poker that lives in Las Vegas has seen as the young Adrián in just 4 years has surpassed him.

Historical ranking of earnings in Spain

 1. Adrián Mateos $ 12,249,710 2. Carlos Mortensen $ 12,106,336 3. Sergio Aido $ 6,441,229 That figure also places him in the 33rd position in the world in poker history . That is, only 32 players in all history have won more money than he. A record keeping in mind that it is not due to an important prize only. But in addition to his triumph already mentioned in the WSOP Europe, his successes have come in a sustained and progressive way: we even see that he has gone from less to more.

Ranking of historical gains worldwide

1. Daniel Negreanu $ 35,319,815 2. Erik Seidel 33,277,776 $ 3. Daniel Colman $ 28,925,059 4. Antonio Esfandiari $ 27,614,380 5. Fedor Holz $ 26,701,373 6. John Juanda $ 23,873,342 7. Phil Ivey $ 23,856,033 Also in a ranking that measures the impact of players on social networks and impact on specialized information portals, Adrián is in a very meritorious position: the number 30. That is, in recent years more has been said about him than about thousands of poker players from all over the world, and also for his exploits in online poker tournaments that he has never abandoned, he even has a great track record in online poker tournaments at 888poker.es.

The origin of the myth

 Until the victory of Mateos in the Main Event of the WSOP Europe in France, his results had been limited to first places in national events. At that time I was on a roll and after the triumphs in two face-to-face tournaments in Spain, Adrián started to be talked about as a player with great potential. So, in October 2013, Adrián Mateos went to the WSOP with thirst for a title and getting a bracelet. He got it no more or less than in the main event that guaranteed 1 million euros. The final hand against the Frenchman Fabrice Soulier was followed in streaming in Spain and around the world, so that thousands of people could see the progress of Adrián watching his cards and checking how he gave a lesson in poker to a veteran and consolidated French player, Fabrice Soulier, who later recognized the good game of Spanish. The media echoed and emphasized the poker lesson he gave in the final heads-up against the Frenchman Soulier. And with that action he convinced the entire world poker community. But obviously, winning 1 million euros in a single tournament and taking his first WSOP bracelet – now has three – was also a recurring theme in the press reports. Adrián Mateos is a living story of online poker and face-to-face poker. He is the youngest player to win three WSOP bracelets and as we said, his beginnings in poker are closely related to 888poker since this online poker room sponsored the main event of the WSOP Europe and Adrián also wore the logo as a player sponsored by 888poker in that final table so important for its history and for the history of poker.

29 Jul

How are the WSOP 2017 sponsored by 8888poker

Image result for wsop

If you have not heard that the WSOP 2017 is being held at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, you are very disconnected from the world of poker. Every year the summer begins with the celebration of the most prestigious poker festival.

It is true that around June 21 officially begins the summer, but poker players advance this date at the end of May, the date on which the first “shuffle up and deal” of the WSOP is said.

This year there are 74 bracelets that will be delivered, including three that will be played online in the sister room of 888poker, wsop.com. To participate in them, the only requirement is to be physically in the state of Nevada; and, of course, be able to connect to the Internet to play it.

Things started strong for Adrián Mateos and Sergio Aído with their participation in the High Roller for One Drop, the most expensive tournament of all the series. Things did not go well for them and they could not enter prizes.

But things improved in the following events.

First bracelet for a Spanish

Who would be but the child?

Adrián Mateos did not let much time pass before getting his first bracelet of the series. The event number 15. Hand-to-Hand World Championship with € 10,000 entry. At the beginning of the event 129 players had signed up. Ahead, one-on-one play-offs until they clinch the title.

Adrián’s first opponent was probably the most media player, Daniel Negreanu. It was not long before Adrián left Daniel eliminated and faced his opponent in the next round: Ian O’Hara. This confrontation also solved it quickly and was already among the thirty-two last players that would continue the next day. To rest.

The next day I had Eric Wasserson sitting in front with all the intention of leaving the Spaniard out of the tournament, but in the end the 33 of Adrian endured before AQ of Eric and we have a place among the sixteen best. Two hours later he would face Taylor Paur, winner of a bracelet, he did not think to make it easy once they were in prizes, but Adrián was again imposed and expected rival from the eight best players of the tournament.
The rival was Ryan Hughes, winner of two bracelets but in Seven Card Stud hi / lo. The duel was for being among the four best, semifinals. Things started badly for the Spaniard when Ryan went from 1,230,000 to 370,000. Adrián managed to double and equal the contest but a color tied on the river against Madrid’s staircase, left him with 145,000 against 1,455,000. Tremendous disadvantage that little by little manages to overcome and end up winning the tie and getting into the last four. To sleep to two victories of the bracelet.

The first rival to overcome was Charlie Carrell, British. But before we had to wait to see what happened in the other semifinal between John Smith, second last year in this same event, and Ryan Riess, winner of the Main Event in 2013. After 105 hands, John Smith was back in the final year later
Once the first semifinal finished, Adrián’s began. Little more than the difference between the United Kingdom and Spain is what lasted the British to Spanish, in 37 hands the final was ready between the young Spaniard and the American veteran.

The final lasted 72 hands and John Smith was second again while Adrián became the youngest player to get the third bracelet. And there are still many tournaments ahead to reach the fourth.

More results

Image result for results

Chris Moorman, who is probably the best online tournament player and ambassador of 888poker, took the event 27, played in tables of six players. His tremendous online curriculum is expanded with the first WSOP bracelet.

David Bach is the first player to win two bracelets this year when he wins 11 events, one dealers choice at a table of six, and 30, the HORSE championship.

The Spaniards have not achieved more remarkable results, but they have entered 54 times in prizes and we will see where our people arrive that little by little they are coming to Las Vegas in search of the precious bracelets, and above all, of a good result in the Main Event, the desire of any poker player.

Some static stays

As usual, the US leads all the classifications. With 36 bracelets, followed by Russia with 4 and United Kingdom with 3. Regarding the boxes, or entry in prizes, it has 8,789, behind Canada with 510 and the United Kingdom with 301. And if we talk about money charged, Americans continue with with almost 75 million dollars in prizes, second the Canadians with little more than six million and third the British with something more than four million.

Regarding the Spaniards, we have the Adrián Mateos bracelet, as well as entering prizes on 56 occasions and raising just over $ 650,000.

In front

In addition to the Main Event, the most important tournament of the series and the authentic poker world championship, there is one of the events that more players will gather. The emblem event of our house. The Crazy Eights. The crazy eights. With an entry of $ 888 and a guaranteed prize to the winner of $ 888,888. It is expected to surpass the 6,761 players who participated last year, among them we will see several Spaniards who have qualified in the satellites that have been made at 888poker.es.

There is also the Poker Players Championship, the event in which the most versatile will compete in eight different varieties of poker, though, putting in advance $ 50,000 to participate.

If you like the four card game and you have $ 25,000 you can participate in the Pot Limit Omaha High Roller as a prelude to the Main Event.

Regarding the Main Event, we hope to see a Spaniard again at the final table, which is not postponed until November and will end this July. Last year Fernando Pons managed to reach that final table, taking a prize of one million dollars, after qualifying on the satellites of 888poker.es. We hope to see others classified in those positions of honor.

And those who are falling in the Main Event have one last chance to get a bracelet in the Little One For One Drop, the benefit event of $ 1,111 entry and closes this edition of the WSOP.

As you can see there is much ahead, but we will be attentive to the Crazy Eights and the Main Event, where we will see the classifieds of 888poker.es. Remember that you have had all year to do it, and those who have succeeded will have one of the best experiences of their life: participate in the World Poker Championship.

25 Jul

Five poker events outside of the WSOP

Image result for wsopFor the past 47 years, the best poker players in the world travel to Las Vegas every summer to test themselves at the World Series of Poker. This year, under the sponsorship of 888poker, the 2016 edition of the WSOP will be held, with hundreds of options to choose from.

Although there is no doubt that the WSOP is the most relevant series of events throughout the year, there are other events and essential tournaments in the calendar of every poker player. In this article we review the five events to consider if you plan to travel to Las Vegas this summer.

GPS in the Golden Nugget – From May 31 to July 3

The 2016 Grand Poker Series (GPS) is held at the Golden Nugget, in collaboration with Poker Night in America. They consist of 59 events with more than one million dollars guaranteed in prizes. In addition, there are daily hundred dollar registration tournaments and numerous satellites to access the main tournaments.

The series stand out for the economics of their buy-ins, which tend to oscillate between 150 and 570 dollars, in tournaments -majority- of a single day. Only 4 events have a longer duration.

One of the highlights of his calendar is Event # 7: Poker Night in America, a tournament of $ 1,675 entry, five days (from June 3 to 7), and will be recorded for television.

Another of its attractions is the $ 10,000 Seniors Super High Roller – the event with the largest buy-in of the series – to be held on June 26 and is reserved for participants over 50 years of age.

Finally, the Main Event of the GPS, with a buy-in of 570 dollars and a half million guaranteed in prizes. With three initial days starting on Wednesday, June 29, the tournament will end on Saturday, July 2. Last year it gathered a total of 1,330 participants and the winner – Christian France – won a first prize of $ 89,298.

Mid-States Poker Tour Main Event – June 6 to 10

 Mid-States Poker Tour Main Event - June 6 to 10

Between 6 and 10 June, the 7th season of the Mid-Season Championship of the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour (MSPT) will be held, with a Main Event of 1,100 dollars of registration and with two million dollars guaranteed in prizes, during the DeepStack Extravaganza III of the Venetians.

“It is the third summer that we organize an event at the Venetian, and each year is bigger and better,” declared the owner and operator of the MSPT, Bryan Mileski. “With an incredible guaranteed of two million dollars in this year’s tournament, we hope to attract a mix of professionals, fans and tournament regulars to celebrate the biggest event in the history of the MSPT.”

The structure of the tournament offers 20,000 starting chips and 40-minute levels. You will have three Day 1 from Monday, June 6 at 12:00. Days 1b and 1c will be on Tuesday and Wednesday at the same time. On each of the three days, late registration will be enabled until 6:30 p.m.

The survivors of each day will meet on Thursday, June 9 on Day 2, and will play until the final table of 10 players, which will be played on Friday, June 10. The main event will be broadcast live through the MSPT blog.

The first visit of the MSPT to the Venetian was in 2014. It brought together a total of 854 players, with Chicago resident Dale Bronk declaring himself winner and pocketing a first prize of $ 163,870. The following year, the attendance practically doubled (1.964 players) thanks to the million dollars guaranteed. The prizepool amounted to 1,964,000 dollars, of which 215,815 went to the hands of Angelina Rich, who at only 25 years old proclaimed herself the first woman to win an MSPT title.

The Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza III Warm-Up and DeepStack Extravaganza III tournaments are held between May 16 and May 26, and between May 26 and July 24 respectively.

The Warm-up series offers 17 events and $ 420,000 in guaranteed prizes, while the DeepStack Extravaganza III offers a total of 90 events.

Planet Hollywood Goliath Series

 Planet Hollywood Goliath Series

Last year the Poker Series GOLIATH, organized by the Planet Holliwood Resort & Casino, proved a complete success in replicating the structure of the WSOP at a much lower price. They attracted 26,000 participants from around the world and awarded more than $ 7.8 million in prizes. So, no one will be surprised that this summer, between May 26 and July 10, the initiative is repeated.

It is expected to have a much wider range of events, with a dozen tournaments that do not correspond to the Hold’em modality, two team tournaments, several short table tournaments, two Quantum tournaments, the Ladies International Poker Series, the Exposed Hold’em event presented by Dutch Boyd, and five charity events.

The series of this edition will surpass those of last year, with more than 8 million dollars in prizes, distributed among 115 events. In addition, the GOLIATH main event of $ 1,650 registration (between July 7 and July 10) will have a guaranteed $ 2 million.

“The Phamous Poker Series GOLIATH has elements to make all audiences enjoy,” says Planet Holliwood’s Poker Room Manager and creator of the Chris Gawlik series.

Bellagio Cup XII Poker Tournament

 Bellagio Cup XII Poker Tournament

Between July 13 and 19, Bellagio’s popular poker series, the Bellagio Cup, will celebrate its twelfth edition. The starting point will be on Wednesday, July 13, with a $ 1,000 + $ 90 Super Satellite at 12 noon. At the same time on Thursday, July 14, the $ 10,000 + $ 400 Bellagio Cup XII will be held.

The plan for this five-day event consists of playing five levels of 90 minutes each one per day. The late registration will remain open until the beginning of level 13, during Day 3, scheduled at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 16.

Last year, the Bellagio Cup XI brought together 301 participants and an impressive prize pool of $ 2,919,700. Dominik Nitsche finished in second place, for a prize of $ 479,732, the third highest prize in his career. The winner, Sean Winter, won the title and $ 562,772 of the first prize.

$ 300,000 Super High Roller Bowl

Accessing this event is doubly difficult. On the one hand, a very high buy-in available to very few and, on the other hand, because all the places are already covered. Even so, we include it in this list for being one of the first big events of this summer. If you plan to be in Las Vegas between May 29 and June 1, we recommend you go through the Aria and watch the world poker elite.

The second edition of the Super High Roller Bowl, presented by Poker Central and filmed by PROductions Poker, is the line of continuity of its launch in 2015. Last year the buy-in was $ 500,000, attracted 43 participants, and delivered a first prize of $ 7,525,000 to the winner Brian Rast.

This year’s tournament, which has eliminated the rake and has extra $ 300,000 added by the sponsors, is restricted to 49 players. Among those already confirmed, we find Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Phil Hellmuth, and 888poker representative Dominik Nitsche.
“I was sorry to miss the $ 500,000 tournament that started last year,” says Nitsche. “It looked like a great event, but I was not convinced it was worth it. This year, they added $ 300,000 to create a negative rake. Also, I think some fans are going to participate. Lately I’ve done pretty well in high rollers, so I thought why not? “