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Freezeout or rebuys. Different strategies?

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Freezeout: Tournament in which when you run out of chips you are eliminated.

Rebuys: Tournament where you can buy more chips as long as you have less than the initial amount.


All tournaments at some point become freezeout. It is an indispensable condition for them to finish. So even if you play a tournament with rebuys, find out when it will become freezeout to make the necessary adjustments to your game.

Since the tournament becomes freezeout the main objective will be to enter prizes. You will have to plan your strategy to reach the bubble with enough points to take advantage of it and improve the chances of fulfilling the following objective: enter the final table.

It is known that the important prizes of a tournament are in the final table, so after entering the prize area, you have to look at the last table where the prizes are already important.

This road to the final table starts much earlier, just as the road to the prizes begins at the beginning of the tournament (Read more about how to win a poker tournament )

Since the tournament starts, you have to prepare to be with points in the bubble. During the freezeout phase of the same, you will have to calculate the risks so as not to be eliminated. And the closer you are to the prizes, the more serious it is that they eliminate you. Having been playing a tournament for several hours to be eliminated at the door of the awards is the worst that can happen, so if you see that you can not reach the bubble with points, do not risk, hold on to the table and try to enter prizes to at least charge and once in prizes rethink your strategy.

If you manage to reach the bubble with more points than the rivals you have at the table, take advantage of this advantage and try to steal boats without stopping. You will see how your stack rises like foam with not much risk. The shorter rivals will only be aware that rivals will be eliminated to enter prizes.


In tournaments with rebuys you have the possibility to buy additional chips during the tournament. When a player loses all of his chips, he has the option to buy back more and stay in the tournament. This feature means that you have to vary your strategy during the period in which they are allowed. When your rivals can not be eliminated, you lose one of the most important weapons of the tournaments, the fear that a player loses their chips.

This lack of fear of elimination marks the changes you must make in your strategy:

  • Reduce the frequency of lanterns and semifaroles. The possibility that if the chips are lost can be bought more, it makes the players not so afraid of the bets and pay more easily, so the lanterns will not work so often.
  • Make higher value bets with weaker hands. As the rivals are not afraid of being eliminated, they will pay with worse hands worse bets.
  • Locate the rivals who are playing like crazy. Many rivals want to get as many chips as they can, regardless of the number of rebuys they make. If you locate any of these, try to hold it when you face him. Many times you will play all the chips with pretty bad plays, so you will get to win chips easily.

If you make these changes in your game, you will get more chips when the tournament becomes freezeout, and from there continue to go up in conditions to the bubble.

How many rebuys do?

The necessary ones Playing a tournament with rebuys means being willing to make the necessary rebuys to stay in the tournament.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to play a rebuy tournament in which you do not have the ability to rebuy. You will have a huge disadvantage, since you can not play as loose as your rivals, because losing all your chips would mean elimination while your rivals could buy chips again and continue in the tournament.

You also do not have to play crazy going all in with any hand. Play as you usually do, but take some extra risk since losing the chips does not involve being eliminated from the tournament.


Most rebuy tournaments also give the possibility to make an add-on, buy more chips just when the repurchase period ends. This add-on is so that if a player is left with few chips and can not buy back, do not be left with such a disadvantage over the rivals when the freezeout period begins.

The add-on is a profitable investment in almost all the occasions in which you are playing a tournament with rebuys. Stay tuned so that you do not miss the opportunity to do so, it would be a very important mistake.


If you want to play tournaments with rebuys, adapt to the changes and keep in mind that, on average, you will have to pay three or four times the buy in. Multiply by five the price of the tournament with repurchases that you want to play and check if your bank allows it. At 888poker.es you will find tournaments with and if you rebuy for all the banks.

30 Nov

And if it goes up, what?

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Your rival just happened. You look at your cards and you think you can take one more bet, since the river does not seem to have changed at all. Bets half a pot and, after thinking for a few seconds, the opponent goes allin and has more chips than you.

Suddenly you’re playing the tournament. With how good it would have been if you had passed. You would have seen the result of the hand without suffering, and now you are in a difficult situation. You do not trust your hand very much, but the opponent may be bluffing. The problem is that if you make a mistake, you are eliminated from the tournament.

But the real problem is that before making your bet you have not asked yourself the question that will make your future decisions easier.

And if it goes up, what?

This is the key question you have to ask each time you are making a bet. This movement gives your rivals the opportunity to make a raise. And, the nice situation you were in, with your chips in the middle putting pressure on the opponent, turns and everything turns black. You start to regret having bet. With how calm you would be if you had passed.

This uncomfortable feeling is what will help us not to repeat this error. If you are clear that any opponent can raise your bet and, above all, you know what you are going to do in case it happens; your problems disappear, that feeling does not exist. You have gotten your opponents to lose the power to make you have a hard time.

Every time you make a bet, keep in mind the options that you would have in case the opponent climbed. Think and analyze the situation in which you will find if they respond with a raise.

If you upload me? Great, I have the nuts.

In this case you have never had doubts. You have the best possible hand, or a very strong hand, your only goal is for the opponent to put his chips inside the pot. When you see your bet raise, avoid jumping for joy, and get ready to re-raise.

We all have strange thoughts in our heads, it is the “nice game syndrome”, instead of making the most obvious thing, which is usually what will benefit us the most, we look for creative solutions.

If you think about limiting yourself to paying to make the rival think that your hand is mediocre, you can not forget the main problem that may arise. If you pay when you do not have a position, when the next card comes out, it is normal for you to pass, thus risking the opponent also passing and losing a betting round. This problem does not exist if you have a position, since when the opponent passes, you bet and do not lose an opportunity to enlarge the pot.

Another problem that can appear when you do slowplay is the appearance of a “scary card”. An ace, a card that completes a ladder or a color can make the action of the hand finish, causing you to take a small one instead of taking a giant pot.

I have seen many players take a small boat when they had to take a very large one, even it has happened to me on some occasion when I played slowplay without the proper circumstances.

If I have I do not have anything?

Here, as in the previous case, there are no complications. You throw yourself and wait for the next hand. You have thrown a bluff to try to take the pot but you have caught your opponent with a decent hand, so you give your hand and prepare for the next hand that you will share.

You do not need to flash. You do not have to think if the opponent may be bluffing. You do not need to do anything other than throw away the cards or hit the retreat button.

It is not bad to throw yourself. In order to have a balanced strategy, you have to bluff with some hands, and when you get caught, you throw yourself with peace of mind. If you never fold when they raise you, it means you never bet with a bad hand, so you’re never going to take a big pot when you have a powerful hand because the rivals will not give you action when you see that you only bet with good hands.

This is why you have to bet with bad hands, if you get up you throw and if they pay you, you pose the situation with the next card or if it is on the river, you present your bluff and the opponent takes the chips.

These two cases, both having the best hand and not having anything, are the ones that are not going to present difficulties because they do tend to be prepared. You know if you’re going to shoot before a raise or you’re going to keep attacking.

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What if I have a middle hand or a project?

Have you bet with a project trying to take the pot, but the opponent has answered you with a raise that puts you in a complicated situation?

Do you have a middle hand and have you bet waiting for you to pay with a worse hand and, instead, have you received a raise?

These are the cases in which you get into trouble if you have not prepared what you are going to do.

When you see that the opponent answers you with a raise that you did not have planned, the tears appear. And these tears are what make it not easy to make the best decision. The feeling that leaves you the unpleasant surprise of seeing something that you did not expect and that you do not like is not going to put you in the best position to analyze the hand.

The natural response to these situations is to avoid them. So as not to put yourself in an unpleasant situation, you stop betting with the middle hands or with the projects, or, worse, you make exorbitant bets, losing all the value that the hand can have.

How many times have you seen someone go all-in with a project or an average hand?

I give you an example that you have seen many times. Start a sit & go or a tournament and a player goes directly all-in when it is your turn. It has about 100 blinds and everything is played. You’re a little surprised by the bet. But after any of the other players at the table pay, you see that he presents A ♦ J ♦ . The fear of not knowing what to do if they raise him led him to make the decision to avoid that raise by going directly all-in. The amount of chips he loses when making that decision for not playing the hand rationally, compensates him as long as he does not go through the bad experience of having a rival raise him and go blank.

This automatic response is the cause of many players wasting situations in which they can win many chips. As they will go all-in to avoid the rise of the opponent, at other times they prefer to pass and avoid facing the opponent. They just wait for the opponent to pass and, probably, to pay if the opponent bets.

This is a game in which you have to risk to win chips. If you avoid all risk situations, you will never be a winner.

But this does not mean that you bet like crazy in all situations. You have to have a cool head, analyze the situation and when you know what you’re going to do when the opponent comes up, decide whether you should bet or not. There will be times in which you pass, others that you throw away and others that raise the bet of your opponent, but always knowing what to do if it re-rises.

These basic strategies that we present at 888poker.es are essential to create the base that your game needs to improve. Keep going through this poker blog if you want to keep improving your poker.

30 Nov

Making decisions in the sport based on data analysis

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Sports used to be simple. In baseball, the players went out to the field and hit the ball while in soccer the strategy was X and O on a blackboard. Even poker, a game reduced to 52 cards, was just a person and his cards. But things have changed.

The rise of computers has brought a new era to sports and the world of information and data analysis has changed the way it is played.

Here are three examples of these changes:

Billy Bean and the rise of Sabermetrics

If you have seen the movie Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, then you will have met Billy Beane. According to IMDB, this is the synopsis:

“The success of Oakland A’s CEO Billy Beane in forming a baseball team on a limited budget using computer analysis to sign his players.”

It does not seem very exciting. How do you make a movie interesting about data analysis? But it was a critical and public success.

Beane is an ex-player and manager who succeeded as a player but managing the team has changed the sport using statistical analysis. He used what is known as Sabermetrics, the empirical analysis of the game by measuring statistics during the game.

This includes the analysis of batting, throws and field plays, which reuses statistics such as Value Over the Average Player (VORP), Wins Above Replacement (WAR), and Average of Batting on the Balls in Game (Batting Average On Balls In Play, BABIP).

There is a lot of advanced math and calculus, so if it seems complicated, see the movie we’ve told you or read the book it’s based on, to see how baseball has changed.

As Beane said: “Adapt or die.”

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Poker is not just an individual game

In 2008, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) began with the concept of “November Nine”. The game was stopped when the WSOP Main Event reached the final table of nine players, giving the players a hiatus of almost four months. This was done to increase the excitement among fans and the media, but it opened the door for players to change their game.

With a first prize of more than eight million dollars, the players needed to take advantage of any advantage they had. They often hired a coach to improve their game, iron out mistakes and study rivals. With hundreds of poker books, online training sites and tools like the odds calculator at your disposal, there was no time to relax.

It also meant forming a team that will help at the final table. Despite being an individual game, poker changed and players asked for help from their friends. As the November Nine was broadcast live with a delay of fifteen to thirty minutes, the players could ask their friends to watch the broadcast and in the breaks to tell them what was happening at the table and the cards of the rivals.

With so much information in their hands, the VPIP% (percentage of hands in which the player voluntarily puts chips into the pot), PFR% (percentage of times the player raises before the flop) and WTSD% (percentage of times that a player arrives at the showdown after seeing the flop) are just three of the many statistics that have appeared in poker. They only make sense for those players who use the power of data to make their decisions.

NFL teams start hiring analysts

In early 2016, the Cleveland Browns hired expert analyst Paul DePodesta, If you’ve seen Moneyball, you’ll be interested to know that Peter Brand, the character played by Jonah Hill, is based on DePodesta.

He was hired, according to Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, to have a fundamental vision in the board. This is because the team, which had been among the worst in the NFl for years, was trying to apply data analysis.

“My idea is to contribute my experience and perspective to collaborate with the team, with the intention of helping us to make more informed and adequate decisions”, said DePodesta.

It was a fairly unorthodox movement for a football team, but it is clear that they hope that the data analysis can help change the game as much as it did with baseball, especially helping in the development of players and the science of sports.

Unfortunately for the Browns, the results were not immediate and they finished last with 1 win and 15 losses in 2016, this gives them the opportunity to choose the first in the 2017 draft. We will have to wait to see their DePodesta and his team become worth, but what is certain is that they will use data analysis to make their decisions.

30 Nov

Gran Domingo Anniversary Tournament with € 200,000 guaranteed

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This weekend I was playing online poker in the Gran Casino de Aranjuez. Among the different topics of conversation I had with the players, the Anniversary Tournament stood out.

There were doubts that stalked the players. See that the Great Sunday had € 200,000 guaranteed when it was usually € 20,000 what was distributed as a minimum had in the hands of the players. They could not believe that everything was good news. They believed that there was a cat locked somewhere.

They were surprised that the buy-in was still € 100. “But, are you sure that they will be only € 100?” I answered yes, that last year we already gave € 100,000, 1,500 players participated and we distributed € 157,600; so this year we put a major challenge, € 200,000 guaranteed and see if we reached the 3,000 participants.

“You’re crazy!”
“You’re not going to arrive.”
“But if we do not arrive, it’s good for the players” – he answered them. “If you do not reach the guaranteed is better for you because 888poker.es puts the amount that is not collected and if the guaranteed is exceeded the prizes will be giant”.
“Yes. But in the end it’s all for those who have more to spend, because if I can not afford a tournament of € 100, I do not care that they give € 20,000 or € 200,000. ”
“Take a look at the 888poker.es Anniversary Tournament page and you will see that you can qualify for free or for very little money.”

From always, 888poker.es has been dedicated to the amateur player, to those who like Fernando Pons, play for pleasure; those who have a job and have a hobby that is poker. That is why we care about players who do not want to play a lot of money; that’s why we have the best satellites.

But the best satellites vary according to the type of player and, therefore, we have prepared a calendar for all pockets.

The bulging pockets do not have to worry, they pay the € 100 entrance, and on November 6 at 20:35 they start playing.

The medium pockets have satellites of € 18, which are the simplest to classify.

In the case of the shortest pockets, there are satellites of € 1, several per day and that you qualify to € 18. So for only € 1 you have a fairly simple way to get to play the best tournament of the year.

And finally, for empty pockets, there are freerolls with tickets to both the Anniversary Tournament and the different satellites of € 1 and € 18. And no, it’s not a weekly freeroll that happens to match the day you’ve been with your friends and you have to choose. You have 15 freerolls a week.

Each day two freerolls with € 500 in tickets, a direct ticket to the Anniversary Tournament, 15 tickets to the € 18 satellites and 134 tickets to the € 1 tickets.

And on Sundays, in addition, a € 1,000 freeroll in prizes with 7 tickets to the Anniversary Tournament, 14 tickets to the satellites of € 18 and 49 tickets to the € 1 tickets.

In short, if you do not classify, it’s because you do not want to. With all the satellites there is impossible not to play on November 6 at 8:35 pm the 888poker.es Anniversary Tournament with € 200,000 guaranteed.

“And we go to the table that is going to finish the break and I eat the blinds. We are in a bubble and I am short, short. Let’s see if there is luck and I enter prizes “.

In the end, I was in 17th place, although I was about to be a bubble as it happened to me three years ago.

30 Nov

Experience in a satellite tournament

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Hello, my username is albertomais and I am going to tell you my experience about the classification in the main tournament of the SuperSeries 2014

As almost every month I decided to enter a sum of money to play poker, in this case were 40 euros, but this month had a special purpose while ambitious and is that they were going to celebrate as you know the superseries in 888poker … The only objective with which I enter this time was to qualify for the main event of the superseries at all costs and that’s how it was finally. After having played a few low steps successfully I qualified for the step 6 last step to get the classification, this first attempt turned out to be a failure but good to try it alone had cost me 1 or 3 euros I do not remember well. While I was playing steps also alternated with cheap sit and go and some regular tournament in which I was quite successful, luck was with me hand in hand and managed to get together with 195 euros the same night of my failure in step 6 what It made me forget this failure. It was already the next day and I started to play a step 5 that cost 12 euros. I was third there was no luck, but I was about to close a sit and go step 6 of 55 euros, the night before I went well and decided to pay the entrance and go for all and here I went where I finally got the ticket to the main event I will tell you the 3 main hands with which I won the tournament. During the tournament there was a player raised (inexplicable thing in a tournament with so much at stake) which made everything much easier for everyone.

The first one I managed to double up with was a KQ diamond suite against an aq off. the player resubió to 165 chips rise considerable I wanted to see my cards even and all retired the flop could not be better fell not one if not two kings had trio of kings on the flop the opponent bluffing me putting almost 400 chips that I will gladly match came the turn and I put the box and pay my hand to take what made me leader and from there were a little easier things

The next was when we already had 3 players, was leader of the tournament until a player who was almost out of it got triple and almost equal to my ATM, we had 3000 and peak each and the other about 2500, which is removed from this hand : I receive ak suites in picas the tapeworm jj spoke before me and I raised to almost 800 in preeflop with blind 100/200 to what I answered with the box, the equal was a delicate moment one of the two went to the street palming 55 euros he was winning until the river spit the ace and I took the boat

We only had two and one charged the other one won the ticket, I was a leader as in the previous hand I decided to play it with an aj off with box in pre-flop the opponent paid me what were left with kq off he gave him doubles and my ladder on the river and finally win for my joy that longed for ticket. a greeting

27 Oct

How to Handle a Late Student Loan Payment

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The timeline of how a missed student loan payment works will vary from lender to lender.

If you’re dealing with a private student loan, the terms of your loan may spell out exactly how late payments are handled. Government-backed loans may as well, but check with your loan servicer to be certain.

Either way, as soon as you have missed a payment, your student loan status changes from current to “delinquent.” You will not be changed back to “current” until you take action. This means making that payment or requesting a deferment or forbearance on your student loan.

According to a report by Credit.com, roughly 7 percent of federal student loans are currently delinquent. In fact, 70 percent of those late student loans are 90 or more days past due.

If you are among that 7 percent who have missed a payment, you must act fast; there are major consequences that happen when you do not pay on time. They include:

Late fees from a missed payment

During the first month of a missed payment, you may be charged a late fee penalty. When this occurs and how much of a hit you’ll take depends on the loan servicer.

For example, a $400 student loan payment may be charged a 5 percent late fee after 30 days, which means you could owe up to $20 extra. And late fees continue to add up as long as your account is delinquent.

Late student loan payment and your credit score

At the one month mark of missing a student loan payment, your servicer may now start to report your student loan as delinquent to the major credit bureaus.

Federal student loans report to all three after 90 days while other servicers might report to only one after 45 days. For every 30 days your payment is late, your delinquency will continue to be reported — which only makes the situation worsen as time goes by.

A late student loan payment reported on your record will reduce your credit score and may affect your ability to take out new credit (such as get a new credit card or car loan). If you have credit card debt, you may also see your interest rates rise.

In other words, that one missed student loan can now affect the rest of your debts.

After 270 days of missing a student loan payment, your loan goes from “delinquent” to “default.” Defaulting on a student loan is a huge deal.

Unlike delinquency, which still leaves you with a few options, defaulting means that your student loans are due in full and with any accrued interest or fines and penalties (such as fees charged by collection agencies).

Additionally, the government can begin garnishing your wages by up to 15 percent or even take your tax return in order to cover the costs of your missed student loan payment. And, believe it or not, your servicer could actually sue you.

Delinquency and default can be incredibly damaging for a cosigner as well. Once you are delinquent on a cosigned student loan, your cosigner’s credit will be severely impacted and collections may come after them or their property to recoup the loss.

Steps to take if you miss a student loan payment

No matter how late you are, your first step must be to reach out. Call your student loan servicer and admit to your mistake. It can be scary to make the first move, but taking responsibility for your inaction can actually help you redeem yourself.

If you have a late student loan payment because of a financial hardship (such as a medical emergency or job loss) your servicer may actually be able to help. They can assist you in applying for deferment or forbearance, which can postpone or reduce your payments based on your situation.

If neither program is right for you, or you just want to get your student loan payment back to current, your service representative can walk you through the steps (including the fees) you will need to make.

Avoiding a late student loan payment in the future

Late student loan payments happen. Whether it’s because you were unable to pay this month or you simply forgot, it’s time to set up strategies that can help you avoid all the hassle in the future.

Your best course of action is to set up automatic student loan payments. Lenders love when you sign up for automatic payments — so much that they may offer a reduction of your monthly interest rate for signing up.

And if your credit took a hit because of a late payment, having a consistent and automatic payment can help your score bounce back more quickly.

If automatic student loan payments aren’t an option, consider changing the due date of your student loan to a date that lines up with your paycheck. Many student loan providers will give you this option.

Another strategy is to simply organize your finances in a way that will help you better remember due dates. If you are not great at keeping track of paper mail, sign up for estatements or email notifications of your loan’s due dates. If you rely on your phone to keep your dates straight, set up calendar alerts (or even an alarm) that will consistently remind you that your payment is due.

23 Oct

Sports Betting for the final table of the World Series of Poker

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In some events, sports betting and poker go hand in hand. This is the case of the final table of the Main Event of the WSOP . Nine players will fight for the bracelet you can bet on the winner.

After twelve days of competition last July, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) stopped when its last 9 survivors were defined. The game will resume next November and those 9 players will fight for 10 million dollars and also for the title of world champion. To reach that final table, participants have had to pay $ 10,000 registration in the tournament and play for more than 80 hours in the Room of the Hotel & Casino Rio de Las Vegas. Now, thanks to online sports betting houses (such as 888sport.es), any gamer can bet on who will be the winner and take a lot of money for his good eye.

Recall that of the 9 survivors, we have a Spanish player. This is Andoni Larrabe Bilbao, who will face the final table from the fourth provisional position in chips. It also seems that betting houses give him the fourth position in favoritism to win the champion bracelet. Here you have the list of the nine finalists, their chips with which they will start playing and the odds offered by their win online betting rooms like 888sport.es

Jorryt van Hoof 38,375,000 2,5
Felix Stephensen 32,775,000 3,5
Mark Newhouse 26,000,000 4
Andoni Larrabe 22,550,000 7
Dan Sindelar 21,200,000 5.5
William Pappaconstantinou 17.5
William Tonking 15,050,000 12
Martin Jacobson 14.9 million 7,5
Bruno Politano 12,125,000 15

13 Oct

888poker ambassador Chris Moorman wins his first WSOP bracelet

On Friday night the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was partying while 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman, the best online tournament player in history, was wearing his first WSOP bracelet.


It could not come at a better time than when 888poker sponsors the WSOP for the third year in a row. The 31-year-old, who had finished second in several events in 2011, topped 959 players in event 27, $ 3,000 No Limit Hold’em 6max, to win $ 498,682.

The victory has taken Moorman’s winnings to more than five million dollars, which has placed him eighth on the list of England’s biggest winners. This without taking into account the more than fourteen million won online.

“It’s amazing,” said Moorman. “Every time you win a live tournament, it really looks like. Most of my successes have been online, when I lived in the UK and played all night. The same thing won a tournament and it was five or six in the morning, and there I was alone, maybe talking to my friends on Skype, and the money appeared in your account. You do not see the physical money, you do not have anyone to celebrate it. I do not know, it’s an incredible feeling when you win live. “

Cheering Moorman were several of his friends and poker professionals such as Niall Farrell, Maria Ho and Marvin Rettenmaier, among others.

Moorman overcomes a tough final table

Image result for chris moorman

Winning a bracelet is not a simple mission, and Moorman had to overcome a tough final table that included Steve Sung and Michael “Gags” Gagliano, both winners of WSOP bracelets. They finished fourth and third, respectively, which left a final hand between Moorman and the Brazilian Bernardo Da Silveira Dias, who played the first WSOP final table of his life. However, when asked, Moorman acknowledged that the time when everything changed was much earlier.

“The ace-king against Steve Sung’s jacks,” Moorman acknowledged when asked about the key moment. “It came out on the river. If I lose that hand I’m out. I had the luck to win there. “

The hand he referred to was the second of the final table with the blinds at 25,000 / 50,000 (5,000). Sung opened to 115,000 from the cutoff with J ♥ J ♠ and Moorman put a third on the button to 325,000 with A ♥ K ♠. The blinds were thrown and Sung made the fourth to a million.

Moorman responded with a fifth all-in bet and he had a giant flip ahead. Moorman did not get anything on the flop 5 ♣ 2 ♠ 3 ♠ or on the turn 5 ♠, but one of his outs appeared with A ♦ on the river. Moorman would end Sung twenty-six hands later with a pair of ladies who held against ace-seven suited.

Moorman came to the final hand with a big chip lead, but it took almost a hundred hands to finish with Dias. In what would be the last hand of the tournament, the 132 of the final table, Dias went all-in with K ♣ 10 ♠ and Moorman called with A ♦ K ♥ . At the table they went 5 ♦ 8 ♣ 8 ♠ Q ♠ 9 ♣ and Moorman’s fans went crazy.

Moorman continues to improve his online curriculum

 Moorman continues to improve his online curriculum

This victory marks the entrance in prizes number 21 in the WSOP during the race of Moorman and its fifth final table. His best results were second in the main event of the WSOP Europe for € 800,000. Also his second place in the 10,000 $ 6max event of the 2011 WSOP by 716,282, clearly handled in the tables of six.

Another great triumph of Moorman was to impose 534 players to take the WPT in the LA Poker Classic of 2014 with a prize of $ 1,015,460.

“The series has just started, there are still many events,” Moorman tells PokerNews. “I’ve already made three boxes, including this one, and I feel good and confident, I hope it makes another final table, and if not, some other British he will do and I can be encouraging him in the stands, and I would feel just as happy “.

To continue the search for your second bracelet at the WSOP 2017, follow him on Twitter. If you know English, you can read his new book: Moorman: The Story of the Most Successful Online Poker Player of All Time, available next month online and at the WSOP.

Results of the final table

 Results of the final table

  1. Chris Moorman (Benfleet, United Kingdom) 498., 682 $
  2. Bernardo Da Silveira Dias (Brazil) $ 308,166
  3. Michael Gagliano (Rockaway, NJ) $ 210,139
  4. Steve Sung (Torrance, CA) $ 145,634
  5. John Gorsuch (Woodbridge, VA) $ 102,605
  6. Max Silver (London, United Kingdom) $ 73,510
  7. Morten Mortensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) $ 53,569


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Molly’s Game: the 2018 poker movie

Image result for mollys game In such complicated moments to find interesting scripts for his films, Hollywood bet hard on poker once again. In fact, this 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the poker movie of every self-respecting poker player, “Rounders” (1998), which was a great boom for the poker industry, both live and in the beginnings of online poker Spectators in general and poker fans in particular will be able to enjoy this work by Aaron Sorkin (1961), screenwriter and director of Molly’s Game, whose recent best-known works for the general public had been “The social network” (2010), based on in the beginnings of Mark Zuckerberg in the creation of Facebook, or “Steve Jobs” (2015), biographical film of the co-founder of Apple.  

Poker and high stakes high stakes

Image result for Poker and high stakes high stakesIn Molly’s Game, as in the other two films mentioned above, we also want to elevate hero, in this case heroine, to her protagonist Molly Bloom, character that extraordinarily represents Jessica Chastain, and who is sounding like a strong candidate to take away the Oscar for the best actress. The story of Molly Bloom, a former professional skier, filled covers in the international and especially American tabloid press as a result of an autobiographical book calling herself “the poker princess”, and describing how she became the epicenter in the organization of high stakes poker games, which went from Wall Street magnates, billionaire businessmen, to Hollywood stars like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Molly Bloom keeps intact her ambition and competitiveness that she acquired from her athlete’s time at the orders of her demanding father and coach, role played by Kevin Costner, but this time replaces the white snow with the green of a poker table mat. Despite not fighting on the tables against other players, from the barrier Molly boasts of good qualities that every poker player should have, insight, astuteness, knowledge of his opponents and a good selection of table. 

The most cinematic face of poker

Molly’s Game will not ignore any of the classic stereotypes that accompany every poker movie like big debts, luxury, drugs, scams, company girls and even the mafia. Exclusive games with a buy-in of $ 250,000 and blinds of $ 500-1000 out of reach of most legal poker rooms are the perfect hook to hunt the biggest fish and leaving out the shark so that they do not end with the game . This poker movie is not difficult to understand for the less advanced public in poker and does not use a lot of complex terminology . Only basic terms such as “full house”, “flop”, “tilt”, etc. are discussed. Molly’s Game also teaches us the importance of bankroll management and knowing how to handle bad times. We are not going to reveal to you some of the hands that are played in the movie but surely many of you will have identified with them once. 

Other poker movies

We have already mentioned “Rounders” (1998) but we want to take advantage of this new movie with poker as the main theme to list some other poker movies that we will never forget: – The Cincinnati Kid (1965), also known in Spain as “The King of the Game”, starring Steve Mc Queen. Although they play a somewhat out-of-date poker mode today like 5 Card Stud, the film is fast-paced and is the typical poker duel between the old school and the new generation. – Maverick (1994), Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) is a cheat and impostor both at the poker tables and in everyday life. His only goal is to raise the $ 3,000 needed to take part in a poker tournament that will take place on a Louisiana riverboat. – Rounders (1998), Mike (Matt Damon) is a potential lawyer but his real dream is to become a professional poker player. “Worm” (Edward Norton) perfectly reproduces the profile of live player who does not tremble at the time of introducing all kinds of traps and tricks on the table. And of course, could not miss a capo of the Russian mafia, Teddy KGB, character starring John Malkovich. – High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003), a biopic that is considered by many to be the best poker player in history . Winner of three bracelets of the Main Event of the WSOP , the most prestigious poker tournament in the world, the 1980s, 1981 and 1997, but who lived a life full of chiaroscuros due to his problems with drugs. – Casino Royale (2006), Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) is obliged to earn the maximum possible money in the mats of a Casino in Montenegro to avoid financing international terrorism in this way. An unlikely hand is famous in which a giant pot is accumulated on the casino table and several players have linked a seemingly winning play. – Lucky You (2007), Eric Bana represents the figure of the classic gambler, able to pawn all his belongings in order to play that important poker tournament. In this case, it is nothing more and nothing less than the Las Vegas World Series of Poker (WSOP), of which 888 Poker is the main sponsor.

07 Oct

Women in poker | Have they equaled men?

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“F ** k ….”

This is – along with its translation in Spanish – the word that is most heard at poker tables when a fish links his project on the river or when they catch you a bluff.

But surely it was during the 2007 WSOPE in London, when this word was pronounced with a much more significant burden.

At the Empire Casino in Leicester Square, an unknown Norwegian online player was playing the biggest poker tournament in Europe, with all her expectations deposited in the million pounds prize for the winner. On his way, the young Welshman John Tabatai.

The most remarkable of all was not Annette’s 18-year-old “Annette_15” Obrestad, but the fact that whoever was about to take the prize was a woman.

With both players all-in, the young Norwegian – who had imposed on the best poker players during the week of the tournament – showed her 7h 7s that gave her a set on a 7c 6c 5h board.
Tabatabai showed his 5s 6d at the same time he uttered, almost like a lament, the four-letter word …
The hand ended in victory for Obrestad, who sat slowly in his chair, enjoying the historic moment. For the first time in a week, a tear slid down his cheek: poker had changed forever.

The Boom of Women in Poker

Aside from the phenomenal success of Obrestad, there were clear indications that two things were happening.

First, that there were more and more young players participating in the tournaments and getting good results, and second that more and more women were seen at the tables.
Obrestad had spent years practicing online (hence his alias “Annette_15”), accumulating hands and experience.

Indeed, the women were already standing out in the game when Obrestad became the youngest winner in the history of a Main Event. The best players in the United States were on television, playing high stakes and winning bracelets.

But his victory marked a before and an after: more and more women were seen, they were getting younger and they all shared the fact of having accumulated a great experience playing online.

So what factors influenced when attracting more women to the tables? And will this be an upward trend? Let’s explore some of the reasons why we can expect new female successes in poker:

  • Most accessible poker games in pubs and clubs
  • More women getting remarkable titles and awards
  • Increase in television advertising on poker
  • Appearance of professional poker women in television.

A game of “Men”?

A game of "Men"?

A long time ago (and not too much …), poker was a preserve reserved exclusively for men, a male game. The women were not very well received, except for a couple of exceptions that frequented the WSOP like Barbara Enright and Terry King.

However, the poker boom of the early 2000s made the game fashionable. Poker became much more accessible thanks to the internet, it was no longer necessary to go to casinos to play, and bets were adapted to all kinds of pockets.

Players like Annett_15 and the ex-component of 888poker, Xuan Liu used their laptops from the institute to fill the deadlines. They argued hands and improved their game without having to sit at a table full of men.

Meanwhile, American names such as Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Rousso and Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly appeared on television shows such as High Stakes Poker. For some of them, like Rousso and Annie Duke, poker meant their catapult to the most popular reality shows.

Duke appeared in the American version of “The Apprentice”, while Rousso would in Big Brother VIP. And her successes at the tables have helped convince the rest of the women that poker is not just a game of men.

The Legal Changes in the United Kingdom

Poker has become a socially accepted activity.
The generation of Millennials have grown up in a time when online gaming is the norm and not an exception. The Black Friday of the United States happened four years ago, and licensed operators have appeared in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

When it comes to live poker, everything is going smoothly as shown by the more than 22,000 participants of the Colossus tournament held in the last WSOP.
The Gambling Act 2005, which regulates gambling in Great Britain, has allowed the organization of low budget games in the country’s pubs. Now, it is totally legal to participate in 5-pound tournaments in your street pub. These changes occurred 10 years ago, and have significantly influenced the most recreational poker offer.

“Without a doubt, poker is a social activity for both men and women,” says Richard Couch of Redtooth Poker.
“Our games are held one night per week, are cheap (with a five-pound entry), and offer the player the opportunity to qualify for tournaments with more attractive prizes. In short, they are not aggressive, but a fun way to spend time playing poker. ”
The recent changes in the British legislation, have turned the game into a socially more accepted activity, in which more and more women participate. Now you can play poker in British pubs, as long as the prize pool does not exceed one hundred pounds, while increasing the number of customers in the casinos.

According to the figures reflected in the reports of the Gambling Commission, more and more women are attracted to the game. This is especially relevant in the online game, in which female participation has increased from 7.8% in 2008 to 12.8% in 2014.
The social game is also booming, with social poker games on Facebook increasing its activity by 22% in 2013 compared to the previous year. The success of the online game is due, in large part, to the relaxation of the rules of televised advertising of casinos and online betting rooms. It is so common to see advertisements or programs of poker rooms at rush hour in the UK, such as food, cars or beauty products.

New players are not sought only in online bingo and casino rooms. Online poker ads are also attracting a new generation of players to theaters.
A clear example of the symbiosis is that of the British player Anna “DuckRatMe” Duxbury. Anna started playing online poker at twenty years old, when she became pregnant with her second child. Attracted by social games such as Zynga Poker and television programs, she switched to online tables and started a path from which she never deviated again.

Visibility in the WSOP, the key

Visibility in the WSOP, the key

We have already seen that fans play in pubs as well as in their laptops, but what about professional players? Has the increase in women in the game also reached professionalism?
At the final table of the 2012 WSOP Main Event, we almost managed to see two women. Gaelle Baumann, a French cash player, and Norwegian waitress Elisabeth Hille were on the verge of joining the November Nine.

For the first time in 12 years, two women had reached the top 20 positions in a WSOP Main Event. Baumann would be eliminated in tenth place, being the bubble, while Hille fell in 11th place. Both players got sponsorship agreements for the Main Event of the following year.
Even if only one of them had reached the final table – with all the media coverage and appearance on the ESPN network – it would undoubtedly have had a direct impact on women’s participation the following year. Above all, if we take into account that both were photogenic enough to guarantee the marketing investment of a room.


Female participation, still low

But let’s not be fooled by the figures for that year. What happened in 2012 could be a misinterpretation of reality, in which the participation of women in the Main Events of the WSOP decreases slightly year after year. In 2014, among the 6,638 participants, only 3.9% of them were women.

That was the year of the presentation of the Colossus tournament – an event with an entry price of $ 565 that attracted more than 22,000 participants. Despite the recreational tone of the event, there was only 6% (about 1,500) of female participation.
888poker professional Jess Dawley says that, despite the situation, “it is still common to find intimidation and sexist comments on the tables by men.”

However, outside the Main Event, the numbers of bracelets and prizes won by women are increasing.
Our second infographic shows that the best players each year pocket more, while the number of players that enter prize positions increases. At the same time, the average age of the winning WSOP players decreases, from 48 years of 2006 to 38 of 2015.

Similarly, in tournaments other than the WSOP such as the EPT, Victoria Coren-Mitchell has become the first person in history to win two EPT titles, while stars like Liv Boeree also hold EPT titles to their name.

Is there still room for events reserved exclusively for women?

Are the so-called “Ladies Events” the solution? Tournaments in which only women can register and, thus, play in a more relaxed environment.
The Ladies Championships have been organized since the first edition of the WSOP in 1977, in which the tournament was presented $ 100 Ladies Seven Card Stud – and every year increases the number of amateur players who register.

At the same time, the Ladies Championships have even reached television, with special mention of the 888.com Women’s Poker Open program – which is still on the air. It is the biggest poker event exclusively for a female audience.
Lizzy Harrison directed the 888poker content team at the WSOPE 2015. For her, there is no reason why the number of female participants in major tournaments is ever greater.
“The number of women participating has grown year after year,” she says. “Using them for promotional purposes is a good idea to attract even more women, and makes other women decide to participate in a game for both genders.”

Harrison adds a touch of attention to the marketing departments, “I think women are too sexualized, and it would be wise to lower the tone to make poker a more accessible game. The ads that present women as mere objects are aimed at men, not at women. ”
The American professional player, Maria Ho, has no problem with the fact that men dominate poker, but she believes that there is still much to be done to encourage all those women who feel some kind of interest to participate.

“I think the game of poker and some of the skills it requires are not intrinsically feminine, or something that necessarily has to attract a broad spectrum of women, and – for me – that’s fine,” he says. “I do not think poker needs to” attract “more women if they do not feel interested in the game. However, for all those girls who feel the desire to play, I think it should start by making them feel comfortable and welcome in such a masculine field.

“In my experience, the way women are treated at the tables is still very archaic. However, I believe that it is becoming a normal norm in poker circuits, and that they are climbing positions, winning bracelets, breaking records and obtaining greater success in recent years.
“Poker marketing is clearly oriented to men simply because, from a strictly commercial point of view, they make up 90% of the business. Which company would stop focusing on its target audience? I do not think it’s a negative thing, but I’m sure that the numbers of players would increase significantly if in this sector new formulas were found to make poker a more attractive game for women. “

The Girls arrive!

Poker has come a long way since the first players converted the rooms into a preserve reserved for men. Although the game is undoubtedly dominated by men, it is also true that it is now much easier for women, and there is even a website specialized exclusively for women in poker.

The main online poker rooms are hiring players as spokespersons and ambassadors. The 888poker female trio consists of Sofia Lovgren, Kara Scott and Jackie Glazier. Kara Scott – one of the most respected personalities in the industry – has always been a staunch defender of the players, as are Sofia and Jackie.

With more and more women representing brands, greater opportunities are open to players / presenters such as Tatjana Pasalic. She recently served as hostess at the 888Live Austria event.

In an interview between the tables and the cameras, the Team888 player told us how some players underestimate their abilities by the simple fact of being a woman:
“It’s a sad reality that many men still believe that they have an advantage over the players simply because they are boys.

“In general, and as far as poker is concerned, men underestimate girls, and if you’re smart enough to overcome prejudices, you can use it in your favor!”
Despite this archaic attitude of some players, low-budget social games available in pubs, as well as amateur tournaments, are attracting more women to the game. Meanwhile, online poker offers a secure platform free of harassment, allowing you to play at home.

Will we see new victories, awards and bracelets won by women in the next editions of the WSOP? Do not bet against.