20 Nov

Instant loans online bad credit -Borrow from online loan places for bad credit

Non-bank loans via the Internet are certainly a very beneficial solution for people who are looking for a way to quickly get cash.

The market for financial services and more specifically loans granted via the Internet offered by various non-bank institutions is growing at an extremely fast pace. What’s more, new entities are constantly appearing on it, which constantly modify their offers in order to suit them to the needs of potential borrowers.

Each of us has certainly experienced situations that required us to get a small shot of extra cash as soon as possible. These types of situations require a well-thought-out, but also quick action and making the right decisions. Very often, a loan from a close family is not the best idea because it can adversely affect our relationships. At this point, it is worth looking for other solutions. There are really many possibilities.

Borrow today from online loan places for bad credit

Online loans for bad credit are the best way to quickly get the cash you need at any given time. Our offer is strictly personalized so that every customer has the opportunity to adapt the conditions to their individual needs and expectations.

The process of applying for quick internet loans is characterized by flexibility and ease of obtaining financial support. You must specify the amount you need and the number of installments we can afford. The next step is to complete a very short form for an online loan for bad credit available on the lender’s website https://citrusnorth.com/. To quickly get the money you need, all you need is an ID card because it has all the information you need to enter in your application. After a quick verification of the data sent, the money will be available to the borrower almost immediately. As you can see, the process of obtaining a loan online is very simple.

The lender has in his offer proposals that significantly distinguish her from the competition on the financial services market. The possibility of completing all formalities via the Internet is very useful when we do not have enough free time every day that we could spend on a visit to the institution of a selected institution. This offer is very competitive and definitely more attractive compared to the offers proposed by banking institutions. You can do all the formalities without leaving your home!

Favorable repayment terms

Favorable repayment terms

Recent statistical data shows that it is young people who are most often looking for additional sources of funding. Nothing unusual. Today’s pace of life is not conducive to going to institutions’ institutions to verify the available offers. The development of technology and digitization meant that virtually all necessary operations can be performed using a computer with internet access. These are the non-bank loans offered by the lender on the Internet.

Lending companies have a relatively low APRC indicator. This indicator shows the real interest rate on non-bank loans. Non-bank institutions are constantly reducing it. The same action is taken by experts lender. Due to such activities, taking out a non-bank loan via the Internet is very financially advantageous. Therefore, the amount obtained and its significantly lower interest rate do not cause such a heavy burden on the household budget.

Lending companies guarantees its customers convenient repayment conditions, the flexibility of rules as well as comfort and safety. Our offer is available to a wide range of potential customers.

Do you still have any doubts? If not, complete a short on-line application and enjoy the cash.

19 Jul

Options to invest money online | Debt


Taking advantage of your money and becoming an investor before could involve a more complicated task loaded with bureaucratic and administrative procedures that generated some wear on the investor, and the wide variety of financial products or investment methods shone because of their absence. Today, the internet has broken all financial market schemes and investors have a wide range of options to invest online online with a single click and without leaving home.

Below we will detail the most prominent ways to invest money online and make a profit without moving from home, from those traditional investment methods that have been passed to the online world, to those that are totally new and that are coming with force.

What options exist to invest money online?

What options exist to invest money online?

Invest money online on Bussines Good Finances platforms

These companies are usually new business projects, entrepreneurial ideas or startups with great potential where these investors decide to contribute a significant sum of money for the project to be carried out in exchange for a return on the money borrowed.

How do these bussines Good Finances find the companies in which to invest? The answer is again internet. Today there are many platforms where these investors can see those projects in search of financing.

Invest money online in public debt

Invest money online in public debt

Investing in the public debt of a country is one of the safest methods when it comes to investing your money, as well as a way of betting on the growth of your country. Now it is possible to do it directly through the internet without going to any financial institution through the public treasury website, www.tesoro.es

Invest money online in the foreign exchange or foreign exchange market

It is an investment method with a high level of risk. Buy and sell currencies by exchanging between suppliers and claimants. That is, it is a method to invest money online that tries to take advantage of the volatility of the foreign exchange market to make a profit and trade with the countries, betting on those countries that are doing better.

The capital gains obtained in this type of investment are subject to income tax as capital gains. There are several online markets that are dedicated to managing this type of investment.

Invest money online in the Stock Exchange

Invest money online in the Stock Exchange

It is one of the most widely known methods of investing money online. The stock market investment on the internet is growing exponentially in our country and the number of people who decide to manage their portfolios themselves through online platforms is growing.

The factors of its success are mainly lower rates, the convenience and simplicity of operations, on the contrary, there is the security of these operations due to the risk of hackers that impersonate the identity to obtain access codes.

07 Jul

Why was my loan application denied?

loan application

When your loan application is denied, it can be very discouraging. However, be aware that this is a very common situation. Many external factors can influence your ability to obtain a loan, for example, the current nature of the economy or simply the lender you were dealing with.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a loan, we strongly suggest you look at your current financial situation.

These are some possible reasons why your application was rejected and you will also find some suggestions to increase your chances.

Rate of entitlement


The majority of lenders will refuse your request if your debt ratio is significantly high; in their eyes, you are a risky client. Your debt ratio is the amount of gross income you use to pay your monthly debts. If too much of your income is spent on debt repayment, then most lenders will not accept your loan application because they will contribute more to your debt.

A very poor or even absent credit history

credit history

The credit history is the main tool that allows you to have other credit. If you have never had credit or if your credit history leaves something to be desired, expect to receive a denial of your loan application. Any lender you will see will necessarily check your credit history, to analyze your ability to manage money responsibly. Also, lenders will check if, in the past, you have not had bankruptcy or outdated credit limits. Managing your credit history should be a priority, as failing to do so may prevent you from making any progress in life, including not being able to buy a home.

Innumerable credit card queries

Innumerable credit card queries

A credit card inquiry is automatically done when you apply for a new line of credit. In short, the lender is simply checking your credit history.

Unfortunately, a past that contains too many questions could have a detrimental effect when applying for a new line of credit. The large number of queries sends the lender a very simple message: Time and time again, you tried to get a new line of credit, but you failed. Therefore, in the eyes of the lender, you seem like an unwanted customer, since the other lenders have also refused you.

State of employment

Often, it is when a person is unemployed or part-time, that they most need a loan. However, lenders do not think the same way. In the majority of cases, lenders want to make sure that they will be reimbursed for the loan they offer you. One of the guarantees to convince them is the job you hold. Not having a job or having a job whose pay is not constant or significant will prevent you from getting the loan you want.

Too much debt

Too much debt

It is unlikely that a lender will accept your application if you are already struggling to repay your debts and, in addition, if your payments are late. Having too much debt is a drag on your financial development, but know that once you get back on track and start repaying the debt, getting a new loan will be easier. If ever your application is denied, see this as a motivation, as an incentive to work hard for freedom and financial security.

Member of a financial recovery program

If you are on the verge of bankruptcy or are enrolled in a financial management assistance program, then you deserve to be congratulated. Although you are on the right path to a better financial situation, you will still not be approved for a new loan. In fact, when a person is part of a financial management assistance program, he shows his creditor his inability to manage a loan responsibly. However, once the program has ended, you are encouraged to reapply to apply for a new loan.

Collection of debt

Collection of debt

In order for there to be debt collection, you must have a credit account (credit card, loan, etc.) and you must exceed the payment deadline significantly. If this happens, the creditor will have already sent the collection agents to try to recover his money. The debt collection is the worst thing when a wants to apply for a new loan. Therefore, no wonder the application is denied.

Regardless of the creditor’s response to your loan application, know that you can always improve your financial situation. For that, you have to understand the reasons why the loan was refused to you. Thus, you will be able to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

24 Jun

Is the loan granted without proof of income?

granted loan

A company with a strong French capital of one of the world’s largest financial companies has prepared at least CZK 20000 for you. Over a decade, people without any collateral can buy the installments that finances for them. They are thus cheaply acquiring modern and demanded products.

Not only installment sale


However, the loan does not only mean the payment of goods. Under very advantageous conditions you can get money for anything in just a few minutes. Without proof of receipt, you can choose the funds that you have immediately available at branches or ATMs. The payment is based solely on the presentation of an identity document. It does not matter if you choose the goods and bring them to the box office, where the seller will draw up a credit agreement with you or simply collect the money. You can then also buy goods and do not need to prove the purpose.

Loan versatility

Loan versatility

The loan is also much more versatile. It’s useless, so it doesn’t matter what money you use. You can draw from $ 100, up to $ 100,000, and you can use funds for anything. You don’t need anything to get anything, just to prove your identity. For example, borrow to repay the bad credit to make the current situation better. Or do business and earn much more than you pay for interest.

Free money

Free money

Many entrepreneurs lament that they do not have free resources and that they can use many ideas that would make the money much more valuable. So here the money is – a loan from does not require a tax return and a sufficient tax base. He does not bother such entrepreneurs with such formalities and draws only on mutual understanding of the situation. The entrepreneur needs to prosper and earn money and has the money he borrows for less interest. Both sides earn what is their business. Borrow, whether you have free resources or simply arrange nice cash for anything.

15 Apr

Fast SMS Loan Immediately

fast loan


Speed ​​often depends on financial gain or loss. Entrepreneurs or citizens sometimes complain that if they had the money then they would have even more today. They often forget that cash can be obtained early, even in minutes. A quick SMS loan will immediately deliver money.

Request a loan now!

Request a loan now!

Fill out the online form and get a loan without documents up to CZK 8,000 . Money in your account within 15 minutes !


Simple loan

Simple loan

In addition to speed, fast SMS loans will provide peace of mind and the ability to invest properly, pay spending or pay off debt. If the bailiff is knocking on the door or threatening SMS messages from the bank appear, there is still time to send one short request. And because borrowing money is all about communicating personal information, everyone gets a loan quickly. In a few minutes it is approved and can be in your hands.

Nothing is needed

Fast SMS loans will return peace of mind to your life. The bailiff waits for a while and will certainly take the deposit and suspend the sale of your belongings. Similarly, the bank will satisfy itself with a quick payment. Please enter a few details, send the text via SMS and have the money available. They will find themselves in your bank account or simply run them out to the ATM. So simple is this solution that many still do not believe it.

Try a loan

Try a loan

It is not a problem to borrow for the first time CZK 1,000 and try a great service. It is very important today to have the possibility of financing. You will pay a fee for the loan, which is unchangeable and additionally includes a hundred crowns. The next possibility of a loan will increase rapidly. Then you can borrow 3,000 or 5,000 CZK, which is available in a few minutes. This is a great advantage when you are actually waiting for a bailiff’s visit or someone does not give a room to pay a few thousand crowns of debt.


An advantageous solution

An advantageous solution

The hundred crowns are worth solving the worst situations. A quick SMS loan on your bank account will free you of problems that could easily overcome your head and which may cost you much more later. Take the money that costs just a few words in an SMS message. By submitting you become a cash owner and you can pay and fulfill your other obligations. So you can rely on speed and comfort at any time.

04 Dec

Sit and Go. Your first step in poker

You have already been warned about the cash. Be careful. The pasta that you put on the table is what you play, and in one hand you can lose everything you have put. So you do not feel like sitting on those tables until you have mastered both the game and the application.

The tournaments are what most people play. Pure competition. It is what you most want to play, but you have a problem, you can not spend a lot of time playing. You know that if things go well, it will be two hours of play but they can go up to seven. So you discard it until the weekend, in which you can spend the necessary time.

For what if there is time in a little while in the afternoon is to take a sit and go. The tournaments of six people that, in their superturbo version, last about twenty minutes maximum.

Sit and go. Your first step in poker.

You do not have much time. So you start by signing up for a super-turbo sit and go. You know that it lasts twenty minutes, this means that they are not going to hand out many hands, so each of them is very important. An error in one hand and out, you are eliminated.

They sit you at the table and you see in front of you the 500 points you receive in exchange for your registration. Opposite, you watch your five rivals. You know you have to be between the first two to enter prizes. The first clear objective, enter the prize area, be between the last two of the table. Once there, it’s when you have to think about winning the sit and go and take the first prize. But you can not forget that the important thing is to be among the players who charge.

Blinds start at 15-30, and they increase every two minutes. As you can imagine, you can not leave many hands without playing because the blinds will soon be big. But this does not mean you should play all kinds of hands, because losing a hand is almost equal to being eliminated.

What hands play in the first levels?

In the first levels, you have to limit yourself to playing the best poker hands . The goal is not to get into trouble. The blinds are very small and not worth attacking, the prize is very small compared to the risk.

In this type of sit and go you will not have many blinds, so you have to keep in mind that it is much more important to save chips than to win them.

These first levels pass quickly, but they are very important. You can shoot two, three or more laps without seeing anything playable. Keep calm.

You always have to take advantage of the mistakes of the rivals, and the one that repeats the most is “limpear”, equaling the blind. Each round you will be once in the big blind and many of them, the rivals will not raise and give you the opportunity to see the flop for free. When you are lucky and the flop is with you, you will take a considerable amount of chips.

That is your plan for the first levels. Wait for the good and take advantage of the times you are in the big blind and the rivals equal. Your goal is to lose the minimum amount so that in the middle phase you can:

  • Get an acceptable amount of chips when you double.
  • Have strength when you need to steal the blinds.

Keep in mind that the middle phase arrives fast, and any raise commits all your chips. You can not make a raise and then throw yourself. We give an example for you to see:

Imagine that the blinds are at 30-60 and you have been able to go up to 600 points. You make your raise to 180 and the opponent, who has more points than you, decides to go all-in.

Let’s calculate:

  • Small blind: 30
  • Big blind: 60
  • Your bet: 180
  • The amount that puts the opponent to equal: 180
  • Boat: 450 points

You have to put the rest of your chips, which are (600 – 180) 420 points to win the 450 points of the pot plus the 420 that you would take from the opponent, a total of 870 points. This gives you odds of 1 to 2.1. You would have to win a third of the time to make it profitable to pay. And going all-in preflop, unless you have come up with a totally disastrous hand of type 7❤2 ♣ or similar, you will make an unforgivable mistake by throwing yourself.

So you know, from the middle of the tournament , if you do not want to play all the chips, do not upload. Or what is the same, if you go up you have to be willing to pay the all-in of any rival.

This has two exceptions, when you have few chips and your only move is all-in, or when you’re the outstanding leader in chips and you can afford to lose some chips without you practically noticing.

In the first case, when you do not have almost chips you have to:

Image result for online poker

Steal the blinds or fold

If you can not play any hand, and you see that you are losing the blinds, it is time to put the chips in the center and take the blinds or fold.

To take the blinds, you only need to put the chips in the center. If you throw the rivals at the poker table, you take the blinds, if they do not throw you do not take them. So it does not matter much what hand you have, you only need that the rivals do not dare to pay you.

But on some occasion the rivals will decide to pay you. In this case, the better your hand is, the more chances you will have to fold.

When it comes to stealing the blinds, you have to keep in mind what will happen when they pay you, so the risk of being eliminated has to be compensated with the benefit of taking the blinds. The higher the blinds are relative to your stack, the more risk you can take. If the blinds are high, you can steal with a worse hand than if the blinds are low.

Bearing this in mind, as you run out of chips, you increase the range of hands with which you will go all-in to steal the blinds. In sit and go superturbo, when you stay with five big blinds you have an ace, or a king if you are on the button, to put all your chips. It does not matter the other letter. If you are in the small blind and what you have seen of the big blind player, do not think it is very pay, you can put all your chips with any pair of cards to take the big blind and recover your small blind.

Keep in mind that you can not get to stay with two blinds, because you would lose the strength of your bets. Before getting to this bad situation, you have to go all-in to steal the blinds, with the risk of being eliminated. It will always be better than staying with so few blinds that they pay you any bet.

To avoid running out of strength, you have to increase your hands with which you will play all the chips as you run out of points.

With more chips than the rivals

In the case that you have many more chips than your rivals, you have to make life impossible for them. As usual there are three players left, you have to take advantage of the fact that the rivals are waiting for the other one to be eliminated. They will not risk waiting for the opponent to be eliminated and enter prizes.

You, who are not afraid of being eliminated, have to take as many chips as possible to have an almost insurmountable advantage in the final hand. You get this by raising all hands. Putting the rivals all-in. Each hand you take the blinds, unless one of the rivals has a very strong hand, but this almost never happens.

In the event that one of the rivals pays and wins the hand, if you still have the same advantage, you keep pressing. If, however, you stay more or less tied to chips to one of the rivals, change your strategy and play as in the middle phase of the tournament, reducing your range of hands and avoiding the opponent who has the same points as you.

04 Dec

The concept of poker of the day. Protect your bankroll!

There is a game in which you are sure that you are better all the rivals. You can not lose. You have been watching the table and everyone is playing very badly. It seems that they are willing to give their chips to the first player with some knowledge that is felt at the table. There is only one small problem: the table is totally off your bench. If things went badly you could lose all your bankroll, but the possibility is so tiny that you decide to go forcing yourself. You will have a raise in your bank that will make you take an important leap in your career.

Related image

You just got up after a long night of poker. Even in bed you open your eyes and remember what happened last night. What a departure! It was amazing how bad the rivals were. You had them in your hands, they did what you wanted, but why do you have that bitter feeling? You look at the cashier of 888poker.es and you see that it is zero. In the end, after playing the best poker of your life, you lost. You got up without a single file. All the rivers went upside down. In all the coolers you had to lose. If you could play another day, surely you recovered what was lost, but you had put all your banking in play. And you lost it. And there is no more poker for you. You did not take into account the concept.


Protect your bankroll at all times.

I know many players who are not among the best in the world technically, who make you doubt that they can live from poker, but in reality they have been playing and winning for a long time, and they also live very well.

Their main quality and what they base their game on is a correct control of the bank. They will never lose the money they have available to play. They will change their level, depending on their bank and the difficulty of the rivals, but they will never take risks that endanger their banking.

They will never put their banking in play. No matter how attractive the game is. It does not matter what money they can earn. If the cost is risking the bankroll, they will not take it. They are very clear that banking is life. They are professionals who take poker as a company. If the company runs out of money disappears. If the poker player loses his bench, he disappears as a professional.

On the other hand, I have seen many talented players not being able to develop a race because they have no control over their bankroll. They entered games too high for their bench and a stroke of bad luck made them lose and have to start again from very low, wasting time and money. In the end, it did not motivate them to have to rebuild their bench and ended up quitting playing. A promising race finished for not having controlled the bank.

And there are many more of the second than of the first.

Related image

And the amateurs

If you do not dedicate yourself professionally to poker, you would also have to maintain a separate bank to play and stick to it. You can have a little more flexibility, since every month you have the salary of your work with which you live, and in case you lose part of the bank you can fill it with your private money, although it is not advisable to get used to that.

If you decide to recharge your bank with private money, do not make it a habit. Actually, from now on you should never do it. The bank must be independent of the money used to live, and never mix it with the latter.

If your illusion, like that of all players is to participate in the most important tournaments, it is necessary that you keep a bank that grows.

The magic of banking is that it grows with your knowledge of the game. As you master a level, you will gain more and your bankroll will increase. When you raise to a higher level, your bank, in proportion is smaller, your game is not so superior to the rivals. As you continue to improve, your bank will increase.

Do not play outside the banking or knowledge level. Just as you do not sit in a game in which you do not have the level of knowledge and you look inferior to the rivals, do not do it in a table for which you do not have sufficient banking.

The concept

Definitely. Your bank is your life. Without a bank, you will not be able to play poker. Protect it first. And remember that whatever the level of your bank, at 888poker.es you will find tables or tournaments suitable so you do not miss your rules.

04 Dec

How to play 7 Card Stud. Learn the rules!

Since the mid-nineteenth century, 7 Card Stud was the most played form of poker and continued to be until the 80s when Texas Hold’em became the preferred game. It is thought to have originated in the American Midwest, but it is very different from Texas Hold’em . Before going on to learn how to play Stud of 7 cards, review our section on how to play poker so that you have a general notion.

Image result for 7card stud

What is 7 Card Stud?

For the uninitiated, instead of five community cards, each player receives seven individual cards. This is the reason why there is a maximum of eight players at the 7 Card Stud tables. However, as in Hold’em, the best five-card hand takes the pot. So, although in 7 Card Stud each player receives seven cards in total, only five of those cards can be used to form the play. In addition, the 7 Card Stud is usually played in limited format, where the first two rounds of betting are with the low and high level in the last three rounds. In the case that in the fourth street, the two discovered cards of any player were a pair, anyone can raise the bets at the high level. Now that you know the basics, this is our simple 7 Card Stud guide.

How to play Seven Card Stud

Image result for 7card stud

Bring-ins and Before

Seven Card Stud does not have blinds; instead, the players have to put an ante at the start of each hand. Each player receives two cards face down and one face up. There is a mandatory bet called “bring-in” that the player with the worst card uncovered has to put. This bet is mandatory.

First round of bets. Third Street.

First, the players are collected and the first two cards are dealt face down, we can consider them the first and second street. Then a card is dealt face up to each player, the third street. The player with the worst card discovered has to put the “bring-in” or complete up to the low level bet. The rest of the players have the option to fold, pay, complete or raise. Realize that completing is not considered a raise. For example, in a 10/20 game, the bring-in is 5. If the next player completes up to 10, the three allowed increases can still be made.

Second round of betting. Fourth Street.

During the fourth street, another card is dealt face up to each player that continues in the hand. The bets are still those of the low level. Now, the first player to act is the one with the best cards. The action continues with the players having the option to spend, bet, pay, raise or fold, depending on the previous action.

Third round of betting Fifth street

In the fifth street, the minimum bet has risen to the high level. It’s time to make the boat interesting. Another card is dealt face up. Again, the first player to act is the one who at that moment has the best play seen. The action continues with the players having the option to spend, bet, pay, raise or fold, depending on the previous action.

Fourth round of betting Sixth street

When the sixth street has been dealt, each player has four cards face up and two cards capped. The first to act is the one that shows the best hand. The action continues with the players having the option to spend, bet, pay, raise or fold, depending on the previous action. But, if you do not have a hand already, better throw yourself.

Fifth round of betting. Seventh street

During the fifth round of betting, also called the River, players can pass, bet, pay, raise or fold. It’s time for the Showdown, as long as there are two or more players left. At this time, the player with the best five-card hand takes the pot. Note that a hand with more or less than seven cards is dead. There is an exception in which a player may not receive the seventh card and keep the hand alive. Also, if there are more players on the river than cards in the deck, the dealer does not burn a card and hands out one to each player. In the event that he does not have enough to give one to each player, he would put one uncovered in the center of the common table for all the players. In this case, the one with the best move counting the community card is the first to speak.


Although in 7 Card Stud each player has seven cards on the river, in the showdown only five cards of each player are used to form the best play. The ranking of hands is identical to that of Texas Hold’em, with the Royal Flush being the best play and High Card the worst. The clubs are not taken into account in Stud except to decide the bring-in, where the order is Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.

04 Dec

Mathematics and poker. First Steps

You know perfectly if to pay or not an all-in on the turn, you calculate the cards that are worth you, multiply that number of cards by two and that is the percentage of times that one of your cards will come out. Compare with the chips that you will win with your bet and if you rent you pay and if not, you throw away.

Image result for math and poker

We can do the same on the flop, the only thing we have to change is the multiplier. Since there are two cards that have to leave, you have to multiply by double, by four.

The rule

In the previous article you learned that each card has, approximately, a 2% chance to appear on the river. It is not very complicated to deduce that on the turn the possibilities are the same. Actually the difference is 2.17% on the river and 2.13% on the turn, but you can round 2%. To calculate the chances of a card coming out on the turn or river, you arrive at an approximate result adding the possibility of it coming out on the turn and the possibility of it coming out on the river, which would give you 4%. By this, you can multiply by four the cards that would be worth you in the flop to win the hand and you would have the percentage of times that one of those cards will come out on the turn or on the river.


Surely with an example you understand it better:

In your hands you have A? K? and on the flop 7? 6? 2 ?. Clearly, if a trefoil comes out on the turn or on the river you can consider yourself the winner of the hand. As you learned in the first article of this series, there are nine clubs that could be on the turn or on the river. Using the rule of four you get 36% (9 clubs x 4) of chances that your color will be completed.

Now, you simply have to calculate the pot odds and see if it is profitable to pay or not with this hand the bet that the opponent makes.

To make the calculations easier, 36% of the chances of taking the boat can be adjusted to 33%. This 33% means that you have a third of options to take the pot. If you express it as odds, you know that you have a chance in favor of taking the pot and two possibilities against it. This is expressed as 1 to 2.

So if you have odds of 1 to 2 you need the pot odds to be equal or better than those so that it is profitable to pay the opponent’s bet. That is, you need to win two chips for each one you bet. This is one of the easiest situations to calculate, because a bet of the size of the pot would leave you just odds of 1 to 2. It is the pot plus the bet of the size of the rival’s pot, these are the chips that you would win if your hand and you would have paid this pot size bet

As you can see, on the flop you can pay bigger bets with positive expectations, but you can not forget that they have to be all-in bets. You have to be sure that there will not be any more bets, and the only way to do it is if you or your opponent are all-in.

If there was the possibility of betting on the turn, you would make a very big mistake since you are calculating that two cards are going to come out, when in fact the turn card comes out and the same you have to face another bet.

The rule of four is only appropriate when the bet on the flop is all-in and there are no players who can make more bets.

Related image


If there is an all-in on the flop, and you have a project, count the cards that make you win, multiply that value by four and the result of that multiplication is the percentage of times your project is going to complete and you will win to carry the boat.

Compare that percentage of times you will win the hand with the relationship between the pot you can win and the bet you have to make.

If the pot odds are better than the odds you have of winning the hand, you pay the bet; Otherwise, you throw yourself away.

Do not forget, although it seems reiterative, that this rule is only valid when there will be no bets on the turn and on the river.

As always, practice at 888poker.es online poker tables and you will see how by applying what you have learned here your results will improve, at least on the occasions when you have to go all-in on the flop.

04 Dec

Go from being a poker amateur to a professional

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Many amateur poker players fantasize about becoming a professional player. But few of them manage to make that dream come true … Becoming a professional poker player requires a lot of time and overall dedication and hard work. In this series of articles we will delve into all aspects and roller coasters that we will find in this process of becoming professional players, as well as analyze the pros and cons of being a professional poker player.

Therefore, if it is your dream or if what you want is to learn about all the sacrifices and also the advantages that come together with this profession, read on.

And we have created a series of articles to help many people who want to pass the difficult process of being an amateur player to become a professional. Not only will we show the poker strategies that professionals use, but we will also reveal several crucial fundamental aspects that you must take into account before making the final decision to be a professional.

We will also outline the pros and cons of playing professionally on the internet or live, either to play cash games (games in a circle with money and / or tournaments).

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Keep in mind that this process of “becoming professional” is not a walk in the park. We can not stress enough that the decision to become a professional player is very important. However, if your desire is simply to become a better player, you can also learn a lot from these articles that contain information on winning strategies and the lifestyle of the winning players.

Finally, we will review what you can expect from a true “poker professional” along with some very important tips on how to be successful as a poker professional.

However, as you progress in reading these articles, you will notice – through this electronic book in the form of articles published on the 888poker.es blog and also through the experience – that the professional lifestyle of Poker is not all fun. For example, the psychological blows that players may encounter through endless losing streaks can often be extremely difficult to manage at an emotional level, and the problem of having to always play with money coming in at the same time from your bankroll of poker and of daily life.

Playing poker can also be very exhausting for your physical and mental health. Poker demands concentration and constant attention through all the moments of days and the long sessions of the players.

That said, when you can find a balance between poker and your personal life, when you can make good money with the game, and have fun at the same time, then everything is ready to face the obstacles that you will encounter on the way.

And it’s important to keep in mind that many “normal” poker players have made this successful journey to become professional, – either by consistently winning tournaments, sweeping cash tables, or both! Ultimately, that is the point where we want you to be able to reach and after reading this guide, you will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve and maintain your life as a professional poker player.