30 Nov

Experience in a satellite tournament

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Hello, my username is albertomais and I am going to tell you my experience about the classification in the main tournament of the SuperSeries 2014

As almost every month I decided to enter a sum of money to play poker, in this case were 40 euros, but this month had a special purpose while ambitious and is that they were going to celebrate as you know the superseries in 888poker … The only objective with which I enter this time was to qualify for the main event of the superseries at all costs and that’s how it was finally. After having played a few low steps successfully I qualified for the step 6 last step to get the classification, this first attempt turned out to be a failure but good to try it alone had cost me 1 or 3 euros I do not remember well. While I was playing steps also alternated with cheap sit and go and some regular tournament in which I was quite successful, luck was with me hand in hand and managed to get together with 195 euros the same night of my failure in step 6 what It made me forget this failure. It was already the next day and I started to play a step 5 that cost 12 euros. I was third there was no luck, but I was about to close a sit and go step 6 of 55 euros, the night before I went well and decided to pay the entrance and go for all and here I went where I finally got the ticket to the main event I will tell you the 3 main hands with which I won the tournament. During the tournament there was a player raised (inexplicable thing in a tournament with so much at stake) which made everything much easier for everyone.

The first one I managed to double up with was a KQ diamond suite against an aq off. the player resubió to 165 chips rise considerable I wanted to see my cards even and all retired the flop could not be better fell not one if not two kings had trio of kings on the flop the opponent bluffing me putting almost 400 chips that I will gladly match came the turn and I put the box and pay my hand to take what made me leader and from there were a little easier things

The next was when we already had 3 players, was leader of the tournament until a player who was almost out of it got triple and almost equal to my ATM, we had 3000 and peak each and the other about 2500, which is removed from this hand : I receive ak suites in picas the tapeworm jj spoke before me and I raised to almost 800 in preeflop with blind 100/200 to what I answered with the box, the equal was a delicate moment one of the two went to the street palming 55 euros he was winning until the river spit the ace and I took the boat

We only had two and one charged the other one won the ticket, I was a leader as in the previous hand I decided to play it with an aj off with box in pre-flop the opponent paid me what were left with kq off he gave him doubles and my ladder on the river and finally win for my joy that longed for ticket. a greeting