02 Oct

Poker tips for beginners at 888poker.es

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The best tips from our experts for new Poker Online players, gain confidence and experience while you win by following the advice of professionals.


If you are new to the world of online poker

, do not worry, we help you to take the first steps safely with some tips of maximum utility:

one . Do not be in a hurry: hurry is a bad adviser, start playing little by little and on a single table. When you are familiar with the game you can increase the time you spend and the number of tables or tournaments you can play.

two . Come first for our free Play in Practice tables and enjoy poker without the pressure of investing money. It is the best option until you become familiar with the software and the dynamics of the game.

3 . The next step is to play at low-priced tables and tournaments:

  • If you like tournaments, in the FREEROLLS TOURNAMENTS tab you will find many free tournaments where the prizes are in real money. So better impossible.
  • Try the Sit & Go modality in games of 1 to 2 euros … This modality is the best training ground for the biggest tournaments
  • If you like cash games, first try the tables where blind bets are shown in cents (from 1c / 2c), NEVER go to the most expensive tables until you’re a regular winner at low-level tables.

Four . Validate your hands correctly: it is a common mistake for beginners to think that because they know the value of poker hands, they know how to play them at any time. A pair of hand Aces is the best possible move, but sometimes the common cards on the table are a very big threat for hands like that. For example, a flop 6-7-8 all of hearts does not invite optimism if we have AA in hand (of spades and diamonds for example).

5 . Do not play many hands: the good players are crouched most of the time and only go to 70% -80% of the hands that are dealt. As you progress in the game knowledge you can start to increase the range of hands and the complexity of the moves you put into practice.

01 Oct

The 888 Live Local circuit has already started in London

Image result for kara scott pokerKara Scott, new ambassador for 888, third at the 888 Live Local in London

The 888 Live Local circuit has stages in many European countries. Obviously, from 888poker.es to only have national traffic, we can not offer satellites or qualifiers for these tournaments; We do not even give them visibility. But this time, the tournament held this past week at Casino Aspers (Stratford) deserves to pay attention as it was the first event scheduled in 2016 under the brand “888 Live Local”.

The tournament, which started on March 3 and ended on Sunday, March 6 and had a buy-in of £ 220 has been a success as it has raised more than £ 116,000, with the guaranteed prize being set at only £ 50,000. so the participation was a success.
In this event, the new international ambassador of the 888poker brand, the Canadian Kara Scott, was officially introduced. She was joined by two other well-known members of Team 888, the Norwegian Sofia Lovgren and the German Dominik Nistche.

  • Day 1A: 168 entries
  • Day 1B: 195 tickets
  • Day 3C:
  • Initial Files: 25,000
  • Buy-in: 220 pounds
  • Guaranteed Prize: 50,000 pounds

In this event, special prizes were awarded, such as PlayStation to players who lost a hand for a bad beat, but evidently the most desired prizes were those that the final table members would obtain.
Interesting to note how the new ambassador of 888poker , Kara Scott managed to get options to the title until the last moments, but finally had to settle for the third position.
Here we leave the final classification of the 9 members of the final table:

  1. Ralph Baylor – £ 22,500
  2. Bernard Okyere-Sasu – £ 16,000
  3. Kara Scott – £ 10,250
  4. Hugues Lavieu – £ 7,600
  5. Amar Al Hussona £ 5,690
  6. Shah Raza – £ 4,570
  7. Robert Norman – £ 3,790
  8. Place – Enzo Del Piero £ 3,020
  9. Place – Luke Burton £ 2,270


We remind you that the 888 Live Local Circuit as far as Spain is concerned will have six stages starting next April 15 at the Casino de Alicante. To know more about the structure, the stages and the ways to classify you, we invite you to visit this website where you will find everything related to the 888 Live Local Spain circuit.
Keep in mind that this event in London is different from the ones we will celebrate in Spain; especially in terms of the structure and the guaranteed prizes. In Spain the format will be two days 1 (Friday and Saturday) and one day 2 (Sunday) and we will guarantee a prize of € 20,000.



29 Sep

888poker and the World Poker Tour® form a global alliance

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November 6, 2017 – Today, 888 poker and the World Poker Tour® announce an alliance that will give players the opportunity to participate in WPTDeepStacks ™ events around the world. Within its strategy of “recovering the game”, 888poker committed to making the poker tournaments more accessible to all, including qualifiers to the prestigious World Poker Tour events that take place around the world. WPT Berlin poker satellites are underway at 888 poker and both professionals and fans can win their place at WPTDeepStacks events. The first event that can be classified is the Main Event of the WPTDeepStacks Berlin with € 1,500 entry and which starts the European Championship of the XVI season of the WPT. The WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event is held from January 5 to 8, 2018 at the Spielbank Berlin and has a guaranteed € 500,000.

Details of qualifying satellites (open registration) at WPTDeepStacks Berlin :

  • Weekly qualifier (€ 250 buy in) that rewards with a € 2,000 package (available every Sunday at 9:00 p.m.).
  • Daily satellite (€ 12 buy in) that rewards with 1 seat to the € 250 qualifier (available from Monday to Saturday at 20:00).
  • Weekly satellite (€ 22 buy in) that awards 3 seats to the € 250 qualifier (available on Sunday at 7:00 p.m.).
  • 4 daily satellites (0.5 € buy in) that awards with 1 seat to the satellite of € 12.


This alliance is the last of the actions that 888poker performs to offer its players the possibility to participate in the most important events in the world.

24 Sep

The Main Event of the WSOP A game for young people?

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 “Let me comment that it was the worst bluff of the year, but it worked for one simple reason: it managed to deceive me, the reason for my defeat was to underestimate my rival, I was so tired that I lost concentration.” [1]

These are the words of Sammy Farha commenting on a legendary hand of the 2003 Main Event. The old-school professional, in his $ 5,000 Italian suits, designer sunglasses and a muffled cigarette in his mouth, began his heads-up against Chris Moneymaker, an unknown player from Tenesse classified online. Farha had a very clear plan: to play small boats and to wear out his rival little by little.

But it does not work.

“I imagined the plan that Sammy had prepared for the heads-up. It was clear that he considered himself a better player than me, so I was going to try to keep the boats as small as possible and use his experience to win, “says Moneymaker.

“I knew the way Sammy wanted to make me play, and I was not willing to allow it.” [1]

The arrival of the young champions

With 27 years, Moneymaker became one of the winners of the youngest Main Event in history and his victory will inspire a whole new generation of players.

But it got something else: it marked the arrival of a wave of players even younger at poker, a generation without fear, well trained and used to play online that was not afraid to win or lose.

The old school players “could not concentrate”; They were already “tired”.

And the WSOP took advantage of that. There were more and more participants and they were becoming younger. With a wide range of satellites and travel packages, young players with their aggressive style began to be increasingly frequent in the halls of the Rio each year.

What were the key factors in this change? Analyzing the statistics of the more than 40 years of the WSOP together with historical events and interviews with top players, we try to discover the profile of the winners of the future. And our conclusions are that the new generation poker champion will be:

  • Slightly greater than the young revelations of the past years, of an estimated age of between 25 and 30 years
  • He will have more experience, with prizes both online and in face-to-face tournaments
  • It will be more fit and better prepared
  • You will be very trained

The rise of poker

Image result for rise of poker

Since the beginning of the WSOP in the 70s, when a handful of players met in a game room in Downtown Las Vegas, the number of participants has been growing gradually. [two]

The original $ 10,000 buy-in has not changed since then. In the same way that the popularity of Texas Hold’em has been growing, so have the Main Event figures.

Young and not so young from across the United States connected to the internet to play online poker and, despite the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, a record 8,773 players fought for the Main Event title that year .

With the withdrawal from the US market of the main online poker rooms and the consequent cancellation of satellites, the participation figure fell to 6,358 in 2007, but remained stable during the dark days of Black Friday, when services were cut off. the operators that had challenged the UIGEA in the United States.

Despite the impossibility of online ranking for American players, every day there are more opportunities to qualify in the in-game gambling halls scattered throughout the country.


Children to power

A new phenomenon appeared as participation increased: the age of the winners decreased.

As can be seen in our second infographic, fans like Raymer, Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold were in their thirties when they won, unlike the average age (between 40 and 50) of the winners of the 70s and 80s .

In 2008, the arrival of young professionals was confirmed with the victory of Peter Eastgate. A shy young man of only 22 years old arrived from Denmark broke the historical record of youth in a Main Event champion. He had achieved his entry into the tournament through an online satellite.

A year later, Joe Cada broke the record again for 300 days. [3]

And these two cases do not mean an exception: As can be seen in the third infographic , the average age of the champions decreases every decade.


Indeed, the average age of the final tables decreases every year. According to the data of the third infographic, the final table of 2004 was represented by a champion (Raymer) of 40 years, a former champion (Dan Harrington, 1995) of 58 years and a second place (David Williams) obtained by a player of so Only 24 years old. [4]

However, in 2006 when Jamie Gold achieved a record prize of $ 12 million, the average age of the final table was 27 years. [5]

In 2009, the year in which Cada won, the final table was relatively young with an average age of 31 years, while in the last edition of the WSOP the -possible- tendency of an age below 28 years was established. [6]

And this is only the average age of the final table. The finalists turn out to be as young as the winners.

What does the domain of the twenty-somethings respond to?

What are the causes of this upward trend of young players getting such good results in the Main Event?

Different factors must be analyzed, so let’s see why the current champions are much younger than 20 years ago:

1 Preparation and resistance

“I remember marathon sessions of 17 hours a day in which he slept during the 90 minutes of rest for dinner,” says Dennis Phillips, who was 54 when he got his third place in the Main Event of the 2008 WSOP.

“The year I did it [in 2008], the days did not end until midnight and – in some cases – first thing in the morning of the next day.”

According to Dennis, everything is based on proper preparation.

“You need to be alert all the time, adjust your biological clock and take breaks when you can, I can see players both young and old, eat an inappropriate menu and start losing pots and playing badly starting at 10 o’clock at night.”

“The Main Event is a very long and demanding challenge both physically and psychologically. Now it’s harder for older players. “

2 Buy-Ins and Initial Stack

The original $ 10,000 registration fee has been maintained throughout the 45-year history of the WSOP. As a result, entry is now much more affordable for young professionals than it was decades ago.

And, even though sponsorships (which involved free participation in the WSOP) have declined in recent years, young professionals who were able to take advantage of them before 2001 have gained in experience.

But at the tournament level, the initial amount of chips also plays an important role in the changes.

Mohsin Charania is a young professional American player with more than 4 and a half million earnings in his career. He has won more than half a million dollars playing online but he also adds victories in EPT, WPT and WSOP in his curriculum.

“The organization of the WSOP changed the initial stack from 20,000 to 30,000 chips a few years ago,” he says.

“These extra chips meant that young people with online experience could play more hands, that 10,000 extra chips have represented a very significant change in the tournament.”

Play online, play more hands

The current champions have been formed playing online. For example, Annette Obrestad who won the WSOPE with only 17 years old in 2007. Her online alias, “Annette_15” gives us a clue as to how old she started playing.

In fact, Obrestad obtained his training playing online before trying his luck in the big tournaments. He took that year of experience to London that it would have taken decades for the players of previous generations to acquire. [7]

Undoubtedly there are aspects of the face-to-face game that must be adjusted, but there is no denying the fact that thousands of hours of online gaming equals the entire career of a professional player from another decade.

4 The Arrogance of youth

If the players before liked the risk, young professionals still like it more. They understand the advantage of an aggressive and courageous game. The young professionals have gone directly from school to play poker full time, so they do not fear a return to their office work in case they go badly.

And with the levels that are played online, what is $ 10,000 registration? Simply, sit in front of the computer and win some jackpots.

In addition, most young professionals have not yet formed a family, so they have plenty of time available to play and study without the distraction of a wife and children.

5 Training and Social Networks

But today’s professionals not only play a much higher volume of hands than their predecessors. They also have an extra advantage thanks to social networks: the ability to share and comment hands, view videos and receive coaching from other players.

Sponsorship is no longer as common as it was years ago, but coaching and financing agreements have increased significantly. Thanks to them, the player accesses the Main Event at a fraction of the entrance price and does it – in addition – well prepared technically and psychologically.


6 Experience prevails

When everything indicated that the winner of the Main Event for the next few years was going to be a 21 year old player with a lot of accumulated online experience, something changed. It seems – as the last two years indicate – that the experience in live events plays an important role to display a good game in the WSOP.

Let’s see our fourth infographic . When Moneymaker got his win after qualifying online, he added $ 0 in profits to live events. [8]

Raymer had just over $ 136,000 and Gold $ 101,273 when he won a year later. As the champion’s age declines, so do the earnings before the final table (Eastgate added $ 63,324 before his victory in 2008 while Cada added up to just $ 28,214).

The explanation may be that at age 21 you have not had too much time to play live. But there is something else. The players who now reach the final table of the WSOP Main Event are slightly older – and more experienced – with good results in live events.

The 2012 winner, Greg Merson, had already won a WSOP bracelet that year (event $ 10,000 Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em) and a prize of more than one million dollars. To all this we can add 4 boxes in WSOP events and good results in the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. In terms of online results, Merson accumulated more than $ 350,000 in profits. [9]

For his part, Martin Jacobson, winner of $ 10 million last year, added multiple good results in events of the EPT and the WSOP. Before his victory he had already achieved almost four and a half million dollars in prizes. [10]

At present there is a very varied offer of face-to-face tournaments in which players can practice and earn money, so many online winners are making the leap to live tournaments. .

In fact, there has been a significant change in bracelets delivered to under-30s throughout the history of the WSOP.

In 2006, coinciding with Gold’s victory, there was not a single winner under the age of 30 who got any of the bracelets that are given in each event. The following year, there were only two, while last year 10 bracelets were delivered to children under 30 years. [eleven]

In parallel, in 2006 there was a large number of victories in the WSOP achieved by players with an average age of 59 years. In 2014 only 3 players over 50 – including Ted Forrest – got a bracelet. [12]

Predictions about future WSOP champions

The trend of young WSOP winners (Jacobson, champion last year, was “relatively old” at 27) seems to continue.

Young players prepare with more intensity , take more risks and endure more. Most go to the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle. Two fundamental pillars to face the hard days of the Main Event.

They also have more experience. They spend hours studying videos on platforms such as Twich, many receive coaching and share hands and experiences with other professionals in internet forums.

But not everything comes down to the online experience. The champions of tomorrow need to test themselves and gain experience in live events.

Online phenomena such as Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Annette Obrestad and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom have had a hard time adapting their game live. They get bored when they need many days of game to get a prize they are used to winning in just hours online. Or maybe their superagresive strategy does not work as well in a multi-day live event like the WSOP.

“Joe Cada is probably double the player now than he was when he won [in 2009],” adds Phillips. “[But] he has improved his game a lot, he would have much more expectations of victory now than before.”

“There are few opportunities to play live when you are 18. You can not go straight from playing online to sitting at a live poker table There is a conditioning period for live poker where you have to rethink many aspects of the game . “

Only Chris Moorman, who won $ 8 million playing online tournaments, has made a transition to live tournaments. The British professional has accumulated more than 4 million dollars in winnings in live tournaments since 2008, with a win in the WPT LA Classic 2014 his best result so far. [13]

In 2003, when Farha erroneously read his rival and fell out he exclaimed “I was so tired that it was not me. I’m a cash player and the tournaments are exhausting. I made a mistake in judgment. “[14]

Would the cheaper tickets mean a new poker boom?

The participation in the Main Event has not been able to overcome the peak of 8,773 players since 2006, but the lower cost events like the Colossus of 2015 (which attracted a record participation of 22,374 players) can mark the future of the WSOP. While the more experienced players participate in the Main Event, fans have the opportunity to repeat the feat of Moneymaker winning the Colossus.

Within five years, the final table of the WSOP Main Event may not be represented by old school cash players like Farha or fans like Moneymaker … maybe not even by profiles like those of Cada or Eastgate. .

All the expectation is now focused on knowing the components of November Nine this year to see what pasta is made the new generation of world champions.

16 Sep

Shared liquidity: the future of online poker

p> The 888poker.es online poker room, which has been operating since the beginning of the regulated market operating in Spain (2012), is going to be one of the great beneficiaries of the new scenario that is about to reach European online poker : the union of Poker players from Portugal, Italy, Spain and France. In this article we would like to explain how this new global online poker market will be and the positive consequences that it will have for the poker player in general and for the user of 888poker.es in particular.


What is liquidity in a poker room?

Image result for What is liquidity in a poker room?

We understand “shared liquidity” in the context of online poker to the union of regulated markets of poker on the internet. Since 2010, most countries in the European Union legalized online gambling. In these legislations online poker was regulated from the point of view of offering it in a closed market: only to the citizens of that country. That is, at the tables a Spanish player will only find players with Spanish nationality, registered with a valid identity document and address in that country. The same in France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Romania … This caused that a poker player registered in 888poker.es (Spain) could not play against a player registered in 888poker.dk (Denmark).

In this context, it is well known that when playing online poker, a problem arises: that there are many less players available and that affects the number of cash games tables, the number and levels of sit & go and also the guaranteed prize of the poker tournaments on-line.

Which countries are going to join their online poker markets?


For now, the shared liquidity of poker will have four countries as protagonists: Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. The main consequence in the online poker market is that operators like 888poker.es are going to have licenses to offer their services in the four countries and they will also have authorization to offer their online poker tables to players from the same country but also to all of them, which can be mixed without problems in a global room that includes all registered customers and who wish to be part of that global room. It is not yet confirmed if they can do it from the country’s own room (888poker.es in the case of Spain) or if there will be a new room with domain “.eu” that will serve to unite all the players from those countries.

888poker has already announced its early launch in the Portuguese market while in Italy it has already left this past week. So soon we will have 888poker operating at the same time in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The Director of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (Juan Espinosa) has already signed the decree that authorizes shared liquidity , following the steps indicated in the agreement signed by the four regulators in Rome, during the important meeting of the 6th July 2017. In this event, the directors of the regulatory bodies of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal committed themselves to making the shared liquidity project a reality at the beginning of 2018 at the beginning of the year.

What do I have to do as a 888poker.es player?

Nothing, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) has been commissioned to publish a Regulation and a Report in which the requirements that operators need to comply with are clearly explained. For the player it is not relevant: it is the operator who has to get a license in the four countries if he wants his players to be able to share the poker room with players from those jurisdictions.

It was not sustainable to divide the markets. Imagine that an in-person casino in a large city that has 10 tables in its poker room is dedicated to limiting which players feel by nationality. The tables will be emptier, and the players will end up leaving the room because there is no action (fewer hands per hour, fewer players, more expenses, less interest from casino customers, tournaments with lower prizes because they are also limited …) , so the sector and the players consider this new stage of shared liquidity as a good thing.

888poker.es players should not worry about anything: they will be informed by email of the new reality as soon as the regulation is approved and the only thing they will have to do is play as they did in their favorite poker room and this time with four times more players at the tables.

Why is the shared liquidity for 888poker.es players beneficial?

Image result for What is liquidity in a poker room? Although at 888poker.es we have been enjoying poker since 2012 in Spain, in markets such as Portugal or Italy they could not do so and their players will now be able to enjoy the licensing of online poker as well as sports betting and sports betting products. casino, which were already part of the gambling offer of those countries. So that’s the first advantage: that online poker will reach more countries.

Another important issue is that with the multiplication of the number of players, it is discouraged to play in unregulated poker rooms that do not offer any guarantee. 888poker.es in the new shared liquidity will be fully regulated by the Spanish State on issues such as taxes and regulations, so the player will remain the priority for the operator.

The number of tables available in cash games will increase, as well as the levels and frequency of sit & go and the online poker tournaments will have more important guaranteed prizes since the number of registered players will be multiplied.

Loyalty programs, for example 888poker levels will improve and be more generous as there will be more possibilities to play tables and score level points, which will be used to be redeemed for prizes.

They will greatly improve the promotions such as welcome bonuses and all kinds of regular promotions that 888poker regularly offers its players, as well as improve the promotional offer to make sports bets or play the popular casino games at 888.es.

14 Sep

Ana Márquez – 888 LIVE triumphs in Bucharest.

Ana Márquez, protagonist of great exploits for Spanish poker in recent years returns through the front door with a triumph in the most exclusive event of the live poker festival 888 Live Bucharest. In this article we will review the successes in the career of this player from Malaga who has spent much of her career in the world of online and face-to-face poker from outside of Spain.


Knowing Ana Márquez

Image result for ana marquez

Márquez rose to fame in Spain in January 2011 for his role in the PCA Bahamas Main Event, an event that kicks off the year of poker during the first days of January and brings together the best players in the world. Until that moment, Ana Márquez had never appeared in the specialized Spanish online poker media because her career had been limited to tournaments in Las Vegas. And it is that Ana Márquez, resided in the United States and until that date had not played any poker tournament in Spain.

His winners in 2009 and 2010 were limited to four boxes in various tournaments held at the Venetian casino in Las Vegas, specifically in his popular Deep Stack Extravaganza tournament festivals for a total of $ 20,000 in prizes.

We return to 2011 because in the aforementioned tournament in the Bahamas, a $ 10,000 entry event played in the No Limit Hold’em mode earned the Spanish a prize of $ 155,000 thanks to her tenth position. After this huge result, the Spanish began to travel to Europe to play first class tournaments with her partner, an American poker player. As a result of his first European tour, in May 2011 he was ninth in a side event of the EPT Grand Final held in Madrid. With that success he added another $ 10,000 to his winnings in face-to-face poker tournaments.

The summer of 2011 arrived and Ana was returning to the United States to play the World Series of Poker. In this festival of events held at the Rio Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, he managed to play in two tournaments and continued to add benefits thanks to his talent in the most important face-to-face poker events in the world.



The year 2011 – the most productive in his career – ended with several positions of merit in tournaments held in London and San Remo.

In 2012 his season began where one year before he had achieved his greatest success, in the Bahamas. Ana Márquez won two minor prizes after getting into the money positions of the $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 No Limit Holdem events of the PCA Bahamas. But the season would continue to be productive and repeated successes in tournaments on the European Poker Tour and World Series of Poker circuits.

Already in 2013, after participating again in the Bahamas PCA, he won a total of 16 boxes throughout the year, highlighting three awards in WSOP events and a remarkable 35th place in the main event of the EPT in Prague, which was his second highest prize in his career (approximately $ 25,000).

2014 was a year similar to the previous one although with a great start (it finished in position 22 of the event Hugh Roller of the PCA Bahamas and a prize of $ 66,000) and a great final, finishing in position 79 of the Mai Event of the Monte Carlo EPT making itself with a prize of $ 26,000.

Subsequently, the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 the Spanish participated much less than the world circuit of live poker tournaments. A unique great performance stood out: position 407 of the Main Event of the WSOP in Las Vegas that gave him a prize of $ 29,000 in 2016. He also won prizes in 4 WSOP events in 2017, but without exceeding that prize.


When Ana considered leaving poker


Ana Márquez gave an interview on the poker news portal Poker-Red in early 2016. In a relaxed chat with the editor of this medium, Ana explained that at just 30 years of age she had realized that since she was 20 she was almost focused exclusively in poker and that he had decided to take it from now on more calmly. According to Ana “playing poker too intensively live affects our personal lives”. However, after a period of reflection and where he relied on activities such as yoga, he decided to continue dedicating himself to poker but not exclusively. A form of poker that is shared by thousands of poker players from all over the world, who, in addition to a hobby, see poker as a complementary activity to their main activities or activities.

So, 2014 finally did not mean the farewell of Ana Márquez from the tables of the most important poker tournaments on the internet and live, but it was a change of approach “until then I had no free weekends and I was always doing the Suitcase to travel around the world. “


Triumphant return at 888LIVE BUCHAREST


As we have already highlighted in her record, Ana had lowered the bar in her participation in poker events. But this past March 2, 2018 traveled to Romania to dispute the 888 LIVE Bucharest. Ana finished in 39 position in the $ 880 No Limit Holdem Main Event with a prize of more than $ 2,600, but the best would come two days later when I played the High Roller event, a Texas Holdem tournament of € 2,200 that was held with the $ 32,068 prize (€ 26,000) after finishing first in that tournament, which again leads to the cover of the Spanish poker media.

Interestingly, the heads-up in that tournament faced Marquez against another young player with great prestige in the face-to-face poker circuit, the Swedish Sofia Lovgren, who is one of the members of the 888poker professional team.


Playing from Germany

Image result for ana marquez sexy

Ana Márquez currently lives in Germany. This allows you to travel from time to time to one of the many live poker tournaments held in the cities of Central Europe. He also plays online poker and enjoys the opportunity to qualify on the internet to the most important live poker tournaments in Europe.

The geographical proximity was a key argument when going to the 888 Live Bucharest, one of the events of the poker circuit of 888poker that has held stages in cities such as Barcelona or London. This tournament, in which 888 is organized online satellites – as it does every day to bring players to the National Poker Circuit (CNP) – has been held in the multipurpose room of the JW Marriott hotel in the capital of Romania and the eight tournaments of which the festival has been confirmed, Márquez -as we have already said- has managed to take the $ 2,200 High Roller tournament and cash in the Main Event of $ 888.

14 Sep

Five players to consider in the WSOP2016

The World Series Of Poker, which we will sponsor for the second year in a row, is just around the corner. In our series “Road to the WSOP 2016” we offer you indispensable articles to have all the information of this year’s edition, from the strategy in the team tournament , to curiosities of the WSOP, and much more.
In this last installment we offer you information about five players to keep an eye on them this summer, because we foresee that they will fuss in Las Vegas. In fact, we’re going to get wet and predict that at least one of these five players will be wearing a WSOP bracelet this year. Are we still reading?

Jussi “jnevanli” Nevanlinna

Image result for Jussi "nevanlinna" Nevanlinna

At the beginning of the year, the Finn Jussi “jnevanli” Nevanlinna won the first prize of $ 182,668 of the Main Event of the Super XL after winning in 12 hours and a half to the 1,180 participants.
Almost simultaneously, Nevanlinna took that Sunday the 888poker qualifier for the 2016 Main Event, winning a travel package valued at $ 13,000. Only those two victories are enough to inspect him with a magnifying glass during the WSOP, but he is also getting incredible results playing live.
At the moment, Nevanlinna has accumulated more than 1.8 million dollars of live earnings, which puts him in the position number 7 of the list of gains in Finland. His greatest achievement is a box of $ 323,032 won last November after beating 219 players in the Master Classics of Poker 2015 Main Event.
Other highlights of his career include a second place in the same event ($ 314,406) in 2011, a victory in the € 5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max Turbo event of the EPT8 Grand Final for $ 106,677 and a sixth place in the past. WSOP edition in Event # 67, the $ 10,000 Dealers Choice Championship for a prize of $ 46,384.
“I will be in Las Vegas from June 3 and until I am eliminated from the Main Event,” confirmed Nevanlinna. “My goal is to play all the $ 10K events, the $ 25K PLO and maybe the $ 50K Poker Players’ Championship. From small tournaments, I will choose the ones I enjoy the most. “

Carl Carodenuto

Carl Carodenuto

Unless you live in the United States, more specifically in the Midwest, you’ve probably never heard of 31-year-old Carl Carodenuto of Bloomington, Minnesota. Their total profits amount to $ 305,106, which being considerable are not impressive.
What makes us take it into account is the fact that recently he achieved something quite unprecedented: defend his title. Last December, Carodenuto beat out 470 participants to win the Main Event of the Mid-States Poker Tour Canterbury Park ($ 116,103). A little later, when the tour was held again in April, he did the same before 375 players to take the same event and retain the title.
“I do not believe it,” said Carodenuto, who qualified for the tournament through a $ 250 satellite. “I’m in shock, I still do not believe it at all and I’m super proud of myself.”
Can you remember the last time a player was able to defend the title in a prestigious tournament with hundreds of participants? It is something that is not seen too often. Carodenuto confirmed that he will be in the city of sin this summer, so we put it on our list.

Farid Yachou

Image result for Farid YachouFew poker players have had such a meteoric beginnings as Farid Yachou. Just a year ago no one had heard of him, until May 2015 – during his first major poker tournament – won a field of 341 players to win the World Poker Tour Amsterdam for $ 215,000. Along with this achievement came a seat to the Monster WPT Tournament of Champions at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
To participate in this event, which was held at the end of April, Yachou had to overcome his fear of flying and making his first flight to the United States. Surprisingly, it won 63 of the best players in WPT history to win the tournament and win the $ 381,600 first prize along with additional prizes such as a 2016 Corvette.
“It’s incredible,” Yachou declared after the victory. “I’m at a table surrounded by champions and finishing in 30th position was an achievement for me. Day by day and hand after hand, everything was getting on my side. ”
These two results are Yachou’s only CV and, since it was his US premiere, he has never been to Las Vegas to play the WSOP. If you decide to do it this summer, it will be interesting to follow it and check if it continues on a roll.

Dzmitry Urbanovich

Dzmitry Urbanovich

Another of the players that will be premiering this year at the WSOP is the Polish Dzmitry Urbanovich, who excelled in the season 11 of the EPT and has not stopped succeeding since then. To put things in perspective, this twenty-year-old (under 21) accumulates more than $ 4.8 million in profits during the three years of his short career.
Urbanovich’s debut at the WSOP is one of the most talked about in recent years due to a crazy parallel bet. The bet is that Urbanovich must win three WSOP bracelets – something that only six players have achieved (George Danzer, Jeff Lisandro, Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Ted Forrest, and Walter “Puggy” Pearson). If he succeeds, he will earn $ 2 million from Vanessa Selbst, with whom he bet $ 10,000 on a 200-to-1 quota during a night of drunkenness.
“The next day, after waking up and calm, I considered that the bet was correct,” Urbanovich told PokerNews. “I intended to make some bets, so I’m happy with this. Surely I could have gotten better odds, but I’m still happy. It’s all based on motivation, and two million dollars are more than enough to motivate me! “

Dominik Nitsche

Image result for Dominik Nitsche

We’ve been hearing from our 888poker ambassador, Dominik Nitsche, for a long time now. His first success in poker dates back to 2009, when he finished in first place in the No Limit Event of the LAPT, for a prize of $ 381,030.
At present, the German superstar already has three WSOP bracelets, a Latin American Poker Tour title, has won the WPT in Johannesburg and is ranked 34th in the Global Poker League.
Nitsche, who is in fourth place in the GPI (Global Poker Index) and ninth in Germany in terms of earnings with more than five and a half million dollars accumulated throughout his career, has revealed his plans of playing the Super High Roller Bowl 2016 , with a buy-in of $ 300,000. In addition, he will participate in the WSOP in search of his fourth bracelet, an achievement that would place him at the same level as Max Pescatori, Jeff Madsen and Tom McEvoy.

Nitsche, who did not win any bracelet in the last edition of the WSOP, managed to enter six times in prizes for a total of $ 241,338, including a second place after Sean Winter in the Bellagio Cup XI that reported $ 479,732, the third highest prize of his career.
“I will play all the No-Limit Hold’em events, plus some of Omaha Pot-Limit,” Nitsche confesses. “Obviously, I’d love to get a fourth bracelet, but I’m aware that it’s very unlikely. However, I will try. ”
Stay informed of Nitsche’s summer adventures through his Twitter account @DominikNitsche.

07 Sep

Dominik Nitsche quotes high in the GPI

Image result for dominik nitscheTwo months ago, few people imagined the great leap that the German professional Dominik Nitsche was going to give during this year. But poker has many surprises reserved and Nitsche was not going to be an exception.

2005 has been a year full of success for the original 24-year-old player from Minden, Germany – a small town in the northeast that stretches both banks of the Weser River. Just two months ago, he signed a sponsorship contract with 888poker and last week entered the Top 10 of the GPI.

” I’m super happy to have finally entered the top ten positions of the GPI, but I think this is just the beginning. I just started playing high roller events and I think that with an agenda as tight as mine is only a matter of time before I start to move up to the top 5 positions. The objective -obviously- is to become the number one and if I get good results in Barcelona and Berlin, I am sure that you will see my name on the top very soon “

The appearance of Dominik in the eighth position of the updated list this week ends the impressive streak (50 weeks in a row in the Top 10) of the Belgian superstar David Kitai. Will the German achieve such impressive results? Only time will tell…

2015 – The road to success

Analyzing its good results ($ 4,976,075 in earnings so far), it would be obvious to think that Dominik Nitsche had already managed to sneak onto the Global Poker Index list. However, the bulk of its profits accumulate during 2015, its best year. With 6 boxes in the WSOP 2015 and a total of 16 throughout the year, could be crowned as the first German to occupy the number one spot.

The WSOP 2015 proved a success for the German. He was about to win his fourth bracelet in Event # 25 where he finished in third place for a prize of $ 220,657. He displayed a very good game, but luck was not on his side:

” Unfortunately, I could not take a breath after that hand. I was short of chips from the moment there were only two tables left. I had to play very tight, but even so I managed to finish in third place and take $ 22,000. A fantastic result and, let’s hope, the beginning of an unforgettable summer. “

And – without a doubt – it has been a fantastic summer for Nitsche and it is not over yet!


At the gates of the Bellagio

The Bellagio Cup is the typical trophy that any poker player wants to achieve. The buy-in of $ 10,400 is not insignificant and many professionals consider it the second tournament in importance after the Main Event of the WSOP.

With 301 participants this year and with figures like the British John Gale and Jack Salter, or the Americans Noah Schwartz, Phil Laak and Joseph Cheong in between, the competition was assured. Dominik was on the verge of taking the first position, but ended up falling to the hands of Sean Winter, a player from Florida.

Nitsche displayed his usual good poker style, but this time it did not work.

Nitsche returns home for the WSOPE Oktoberfest

The WSOP Europe 2015 takes place in Germany and looks like the perfect setting for Dominik. One of the most outstanding events of the series is the € 550 Oktoberfest No Limit Hold’em tournament to be held on October 9th.

Dominik is delighted with the possibility of playing at home and – especially – with this new event. We asked him about his opinion about this tournament, its resemblance to the Colossus and the obvious opportunity to attract fans and professionals alike:

” This is, without a doubt, a special event. I’ll take it like any other low buy-in tournament I play. I will try to enter the maximum number of boats against fans with the aim of starting with a good stack. “

” In low buy-in tournaments it is very important to play from minute one, as players give away their chips with ease. I will try to enter as many hands as I can while the blinds are low since at that moment of the tournament I can afford to lose some hands. “

… and if you are a professional player …

“My main advice is to bet strong when you have a hand. When you play against fans, they do not usually calculate the size of your bet or change their strategy according to it. “

Do the Germans have a chance in Berlin?

If there is something common in all sports is that players tend to play better when they do “at home.” However, given that most German players are exclusively dedicated to playing online, they may not have much advantage in doing so live, according to Nitsche:

” It’s difficult to explain specifically how the Germans play. If I had to get wet, I would say that they are somewhat more inexperienced compared to other players when it comes to live events. However, as we have online poker in Germany, my expectations for a low buy-in tournament are very high in terms of game level. “

… and also gives us advice (what we were all waiting for) …

“I plan to enter the tournament from the first level and bring my own food since there is no rest for dinner. There are several fast food outlets near the casino and at the 20 minute breaks you have time to go buy it and take it to the table. “

There is! The food is basic for a tournament of such a long duration, boys and girls … Do not make the mistake of forgetting to take your tupper to this year’s event.

If you still forget it, you will always have “Curry 36” or the most famous kebab restaurant in Berlin “Murats Gemuese Kebab”. It may not be enough with the 20 minutes of rest, but after all you can say that you have tasted a bit of German culture.

Or does not Oktoberfest deal with that?

04 Sep

888 shows its WSOP 2017 Main Event plans

Image result for World Series of Poker 2017

The Main Event of the World Series of Poker 2017 is just around the corner.
And as an official sponsor of the WSOP we can not be more nervous.
Again we have sent dozens of players to Las Vegas. Not only the Spaniards who have qualified in the promotions we have done in 888poker.es where you could start with a euro cent in a sit and go poker tournament and from there to qualify; players from all over the world have also been classified in 888poker. With the Main Event on the doorstep, we think it’s worth giving you a list of what 888poker is going to offer.

The Team-8 competition

In this year’s Main Event, five teams from five countries will participate in the “Team-8” competition. The United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Canada and Sweden will have teams of three people. The qualifier who arrives the furthest, advised by the Team Captain and his assistants, will win a $ 12,500 package for the WSOP Main Event 2018. Not to mention the pride of being the winner.


These are the teams with their captains, helpers and classifieds:

  • United Kingdom – Chris Moorman (captain), William Kassouf (assistant) and Ky Maciejewski (classified)
  • Canada – Parker “TonkaaaaP” Talbot (captain), Griffin Benger (assistant) and Timothy Cavalin (classified)
  • Sweden – Sofia Lövgren (captain), Martin Jacobson (assistant) and Anton Bertilsson (classified)
  • Brazil – Bruno “Foster” Politano (captain), Denílson (assistant) and Joao Sousa (classified)
  • Germany – Dominik Nitsche (captain), Mario Basler (assistant) and Sebastian Bachman (classified)

Can someone fatten their Main Event?

Image result for What is liquidity in a poker room?Those who have qualified for the Main Event of the WSOP 2017 in 888poker participate in our “SuperSize ME” promotion, which guarantees if they win the Main Event that their prize will be 10,000,000 dollars. Yes, we will complete the difference to ensure that the prize reaches 8 figures, the second largest in the history of the WSOP.

The first biggest prize in the 48-year history of the WSOP was $ 12 million for Jamie Gold in 2006. Only once again did it reach the eight figures, when in 2014 they guaranteed ten million to the winner. To achieve this, the organization had to modify the payment structure. The Swede Martin Jacobson ended up winning the event. The last two winners, Joe McKeehen and Qui Nguyen, took $ 7,683,346 and $ 8,005,310 respectively.
Last year there were two classified 888pokers in the final table. Only time will tell if any of our players can go far and fatten their prize.

Chris Moorman book launch


On Tuesday, July 11, we will celebrate the launch of the new book by Chris Moorman, ambassador of 888poker: ” Moorman: The Inside Story of the Most Successful Online Poker Player of All Time “.


888poker is associated with Poker Pod Radio

Image result for 888 poker

Poker Pod Radio is a poker program that began in 2006 and is presented by Jack McAdoo and Danielle Benham.
The program tells what is happening in poker, interviews players, talks about strategy, informs tournaments and brings some fun to a game that is becoming very serious.
With streaming for 24 hours a day at pokerpodradio.com and podcasts on the program’s Facebook page.
Poker Pod Radio joins 888poker for the WSOP and it’s going to be the bomb!
Jack and Danielle will give information about the 888poker players, tell what happens behind the tables and we will have fun with them.
Be sure to tune it!


Take a spin with David Tuchman at 888ride


He is the voice of the 888Live events, but during the WSOP Main Event 2017, David Tuchman will be the driver. Just like “James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke” and Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, Tuchman will pick up pros and interview him taking them to the Rio, all while playing with them with professional questions and surprising questions.
The 888ride will be recorded and uploaded online, so be aware of what some of the funniest videos in this Main Event can be.

VIP classifieds


We like to give the classifieds a VIP treatment, and this year will not be different. Anyone who has a $ 12,500 package that includes five nights in the luxurious Vdara of Las Vegas, $ 10,000 entry for the Main Event and $ 1,200 for the trip and expenses, will also receive the 888Live poker kit.


Follow the Champions Champion XL Inferno

A player we will pay special attention to during the Main Event is the Argentinian Cristian “progree69” Sampaoli, who at the end of May exceeded 110 rivals in a multi-table poker tournament to win the XL Inferno Champions of 2017 and take a ticket to the WSOP 2017.
Sampaoli qualified for the Champion of Champions by overcoming 543 players and winning the XL Inferno # 178 $ 30,000 Saturday Challenge for $ 5,720. Now you have the opportunity to convert them to $ 10,000,000.

Follow the 888poker Team

We are happy to announce that we will have 888poker staff in Las Vegas. This will allow us to report on how our ambassadors and our classifieds go directly from the tables of the Main Event of the WSOP.


In addition, you can follow what happens with the PokerNews tracking. And for those who subscribe to Poker Go, there are options that you can see a player with an 888poker patch on live broadcasts.

The Main Event of the WSOP 2017 is the most prestigious tournament of the year and at 888poker we want to tell you a lot of stories that take place there.



04 Sep

My two tips for playing tournaments

Image result for poker tips

After a while playing only cash, a little over a year ago I started playing tournaments. Here are two tips that may seem very obvious, but that have helped me to make fewer mistakes in tournaments and that I plan to continue using during the SuperSeries:

After a while playing only cash, a little over a year ago I started playing tournaments. Here are two tips that may seem very obvious, but that have helped me to make fewer mistakes in tournaments and that I plan to continue using during the SuperSeries:

Tip 1: Calculate the duration of the tournament as if you were going to win it. This seems more than obvious, right? Well, for me, at the beginning, it was not so much. I registered in multi-table tournaments without thinking about the possibility of making a final table and reaching heads-up. And for that, hours are needed. Sign up for the tournaments only if you have nothing to do during the next 4-5 hours, lest it happen to you like me and you have to leave it half-way when you’re leading the tournament.

Tip2: If you are very gambler, combine the tournament with cash tables. Why? Well, very simple. It happened to me that after 3 or 4 laps without seeing any good hand, I started to see with good eyes a call in first positions with J9 off or go up in middle with 78 suited I jumped my own range of hands! A good solution is to combine the tournament you play with a cash table or sit and gos in which you can have more action.