Sports Betting for the final table of the World Series of Poker

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In some events, sports betting and poker go hand in hand. This is the case of the final table of the Main Event of the WSOP . Nine players will fight for the bracelet you can bet on the winner.

After twelve days of competition last July, the Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) stopped when its last 9 survivors were defined. The game will resume next November and those 9 players will fight for 10 million dollars and also for the title of world champion. To reach that final table, participants have had to pay $ 10,000 registration in the tournament and play for more than 80 hours in the Room of the Hotel & Casino Rio de Las Vegas. Now, thanks to online sports betting houses (such as, any gamer can bet on who will be the winner and take a lot of money for his good eye.

Recall that of the 9 survivors, we have a Spanish player. This is Andoni Larrabe Bilbao, who will face the final table from the fourth provisional position in chips. It also seems that betting houses give him the fourth position in favoritism to win the champion bracelet. Here you have the list of the nine finalists, their chips with which they will start playing and the odds offered by their win online betting rooms like

Jorryt van Hoof 38,375,000 2,5
Felix Stephensen 32,775,000 3,5
Mark Newhouse 26,000,000 4
Andoni Larrabe 22,550,000 7
Dan Sindelar 21,200,000 5.5
William Pappaconstantinou 17.5
William Tonking 15,050,000 12
Martin Jacobson 14.9 million 7,5
Bruno Politano 12,125,000 15

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888poker ambassador Chris Moorman wins his first WSOP bracelet

On Friday night the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was partying while 888poker ambassador Chris Moorman, the best online tournament player in history, was wearing his first WSOP bracelet.


It could not come at a better time than when 888poker sponsors the WSOP for the third year in a row. The 31-year-old, who had finished second in several events in 2011, topped 959 players in event 27, $ 3,000 No Limit Hold’em 6max, to win $ 498,682.

The victory has taken Moorman’s winnings to more than five million dollars, which has placed him eighth on the list of England’s biggest winners. This without taking into account the more than fourteen million won online.

“It’s amazing,” said Moorman. “Every time you win a live tournament, it really looks like. Most of my successes have been online, when I lived in the UK and played all night. The same thing won a tournament and it was five or six in the morning, and there I was alone, maybe talking to my friends on Skype, and the money appeared in your account. You do not see the physical money, you do not have anyone to celebrate it. I do not know, it’s an incredible feeling when you win live. “

Cheering Moorman were several of his friends and poker professionals such as Niall Farrell, Maria Ho and Marvin Rettenmaier, among others.

Moorman overcomes a tough final table

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Winning a bracelet is not a simple mission, and Moorman had to overcome a tough final table that included Steve Sung and Michael “Gags” Gagliano, both winners of WSOP bracelets. They finished fourth and third, respectively, which left a final hand between Moorman and the Brazilian Bernardo Da Silveira Dias, who played the first WSOP final table of his life. However, when asked, Moorman acknowledged that the time when everything changed was much earlier.

“The ace-king against Steve Sung’s jacks,” Moorman acknowledged when asked about the key moment. “It came out on the river. If I lose that hand I’m out. I had the luck to win there. “

The hand he referred to was the second of the final table with the blinds at 25,000 / 50,000 (5,000). Sung opened to 115,000 from the cutoff with J ♥ J ♠ and Moorman put a third on the button to 325,000 with A ♥ K ♠. The blinds were thrown and Sung made the fourth to a million.

Moorman responded with a fifth all-in bet and he had a giant flip ahead. Moorman did not get anything on the flop 5 ♣ 2 ♠ 3 ♠ or on the turn 5 ♠, but one of his outs appeared with A ♦ on the river. Moorman would end Sung twenty-six hands later with a pair of ladies who held against ace-seven suited.

Moorman came to the final hand with a big chip lead, but it took almost a hundred hands to finish with Dias. In what would be the last hand of the tournament, the 132 of the final table, Dias went all-in with K ♣ 10 ♠ and Moorman called with A ♦ K ♥ . At the table they went 5 ♦ 8 ♣ 8 ♠ Q ♠ 9 ♣ and Moorman’s fans went crazy.

Moorman continues to improve his online curriculum

 Moorman continues to improve his online curriculum

This victory marks the entrance in prizes number 21 in the WSOP during the race of Moorman and its fifth final table. His best results were second in the main event of the WSOP Europe for € 800,000. Also his second place in the 10,000 $ 6max event of the 2011 WSOP by 716,282, clearly handled in the tables of six.

Another great triumph of Moorman was to impose 534 players to take the WPT in the LA Poker Classic of 2014 with a prize of $ 1,015,460.

“The series has just started, there are still many events,” Moorman tells PokerNews. “I’ve already made three boxes, including this one, and I feel good and confident, I hope it makes another final table, and if not, some other British he will do and I can be encouraging him in the stands, and I would feel just as happy “.

To continue the search for your second bracelet at the WSOP 2017, follow him on Twitter. If you know English, you can read his new book: Moorman: The Story of the Most Successful Online Poker Player of All Time, available next month online and at the WSOP.

Results of the final table

 Results of the final table

  1. Chris Moorman (Benfleet, United Kingdom) 498., 682 $
  2. Bernardo Da Silveira Dias (Brazil) $ 308,166
  3. Michael Gagliano (Rockaway, NJ) $ 210,139
  4. Steve Sung (Torrance, CA) $ 145,634
  5. John Gorsuch (Woodbridge, VA) $ 102,605
  6. Max Silver (London, United Kingdom) $ 73,510
  7. Morten Mortensen (Copenhagen, Denmark) $ 53,569


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Molly's Game: the 2018 poker movie

Image result for mollys game In such complicated moments to find interesting scripts for his films, Hollywood bet hard on poker once again. In fact, this 2008 marks the 20th anniversary of the poker movie of every self-respecting poker player, “Rounders” (1998), which was a great boom for the poker industry, both live and in the beginnings of online poker Spectators in general and poker fans in particular will be able to enjoy this work by Aaron Sorkin (1961), screenwriter and director of Molly’s Game, whose recent best-known works for the general public had been “The social network” (2010), based on in the beginnings of Mark Zuckerberg in the creation of Facebook, or “Steve Jobs” (2015), biographical film of the co-founder of Apple.  

Poker and high stakes high stakes

Image result for Poker and high stakes high stakesIn Molly’s Game, as in the other two films mentioned above, we also want to elevate hero, in this case heroine, to her protagonist Molly Bloom, character that extraordinarily represents Jessica Chastain, and who is sounding like a strong candidate to take away the Oscar for the best actress. The story of Molly Bloom, a former professional skier, filled covers in the international and especially American tabloid press as a result of an autobiographical book calling herself “the poker princess”, and describing how she became the epicenter in the organization of high stakes poker games, which went from Wall Street magnates, billionaire businessmen, to Hollywood stars like Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Molly Bloom keeps intact her ambition and competitiveness that she acquired from her athlete’s time at the orders of her demanding father and coach, role played by Kevin Costner, but this time replaces the white snow with the green of a poker table mat. Despite not fighting on the tables against other players, from the barrier Molly boasts of good qualities that every poker player should have, insight, astuteness, knowledge of his opponents and a good selection of table. 

The most cinematic face of poker

Molly’s Game will not ignore any of the classic stereotypes that accompany every poker movie like big debts, luxury, drugs, scams, company girls and even the mafia. Exclusive games with a buy-in of $ 250,000 and blinds of $ 500-1000 out of reach of most legal poker rooms are the perfect hook to hunt the biggest fish and leaving out the shark so that they do not end with the game . This poker movie is not difficult to understand for the less advanced public in poker and does not use a lot of complex terminology . Only basic terms such as “full house”, “flop”, “tilt”, etc. are discussed. Molly’s Game also teaches us the importance of bankroll management and knowing how to handle bad times. We are not going to reveal to you some of the hands that are played in the movie but surely many of you will have identified with them once. 

Other poker movies

We have already mentioned “Rounders” (1998) but we want to take advantage of this new movie with poker as the main theme to list some other poker movies that we will never forget: – The Cincinnati Kid (1965), also known in Spain as “The King of the Game”, starring Steve Mc Queen. Although they play a somewhat out-of-date poker mode today like 5 Card Stud, the film is fast-paced and is the typical poker duel between the old school and the new generation. – Maverick (1994), Bret Maverick (Mel Gibson) is a cheat and impostor both at the poker tables and in everyday life. His only goal is to raise the $ 3,000 needed to take part in a poker tournament that will take place on a Louisiana riverboat. – Rounders (1998), Mike (Matt Damon) is a potential lawyer but his real dream is to become a professional poker player. “Worm” (Edward Norton) perfectly reproduces the profile of live player who does not tremble at the time of introducing all kinds of traps and tricks on the table. And of course, could not miss a capo of the Russian mafia, Teddy KGB, character starring John Malkovich. – High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003), a biopic that is considered by many to be the best poker player in history . Winner of three bracelets of the Main Event of the WSOP , the most prestigious poker tournament in the world, the 1980s, 1981 and 1997, but who lived a life full of chiaroscuros due to his problems with drugs. – Casino Royale (2006), Agent 007 (Daniel Craig) is obliged to earn the maximum possible money in the mats of a Casino in Montenegro to avoid financing international terrorism in this way. An unlikely hand is famous in which a giant pot is accumulated on the casino table and several players have linked a seemingly winning play. – Lucky You (2007), Eric Bana represents the figure of the classic gambler, able to pawn all his belongings in order to play that important poker tournament. In this case, it is nothing more and nothing less than the Las Vegas World Series of Poker (WSOP), of which 888 Poker is the main sponsor.

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Women in poker | Have they equaled men?

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“F ** k ….”

This is – along with its translation in Spanish – the word that is most heard at poker tables when a fish links his project on the river or when they catch you a bluff.

But surely it was during the 2007 WSOPE in London, when this word was pronounced with a much more significant burden.

At the Empire Casino in Leicester Square, an unknown Norwegian online player was playing the biggest poker tournament in Europe, with all her expectations deposited in the million pounds prize for the winner. On his way, the young Welshman John Tabatai.

The most remarkable of all was not Annette’s 18-year-old “Annette_15” Obrestad, but the fact that whoever was about to take the prize was a woman.

With both players all-in, the young Norwegian – who had imposed on the best poker players during the week of the tournament – showed her 7h 7s that gave her a set on a 7c 6c 5h board.
Tabatabai showed his 5s 6d at the same time he uttered, almost like a lament, the four-letter word …
The hand ended in victory for Obrestad, who sat slowly in his chair, enjoying the historic moment. For the first time in a week, a tear slid down his cheek: poker had changed forever.

The Boom of Women in Poker

Aside from the phenomenal success of Obrestad, there were clear indications that two things were happening.

First, that there were more and more young players participating in the tournaments and getting good results, and second that more and more women were seen at the tables.
Obrestad had spent years practicing online (hence his alias “Annette_15”), accumulating hands and experience.

Indeed, the women were already standing out in the game when Obrestad became the youngest winner in the history of a Main Event. The best players in the United States were on television, playing high stakes and winning bracelets.

But his victory marked a before and an after: more and more women were seen, they were getting younger and they all shared the fact of having accumulated a great experience playing online.

So what factors influenced when attracting more women to the tables? And will this be an upward trend? Let’s explore some of the reasons why we can expect new female successes in poker:

  • Most accessible poker games in pubs and clubs
  • More women getting remarkable titles and awards
  • Increase in television advertising on poker
  • Appearance of professional poker women in television.

A game of “Men”?

A game of "Men"?

A long time ago (and not too much …), poker was a preserve reserved exclusively for men, a male game. The women were not very well received, except for a couple of exceptions that frequented the WSOP like Barbara Enright and Terry King.

However, the poker boom of the early 2000s made the game fashionable. Poker became much more accessible thanks to the internet, it was no longer necessary to go to casinos to play, and bets were adapted to all kinds of pockets.

Players like Annett_15 and the ex-component of 888poker, Xuan Liu used their laptops from the institute to fill the deadlines. They argued hands and improved their game without having to sit at a table full of men.

Meanwhile, American names such as Jennifer Harman, Vanessa Rousso and Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly appeared on television shows such as High Stakes Poker. For some of them, like Rousso and Annie Duke, poker meant their catapult to the most popular reality shows.

Duke appeared in the American version of “The Apprentice”, while Rousso would in Big Brother VIP. And her successes at the tables have helped convince the rest of the women that poker is not just a game of men.

The Legal Changes in the United Kingdom

Poker has become a socially accepted activity.
The generation of Millennials have grown up in a time when online gaming is the norm and not an exception. The Black Friday of the United States happened four years ago, and licensed operators have appeared in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

When it comes to live poker, everything is going smoothly as shown by the more than 22,000 participants of the Colossus tournament held in the last WSOP.
The Gambling Act 2005, which regulates gambling in Great Britain, has allowed the organization of low budget games in the country’s pubs. Now, it is totally legal to participate in 5-pound tournaments in your street pub. These changes occurred 10 years ago, and have significantly influenced the most recreational poker offer.

“Without a doubt, poker is a social activity for both men and women,” says Richard Couch of Redtooth Poker.
“Our games are held one night per week, are cheap (with a five-pound entry), and offer the player the opportunity to qualify for tournaments with more attractive prizes. In short, they are not aggressive, but a fun way to spend time playing poker. ”
The recent changes in the British legislation, have turned the game into a socially more accepted activity, in which more and more women participate. Now you can play poker in British pubs, as long as the prize pool does not exceed one hundred pounds, while increasing the number of customers in the casinos.

According to the figures reflected in the reports of the Gambling Commission, more and more women are attracted to the game. This is especially relevant in the online game, in which female participation has increased from 7.8% in 2008 to 12.8% in 2014.
The social game is also booming, with social poker games on Facebook increasing its activity by 22% in 2013 compared to the previous year. The success of the online game is due, in large part, to the relaxation of the rules of televised advertising of casinos and online betting rooms. It is so common to see advertisements or programs of poker rooms at rush hour in the UK, such as food, cars or beauty products.

New players are not sought only in online bingo and casino rooms. Online poker ads are also attracting a new generation of players to theaters.
A clear example of the symbiosis is that of the British player Anna “DuckRatMe” Duxbury. Anna started playing online poker at twenty years old, when she became pregnant with her second child. Attracted by social games such as Zynga Poker and television programs, she switched to online tables and started a path from which she never deviated again.

Visibility in the WSOP, the key

Visibility in the WSOP, the key

We have already seen that fans play in pubs as well as in their laptops, but what about professional players? Has the increase in women in the game also reached professionalism?
At the final table of the 2012 WSOP Main Event, we almost managed to see two women. Gaelle Baumann, a French cash player, and Norwegian waitress Elisabeth Hille were on the verge of joining the November Nine.

For the first time in 12 years, two women had reached the top 20 positions in a WSOP Main Event. Baumann would be eliminated in tenth place, being the bubble, while Hille fell in 11th place. Both players got sponsorship agreements for the Main Event of the following year.
Even if only one of them had reached the final table – with all the media coverage and appearance on the ESPN network – it would undoubtedly have had a direct impact on women’s participation the following year. Above all, if we take into account that both were photogenic enough to guarantee the marketing investment of a room.


Female participation, still low

But let’s not be fooled by the figures for that year. What happened in 2012 could be a misinterpretation of reality, in which the participation of women in the Main Events of the WSOP decreases slightly year after year. In 2014, among the 6,638 participants, only 3.9% of them were women.

That was the year of the presentation of the Colossus tournament – an event with an entry price of $ 565 that attracted more than 22,000 participants. Despite the recreational tone of the event, there was only 6% (about 1,500) of female participation.
888poker professional Jess Dawley says that, despite the situation, “it is still common to find intimidation and sexist comments on the tables by men.”

However, outside the Main Event, the numbers of bracelets and prizes won by women are increasing.
Our second infographic shows that the best players each year pocket more, while the number of players that enter prize positions increases. At the same time, the average age of the winning WSOP players decreases, from 48 years of 2006 to 38 of 2015.

Similarly, in tournaments other than the WSOP such as the EPT, Victoria Coren-Mitchell has become the first person in history to win two EPT titles, while stars like Liv Boeree also hold EPT titles to their name.

Is there still room for events reserved exclusively for women?

Are the so-called “Ladies Events” the solution? Tournaments in which only women can register and, thus, play in a more relaxed environment.
The Ladies Championships have been organized since the first edition of the WSOP in 1977, in which the tournament was presented $ 100 Ladies Seven Card Stud – and every year increases the number of amateur players who register.

At the same time, the Ladies Championships have even reached television, with special mention of the Women’s Poker Open program – which is still on the air. It is the biggest poker event exclusively for a female audience.
Lizzy Harrison directed the 888poker content team at the WSOPE 2015. For her, there is no reason why the number of female participants in major tournaments is ever greater.
“The number of women participating has grown year after year,” she says. “Using them for promotional purposes is a good idea to attract even more women, and makes other women decide to participate in a game for both genders.”

Harrison adds a touch of attention to the marketing departments, “I think women are too sexualized, and it would be wise to lower the tone to make poker a more accessible game. The ads that present women as mere objects are aimed at men, not at women. ”
The American professional player, Maria Ho, has no problem with the fact that men dominate poker, but she believes that there is still much to be done to encourage all those women who feel some kind of interest to participate.

“I think the game of poker and some of the skills it requires are not intrinsically feminine, or something that necessarily has to attract a broad spectrum of women, and – for me – that’s fine,” he says. “I do not think poker needs to” attract “more women if they do not feel interested in the game. However, for all those girls who feel the desire to play, I think it should start by making them feel comfortable and welcome in such a masculine field.

“In my experience, the way women are treated at the tables is still very archaic. However, I believe that it is becoming a normal norm in poker circuits, and that they are climbing positions, winning bracelets, breaking records and obtaining greater success in recent years.
“Poker marketing is clearly oriented to men simply because, from a strictly commercial point of view, they make up 90% of the business. Which company would stop focusing on its target audience? I do not think it’s a negative thing, but I’m sure that the numbers of players would increase significantly if in this sector new formulas were found to make poker a more attractive game for women. “

The Girls arrive!

Poker has come a long way since the first players converted the rooms into a preserve reserved for men. Although the game is undoubtedly dominated by men, it is also true that it is now much easier for women, and there is even a website specialized exclusively for women in poker.

The main online poker rooms are hiring players as spokespersons and ambassadors. The 888poker female trio consists of Sofia Lovgren, Kara Scott and Jackie Glazier. Kara Scott – one of the most respected personalities in the industry – has always been a staunch defender of the players, as are Sofia and Jackie.

With more and more women representing brands, greater opportunities are open to players / presenters such as Tatjana Pasalic. She recently served as hostess at the 888Live Austria event.

In an interview between the tables and the cameras, the Team888 player told us how some players underestimate their abilities by the simple fact of being a woman:
“It’s a sad reality that many men still believe that they have an advantage over the players simply because they are boys.

“In general, and as far as poker is concerned, men underestimate girls, and if you’re smart enough to overcome prejudices, you can use it in your favor!”
Despite this archaic attitude of some players, low-budget social games available in pubs, as well as amateur tournaments, are attracting more women to the game. Meanwhile, online poker offers a secure platform free of harassment, allowing you to play at home.

Will we see new victories, awards and bracelets won by women in the next editions of the WSOP? Do not bet against.

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Poker tips for beginners at

Image result for poker tips

The best tips from our experts for new Poker Online players, gain confidence and experience while you win by following the advice of professionals.


If you are new to the world of online poker

, do not worry, we help you to take the first steps safely with some tips of maximum utility:

one . Do not be in a hurry: hurry is a bad adviser, start playing little by little and on a single table. When you are familiar with the game you can increase the time you spend and the number of tables or tournaments you can play.

two . Come first for our free Play in Practice tables and enjoy poker without the pressure of investing money. It is the best option until you become familiar with the software and the dynamics of the game.

3 . The next step is to play at low-priced tables and tournaments:

  • If you like tournaments, in the FREEROLLS TOURNAMENTS tab you will find many free tournaments where the prizes are in real money. So better impossible.
  • Try the Sit & Go modality in games of 1 to 2 euros … This modality is the best training ground for the biggest tournaments
  • If you like cash games, first try the tables where blind bets are shown in cents (from 1c / 2c), NEVER go to the most expensive tables until you’re a regular winner at low-level tables.

Four . Validate your hands correctly: it is a common mistake for beginners to think that because they know the value of poker hands, they know how to play them at any time. A pair of hand Aces is the best possible move, but sometimes the common cards on the table are a very big threat for hands like that. For example, a flop 6-7-8 all of hearts does not invite optimism if we have AA in hand (of spades and diamonds for example).

5 . Do not play many hands: the good players are crouched most of the time and only go to 70% -80% of the hands that are dealt. As you progress in the game knowledge you can start to increase the range of hands and the complexity of the moves you put into practice.

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The 888 Live Local circuit has already started in London

Image result for kara scott pokerKara Scott, new ambassador for 888, third at the 888 Live Local in London

The 888 Live Local circuit has stages in many European countries. Obviously, from to only have national traffic, we can not offer satellites or qualifiers for these tournaments; We do not even give them visibility. But this time, the tournament held this past week at Casino Aspers (Stratford) deserves to pay attention as it was the first event scheduled in 2016 under the brand “888 Live Local”.

The tournament, which started on March 3 and ended on Sunday, March 6 and had a buy-in of £ 220 has been a success as it has raised more than £ 116,000, with the guaranteed prize being set at only £ 50,000. so the participation was a success.
In this event, the new international ambassador of the 888poker brand, the Canadian Kara Scott, was officially introduced. She was joined by two other well-known members of Team 888, the Norwegian Sofia Lovgren and the German Dominik Nistche.

  • Day 1A: 168 entries
  • Day 1B: 195 tickets
  • Day 3C:
  • Initial Files: 25,000
  • Buy-in: 220 pounds
  • Guaranteed Prize: 50,000 pounds

In this event, special prizes were awarded, such as PlayStation to players who lost a hand for a bad beat, but evidently the most desired prizes were those that the final table members would obtain.
Interesting to note how the new ambassador of 888poker , Kara Scott managed to get options to the title until the last moments, but finally had to settle for the third position.
Here we leave the final classification of the 9 members of the final table:

  1. Ralph Baylor – £ 22,500
  2. Bernard Okyere-Sasu – £ 16,000
  3. Kara Scott – £ 10,250
  4. Hugues Lavieu – £ 7,600
  5. Amar Al Hussona £ 5,690
  6. Shah Raza – £ 4,570
  7. Robert Norman – £ 3,790
  8. Place – Enzo Del Piero £ 3,020
  9. Place – Luke Burton £ 2,270


We remind you that the 888 Live Local Circuit as far as Spain is concerned will have six stages starting next April 15 at the Casino de Alicante. To know more about the structure, the stages and the ways to classify you, we invite you to visit this website where you will find everything related to the 888 Live Local Spain circuit.
Keep in mind that this event in London is different from the ones we will celebrate in Spain; especially in terms of the structure and the guaranteed prizes. In Spain the format will be two days 1 (Friday and Saturday) and one day 2 (Sunday) and we will guarantee a prize of € 20,000.



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888poker and the World Poker TourĀ® form a global alliance

Image result for World Poker Tour

November 6, 2017 – Today, 888 poker and the World Poker Tour® announce an alliance that will give players the opportunity to participate in WPTDeepStacks ™ events around the world. Within its strategy of “recovering the game”, 888poker committed to making the poker tournaments more accessible to all, including qualifiers to the prestigious World Poker Tour events that take place around the world. WPT Berlin poker satellites are underway at 888 poker and both professionals and fans can win their place at WPTDeepStacks events. The first event that can be classified is the Main Event of the WPTDeepStacks Berlin with € 1,500 entry and which starts the European Championship of the XVI season of the WPT. The WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event is held from January 5 to 8, 2018 at the Spielbank Berlin and has a guaranteed € 500,000.

Details of qualifying satellites (open registration) at WPTDeepStacks Berlin :

  • Weekly qualifier (€ 250 buy in) that rewards with a € 2,000 package (available every Sunday at 9:00 p.m.).
  • Daily satellite (€ 12 buy in) that rewards with 1 seat to the € 250 qualifier (available from Monday to Saturday at 20:00).
  • Weekly satellite (€ 22 buy in) that awards 3 seats to the € 250 qualifier (available on Sunday at 7:00 p.m.).
  • 4 daily satellites (0.5 € buy in) that awards with 1 seat to the satellite of € 12.


This alliance is the last of the actions that 888poker performs to offer its players the possibility to participate in the most important events in the world.

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The Main Event of the WSOP A game for young people?

Image result for wsop

 “Let me comment that it was the worst bluff of the year, but it worked for one simple reason: it managed to deceive me, the reason for my defeat was to underestimate my rival, I was so tired that I lost concentration.” [1]

These are the words of Sammy Farha commenting on a legendary hand of the 2003 Main Event. The old-school professional, in his $ 5,000 Italian suits, designer sunglasses and a muffled cigarette in his mouth, began his heads-up against Chris Moneymaker, an unknown player from Tenesse classified online. Farha had a very clear plan: to play small boats and to wear out his rival little by little.

But it does not work.

“I imagined the plan that Sammy had prepared for the heads-up. It was clear that he considered himself a better player than me, so I was going to try to keep the boats as small as possible and use his experience to win, “says Moneymaker.

“I knew the way Sammy wanted to make me play, and I was not willing to allow it.” [1]

The arrival of the young champions

With 27 years, Moneymaker became one of the winners of the youngest Main Event in history and his victory will inspire a whole new generation of players.

But it got something else: it marked the arrival of a wave of players even younger at poker, a generation without fear, well trained and used to play online that was not afraid to win or lose.

The old school players “could not concentrate”; They were already “tired”.

And the WSOP took advantage of that. There were more and more participants and they were becoming younger. With a wide range of satellites and travel packages, young players with their aggressive style began to be increasingly frequent in the halls of the Rio each year.

What were the key factors in this change? Analyzing the statistics of the more than 40 years of the WSOP together with historical events and interviews with top players, we try to discover the profile of the winners of the future. And our conclusions are that the new generation poker champion will be:

  • Slightly greater than the young revelations of the past years, of an estimated age of between 25 and 30 years
  • He will have more experience, with prizes both online and in face-to-face tournaments
  • It will be more fit and better prepared
  • You will be very trained

The rise of poker

Image result for rise of poker

Since the beginning of the WSOP in the 70s, when a handful of players met in a game room in Downtown Las Vegas, the number of participants has been growing gradually. [two]

The original $ 10,000 buy-in has not changed since then. In the same way that the popularity of Texas Hold’em has been growing, so have the Main Event figures.

Young and not so young from across the United States connected to the internet to play online poker and, despite the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, a record 8,773 players fought for the Main Event title that year .

With the withdrawal from the US market of the main online poker rooms and the consequent cancellation of satellites, the participation figure fell to 6,358 in 2007, but remained stable during the dark days of Black Friday, when services were cut off. the operators that had challenged the UIGEA in the United States.

Despite the impossibility of online ranking for American players, every day there are more opportunities to qualify in the in-game gambling halls scattered throughout the country.


Children to power

A new phenomenon appeared as participation increased: the age of the winners decreased.

As can be seen in our second infographic, fans like Raymer, Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold were in their thirties when they won, unlike the average age (between 40 and 50) of the winners of the 70s and 80s .

In 2008, the arrival of young professionals was confirmed with the victory of Peter Eastgate. A shy young man of only 22 years old arrived from Denmark broke the historical record of youth in a Main Event champion. He had achieved his entry into the tournament through an online satellite.

A year later, Joe Cada broke the record again for 300 days. [3]

And these two cases do not mean an exception: As can be seen in the third infographic , the average age of the champions decreases every decade.


Indeed, the average age of the final tables decreases every year. According to the data of the third infographic, the final table of 2004 was represented by a champion (Raymer) of 40 years, a former champion (Dan Harrington, 1995) of 58 years and a second place (David Williams) obtained by a player of so Only 24 years old. [4]

However, in 2006 when Jamie Gold achieved a record prize of $ 12 million, the average age of the final table was 27 years. [5]

In 2009, the year in which Cada won, the final table was relatively young with an average age of 31 years, while in the last edition of the WSOP the -possible- tendency of an age below 28 years was established. [6]

And this is only the average age of the final table. The finalists turn out to be as young as the winners.

What does the domain of the twenty-somethings respond to?

What are the causes of this upward trend of young players getting such good results in the Main Event?

Different factors must be analyzed, so let’s see why the current champions are much younger than 20 years ago:

1 Preparation and resistance

“I remember marathon sessions of 17 hours a day in which he slept during the 90 minutes of rest for dinner,” says Dennis Phillips, who was 54 when he got his third place in the Main Event of the 2008 WSOP.

“The year I did it [in 2008], the days did not end until midnight and – in some cases – first thing in the morning of the next day.”

According to Dennis, everything is based on proper preparation.

“You need to be alert all the time, adjust your biological clock and take breaks when you can, I can see players both young and old, eat an inappropriate menu and start losing pots and playing badly starting at 10 o’clock at night.”

“The Main Event is a very long and demanding challenge both physically and psychologically. Now it’s harder for older players. “

2 Buy-Ins and Initial Stack

The original $ 10,000 registration fee has been maintained throughout the 45-year history of the WSOP. As a result, entry is now much more affordable for young professionals than it was decades ago.

And, even though sponsorships (which involved free participation in the WSOP) have declined in recent years, young professionals who were able to take advantage of them before 2001 have gained in experience.

But at the tournament level, the initial amount of chips also plays an important role in the changes.

Mohsin Charania is a young professional American player with more than 4 and a half million earnings in his career. He has won more than half a million dollars playing online but he also adds victories in EPT, WPT and WSOP in his curriculum.

“The organization of the WSOP changed the initial stack from 20,000 to 30,000 chips a few years ago,” he says.

“These extra chips meant that young people with online experience could play more hands, that 10,000 extra chips have represented a very significant change in the tournament.”

Play online, play more hands

The current champions have been formed playing online. For example, Annette Obrestad who won the WSOPE with only 17 years old in 2007. Her online alias, “Annette_15” gives us a clue as to how old she started playing.

In fact, Obrestad obtained his training playing online before trying his luck in the big tournaments. He took that year of experience to London that it would have taken decades for the players of previous generations to acquire. [7]

Undoubtedly there are aspects of the face-to-face game that must be adjusted, but there is no denying the fact that thousands of hours of online gaming equals the entire career of a professional player from another decade.

4 The Arrogance of youth

If the players before liked the risk, young professionals still like it more. They understand the advantage of an aggressive and courageous game. The young professionals have gone directly from school to play poker full time, so they do not fear a return to their office work in case they go badly.

And with the levels that are played online, what is $ 10,000 registration? Simply, sit in front of the computer and win some jackpots.

In addition, most young professionals have not yet formed a family, so they have plenty of time available to play and study without the distraction of a wife and children.

5 Training and Social Networks

But today’s professionals not only play a much higher volume of hands than their predecessors. They also have an extra advantage thanks to social networks: the ability to share and comment hands, view videos and receive coaching from other players.

Sponsorship is no longer as common as it was years ago, but coaching and financing agreements have increased significantly. Thanks to them, the player accesses the Main Event at a fraction of the entrance price and does it – in addition – well prepared technically and psychologically.


6 Experience prevails

When everything indicated that the winner of the Main Event for the next few years was going to be a 21 year old player with a lot of accumulated online experience, something changed. It seems – as the last two years indicate – that the experience in live events plays an important role to display a good game in the WSOP.

Let’s see our fourth infographic . When Moneymaker got his win after qualifying online, he added $ 0 in profits to live events. [8]

Raymer had just over $ 136,000 and Gold $ 101,273 when he won a year later. As the champion’s age declines, so do the earnings before the final table (Eastgate added $ 63,324 before his victory in 2008 while Cada added up to just $ 28,214).

The explanation may be that at age 21 you have not had too much time to play live. But there is something else. The players who now reach the final table of the WSOP Main Event are slightly older – and more experienced – with good results in live events.

The 2012 winner, Greg Merson, had already won a WSOP bracelet that year (event $ 10,000 Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em) and a prize of more than one million dollars. To all this we can add 4 boxes in WSOP events and good results in the World Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour. In terms of online results, Merson accumulated more than $ 350,000 in profits. [9]

For his part, Martin Jacobson, winner of $ 10 million last year, added multiple good results in events of the EPT and the WSOP. Before his victory he had already achieved almost four and a half million dollars in prizes. [10]

At present there is a very varied offer of face-to-face tournaments in which players can practice and earn money, so many online winners are making the leap to live tournaments. .

In fact, there has been a significant change in bracelets delivered to under-30s throughout the history of the WSOP.

In 2006, coinciding with Gold’s victory, there was not a single winner under the age of 30 who got any of the bracelets that are given in each event. The following year, there were only two, while last year 10 bracelets were delivered to children under 30 years. [eleven]

In parallel, in 2006 there was a large number of victories in the WSOP achieved by players with an average age of 59 years. In 2014 only 3 players over 50 – including Ted Forrest – got a bracelet. [12]

Predictions about future WSOP champions

The trend of young WSOP winners (Jacobson, champion last year, was “relatively old” at 27) seems to continue.

Young players prepare with more intensity , take more risks and endure more. Most go to the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle. Two fundamental pillars to face the hard days of the Main Event.

They also have more experience. They spend hours studying videos on platforms such as Twich, many receive coaching and share hands and experiences with other professionals in internet forums.

But not everything comes down to the online experience. The champions of tomorrow need to test themselves and gain experience in live events.

Online phenomena such as Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Annette Obrestad and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom have had a hard time adapting their game live. They get bored when they need many days of game to get a prize they are used to winning in just hours online. Or maybe their superagresive strategy does not work as well in a multi-day live event like the WSOP.

“Joe Cada is probably double the player now than he was when he won [in 2009],” adds Phillips. “[But] he has improved his game a lot, he would have much more expectations of victory now than before.”

“There are few opportunities to play live when you are 18. You can not go straight from playing online to sitting at a live poker table There is a conditioning period for live poker where you have to rethink many aspects of the game . “

Only Chris Moorman, who won $ 8 million playing online tournaments, has made a transition to live tournaments. The British professional has accumulated more than 4 million dollars in winnings in live tournaments since 2008, with a win in the WPT LA Classic 2014 his best result so far. [13]

In 2003, when Farha erroneously read his rival and fell out he exclaimed “I was so tired that it was not me. I’m a cash player and the tournaments are exhausting. I made a mistake in judgment. “[14]

Would the cheaper tickets mean a new poker boom?

The participation in the Main Event has not been able to overcome the peak of 8,773 players since 2006, but the lower cost events like the Colossus of 2015 (which attracted a record participation of 22,374 players) can mark the future of the WSOP. While the more experienced players participate in the Main Event, fans have the opportunity to repeat the feat of Moneymaker winning the Colossus.

Within five years, the final table of the WSOP Main Event may not be represented by old school cash players like Farha or fans like Moneymaker … maybe not even by profiles like those of Cada or Eastgate. .

All the expectation is now focused on knowing the components of November Nine this year to see what pasta is made the new generation of world champions.

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Tips from the Experts

Image result for poker tipsIn the previous editions of the SuperSeries, there have been many players who have won great prizes.

Even some of them have repeated victory events of the SuperSeries. Do you want to know some tricks to face this issue? Read the experts!

It is no secret that success in poker, and especially poker tournaments, lies in the ability we have when facing events. Study, experience and a little discipline are the ingredients of success that most often repeat the players with whom we have spoken on the occasion of the SuperStack face-to-face tournament in Valencia.

One of our most loyal players, both the tournaments of past editions of SuperSeries and the big weekly tournaments that are held at (such as the 20,000â,¬ Gran Domingo), maximum79 , explains that his secret to try To set good SuperSeries is to try to qualify by satellite to as many major tournaments as possible. He is a strong supporter of the theory that the tournament player should try to win entry to the highest buy-in events through qualifying tournaments; because in addition to the indisputable savings in terms of money invested in the registration of tournaments, you also get more experience and be able to familiarize yourself with the structure and modality of the big tournaments that you are going to play. And in addition you go knowing those that will be your adversaries when you play the money .

However, for other players like gusallin , the best strategy is to concentrate on the main events; those buy-in tournaments from € 35 to € 250 that are the most money. This player prefers not to divert his attention in minor tournaments since in many occasions they are played in a similar schedule and there may be plays in which all the attention is required so that it is necessary to avoid overlapping several tournaments.

In any case, it seems evident that the SuperSeries are an excellent opportunity to enjoy a few days where poker tournaments are the priority. Carminha8 explains that although she usually plays cash tables with cash (the pokercam tables), or some € 5 sit & go tournaments; during SuperSeries, he prefers to focus on multi-table tournaments. So his advice is clear: practice and practice the game in tournaments, especially in complex phases such as the bubble zone or play the first levels with enough tension, since it is often difficult to have a clear strategy when the levels of Blinds are so low compared to the chips that players have.

In any case, from we recommend the entire structure of steps, freerolls and qualifiers to make it easier to get tickets for the SuperSeries tournaments.

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888poker is the Best Digital Operator in the GGA 2016

Image result for GGA 2016 poker

The showcases of our offices are bursting with trophies, but we must find an important hole for this, since the other nominees were not lame: PokerStars, Bet365, Betclic, Betway, Draftkings, Fanduel, GVC, Paddy Power Betfair and Unibet. Each and every one of the companies that competed with us are known worldwide and have successful products. If this is not enough, there were only two brands of poker: 888poker and Pokerstars. The success was to have done better than the dominator of world poker.

According to Alex Hammond, editor of Gambling Insider, exactly what 888poker has done during the last 12 months. He has defied the dominance of Pokerstars, both in the United States and in Europe and has given a boost to poker that may be necessary to return to his glory.

Sixty of the most prestigious executives in the industry are those who vote to choose the winners, which makes this award one of the most important there is. And the vote decided that the prize went to 888poker. Above the largest poker operator, above the most important betting and fantasy sports companies.

The whole 888poker team in the different countries believe that we have a piece of that prize, since our work, to a greater or lesser extent, has contributed to be considered the best.

But the real architects of the awards are the players. Without you, they would not have considered us for the prize. But the players who choose 888poker over the rest of the rooms are those who have made us rise to the second position in the world and take us the recognition of the entire gaming industry with this prize.

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