12 Oct

Molly’s Game: the 2018 poker movie

Image result for mollys game In such complicated moments to find interesting scripts for his films, Hollywood bet hard on poker once again. In fact, this 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the poker movie of every self-respecting poker player, “Rounders” (1998), which was a great boom for the poker industry, both live and in the beginnings of online poker Spectators in general and poker fans in particular will be able to enjoy this work by Aaron Sorkin (1961), screenwriter and director of Molly’s Game, whose recent best-known works for the general public had been “The social network” (2010), based on in the beginnings of Mark Zuckerberg in the creation of Facebook, or “Steve Jobs” (2015), biographical film of the co-founder of Apple.  

Poker and high stakes high stakes

Image result for Poker and high stakes high stakesIn Molly’s Game, as in the other two films mentioned above, we also want to elevate hero, in this case heroine, to her protagonist Molly Bloom, character that extraordinarily represents Jessica Chastain, and who is sounding like a strong candidate to take away the Oscar for the best actress. The story of Molly Bloom, a former professional skier, filled covers in the international and especially American tabloid press as a result of an autobiographical book calling herself “the poker princess”, and describing how she became the epicenter in the organization of high stakes poker games, which went from Wall Street magnates, billionaire businessmen, to Hollywood stars like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Molly Bloom keeps intact her ambition and competitiveness that she acquired from her athlete’s time at the orders of her demanding father and coach, role played by Kevin Costner, but this time replaces the white snow with the green of a poker table mat. Despite not fighting on the tables against other players, from the barrier Molly boasts of good qualities that every poker player should have, insight, astuteness, knowledge of his opponents and a good selection of table. 

The most cinematic face of poker

Molly’s Game will not ignore any of the classic stereotypes that accompany every poker movie like big debts, luxury, drugs, scams, company girls and even the mafia. Exclusive games with a buy-in of $ 250,000 and blinds of $ 500-1000 out of reach of most legal poker rooms are the perfect hook to hunt the biggest fish and leaving out the shark so that they do not end with the game . This poker movie is not difficult to understand for the less advanced public in poker and does not use a lot of complex terminology . Only basic terms such as “full house”, “flop”, “tilt”, etc. are discussed. Molly’s Game also teaches us the importance of bankroll management and knowing how to handle bad times. We are not going to reveal to you some of the hands that are played in the movie but surely many of you will have identified with them once. 

Other poker movies

We have already mentioned “Rounders” (1998) but we want to take advantage of this new movie with poker as the main theme to list some other poker movies that we will never forget: – The Cincinnati Kid (1965), also known in Spain as “The King of the Game”, starring Steve Mc Queen. Although they play a somewhat out-of-date poker mode today like 5 Card Stud, the film is fast-paced and is the typical poker duel between the old school and the new generation. – Maverick (1994), Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) is a cheat and impostor both at the poker tables and in everyday life. His only goal is to raise the $ 3,000 needed to take part in a poker tournament that will take place on a Louisiana riverboat. – Rounders (1998), Mike (Matt Damon) is a potential lawyer but his real dream is to become a professional poker player. “Worm” (Edward Norton) perfectly reproduces the profile of live player who does not tremble at the time of introducing all kinds of traps and tricks on the table. And of course, could not miss a capo of the Russian mafia, Teddy KGB, character starring John Malkovich. – High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003), a biopic that is considered by many to be the best poker player in history . Winner of three bracelets of the Main Event of the WSOP , the most prestigious poker tournament in the world, the 1980s, 1981 and 1997, but who lived a life full of chiaroscuros due to his problems with drugs. – Casino Royale (2006), Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) is obliged to earn the maximum possible money in the mats of a Casino in Montenegro to avoid financing international terrorism in this way. An unlikely hand is famous in which a giant pot is accumulated on the casino table and several players have linked a seemingly winning play. – Lucky You (2007), Eric Bana represents the figure of the classic gambler, able to pawn all his belongings in order to play that important poker tournament. In this case, it is nothing more and nothing less than the Las Vegas World Series of Poker (WSOP), of which 888 Poker is the main sponsor.