30 Nov

Freezeout or rebuys. Different strategies?

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Freezeout: Tournament in which when you run out of chips you are eliminated.

Rebuys: Tournament where you can buy more chips as long as you have less than the initial amount.


All tournaments at some point become freezeout. It is an indispensable condition for them to finish. So even if you play a tournament with rebuys, find out when it will become freezeout to make the necessary adjustments to your game.

Since the tournament becomes freezeout the main objective will be to enter prizes. You will have to plan your strategy to reach the bubble with enough points to take advantage of it and improve the chances of fulfilling the following objective: enter the final table.

It is known that the important prizes of a tournament are in the final table, so after entering the prize area, you have to look at the last table where the prizes are already important.

This road to the final table starts much earlier, just as the road to the prizes begins at the beginning of the tournament (Read more about how to win a poker tournament )

Since the tournament starts, you have to prepare to be with points in the bubble. During the freezeout phase of the same, you will have to calculate the risks so as not to be eliminated. And the closer you are to the prizes, the more serious it is that they eliminate you. Having been playing a tournament for several hours to be eliminated at the door of the awards is the worst that can happen, so if you see that you can not reach the bubble with points, do not risk, hold on to the table and try to enter prizes to at least charge and once in prizes rethink your strategy.

If you manage to reach the bubble with more points than the rivals you have at the table, take advantage of this advantage and try to steal boats without stopping. You will see how your stack rises like foam with not much risk. The shorter rivals will only be aware that rivals will be eliminated to enter prizes.


In tournaments with rebuys you have the possibility to buy additional chips during the tournament. When a player loses all of his chips, he has the option to buy back more and stay in the tournament. This feature means that you have to vary your strategy during the period in which they are allowed. When your rivals can not be eliminated, you lose one of the most important weapons of the tournaments, the fear that a player loses their chips.

This lack of fear of elimination marks the changes you must make in your strategy:

  • Reduce the frequency of lanterns and semifaroles. The possibility that if the chips are lost can be bought more, it makes the players not so afraid of the bets and pay more easily, so the lanterns will not work so often.
  • Make higher value bets with weaker hands. As the rivals are not afraid of being eliminated, they will pay with worse hands worse bets.
  • Locate the rivals who are playing like crazy. Many rivals want to get as many chips as they can, regardless of the number of rebuys they make. If you locate any of these, try to hold it when you face him. Many times you will play all the chips with pretty bad plays, so you will get to win chips easily.

If you make these changes in your game, you will get more chips when the tournament becomes freezeout, and from there continue to go up in conditions to the bubble.

How many rebuys do?

The necessary ones Playing a tournament with rebuys means being willing to make the necessary rebuys to stay in the tournament.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to play a rebuy tournament in which you do not have the ability to rebuy. You will have a huge disadvantage, since you can not play as loose as your rivals, because losing all your chips would mean elimination while your rivals could buy chips again and continue in the tournament.

You also do not have to play crazy going all in with any hand. Play as you usually do, but take some extra risk since losing the chips does not involve being eliminated from the tournament.


Most rebuy tournaments also give the possibility to make an add-on, buy more chips just when the repurchase period ends. This add-on is so that if a player is left with few chips and can not buy back, do not be left with such a disadvantage over the rivals when the freezeout period begins.

The add-on is a profitable investment in almost all the occasions in which you are playing a tournament with rebuys. Stay tuned so that you do not miss the opportunity to do so, it would be a very important mistake.


If you want to play tournaments with rebuys, adapt to the changes and keep in mind that, on average, you will have to pay three or four times the buy in. Multiply by five the price of the tournament with repurchases that you want to play and check if your bank allows it. At 888poker.es you will find tournaments with and if you rebuy for all the banks.